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Albert Camus Quote: “Against eternal injustice, man must assert justice, and to protest against the universe of grief, he must create happiness.”
Albert Camus Quote: “You have so much inside you, and the noblest happiness of all. Don’t just wait for a man to come along. That’s the mistake so many women make. Find your happiness in yourself.”
Albert Camus Quote: “These are facts the heart can feel; yet they call for careful study before they become clear to the intellect.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The society based on production is only productive, not creative.”
Albert Camus Quote: “It is normal to give away a little of one’s life in order not to lose it all.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Children will still die unjustly even in a perfect society. Even by his greatest effort, man can only propose to diminish, arithmetically, the sufferings of the world.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Everybody knows that pestilences have a way of recurring in the world; yet somehow we find it hard to believe in ones that crash down on our heads from a blue sky.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Metaphysical rebellion is a claim, motivated by the concept of a complete unity, against the suffering of life and death and a protest against the human condition both for its incompleteness, thanks to death, and its wastefulness, thanks to evil.”
Albert Camus Quote: “When the body is sad, the heart languishes.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The primordial sea indefatigably repeats the same words and casts up the same astonished beings on the same sea-shore.”
Albert Camus Quote: “To two men living the same number of years, the world always provides the same sum of experiences. It is up to us to be conscious of them.”
Albert Camus Quote: “A character is never the author who created him. It is quite likely, however, that an author may be all his characters simultaneously.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Healthy people have a natural skill of avoiding feverish eyes.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The slave and those whose present life is miserable and who can find no consolation in the heavens are assured that at least the future belongs to them. The future is the only kind of property that the masters willingly concede to the slaves.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Independence is earned by a few words of cheap confidence.”
Albert Camus Quote: “I have never been able to renounce the light, the pleasure of being, and the freedom in which I grew up.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Every rebellion implies some kind of unity.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Yes, there was an element of abstraction and unreality in misfortune. But when an abstraction starts to kill you, you have to get to work on it.”
Albert Camus Quote: “I have a good, hearty laugh and an energetic handshake, and those are trump cards.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The desire for possession is insatiable, to such a point that it can survive even love itself. To love, therefore, is to sterilize the person one loves.”
Albert Camus Quote: “It is not true that the heart wears out – but the body creates this illusion.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The artist forges himself to the others, midway between the beauty he cannot do without and the community he cannot tear himself away from. That is why true artists scorn nothing: they are obliged to understand rather than to judge.”
Albert Camus Quote: “In the vast reaches of the dry, cold night, thousands of stars were constantly appearing, and their sparkling icicles, loosened at once, began to slip gradually toward the horizon.”
Albert Camus Quote: “In the world there is, parallel to the force of death and constraint, an enormous force of persuasion that is called culture.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Obstinacy alone is not a virtue.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Those who write clearly have readers.”
Albert Camus Quote: “In the past, the poverty they shared had a certain sweetness about it. When the end of the day came and they would eat their dinner in silence with the oil lamp between them, there was a secret joy in such simplicity, such retrenchment.”
Albert Camus Quote: “It is terrifying to see how easily, in certain people, all dignity collapses. Yet when you think about it, this is quite normal since they only maintain this dignity by constantly striving against their own nature.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The laws of nature may be operative up to a certain limit, beyond which they turn against themselves to give birth to the absurd.”
Albert Camus Quote: “If the only significant history of human thought were to be written, it would have to be the history of its successive regrets and its impotences.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The most exhausting effort in my life has been to suppress my own nature in order to make it serve my biggest plans.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The ancients, even though they believed in destiny, believed primarily in nature, in which they participated wholeheartedly. To rebel against nature amounted to rebelling against oneself. It was butting one’s head against a wall.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Art, at least, teaches us that man cannot be explained by history alone and that he also finds a reason for his existence in the order of nature.”
Albert Camus Quote: “They came to know the incorrigible sorrow of all prisoners and exiles, which is to live in company with a memory that serves no purpose.”
Albert Camus Quote: “A living man can be enslaved and reduced to the historic condition of an object. But if he dies in refusing to be enslaved, he reaffirms the existence of another kind of human nature which refuses to be classified as an object.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Conscious of not being able to separate myself from my time, I have decided to become part of it.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Art and revolt will die only with the last man.”
Albert Camus Quote: “I feel more fellowship with the defeated than with saints.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Artistic creation is a demand for unity and a rejection of the world.”
Albert Camus Quote: “The absurd depends as much on man as on the world. For the moment, it is all that links them together.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Whoever today speaks of human existence in terms of power, efficiency, and historical tasks is an actual or potential assassin.”
Albert Camus Quote: “My great idea is that we must forgive the Pope. First of all, he needs it more than anyone else. Besides, it is the only way of placing oneself above him.”
Albert Camus Quote: “In fact, other people create for lack of power. I, on the other hand, do not need a work: I live.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Yes, and when the love of life disappears, no meaning can console us.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Accept life, take it as it is? Stupid. The means of doing otherwise? Far from our having to take it, it is life that possesses us and on occasion shuts our mouths.”
Albert Camus Quote: “Without work all life goes rotten.”
Albert Camus Quote: “In the end, we would like not to be guilty while at the same time being dispensed of the effort of purifying ourselves. Not enough cynicism and not enough virtue.”
Albert Camus Quote: “We don’t have the time to completely be ourselves. We only have the room to be happy.”
Albert Camus Quote: “No longer were there individual destinies; only a collective destiny, made of plague and emotions shared by all.”
Albert Camus Quote: “I had the whole sky in my eyes and it was blue and gold.”
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