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Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “It is the onion, memory, that makes me cry,” he said.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “We are all sent the dreams we yearn for, she thought; no matter how unhappy or fraught our waking world may be, we are sent dreams in which we can do the things the heart really wants us to do.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Whisky nosers, as they called themselves, eschewed what they saw as the pretentiousness of wine vocabulary. While oenophiles resorted to recondite adjectives, whisky nosers spoke the language of everyday life, detecting hints of stale seaweed, or even diesel fuel.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “We’ve all had that sort of experience,” said Mma Ramotswe. “Every one of us, Mma. We’ve all had a first day at school, or a first day in a new job. We’ve all been unsure what to do.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “No matter what precautions were taken, socks disappeared into a Bermuda Triangle for socks, a swirling vortex that swallowed one sock at a time, leaving its partner stranded.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “When you are with somebody you love the smallest, smallest things can be so important, so amusing because love transforms the world, everything. And was that what had happened?”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Writers just play out their fantasies in their books. They are often very unstable, tricky people, Bertie. Writers are usually very bad at real life and feel that they have to create imaginary lives to make up for it.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Some of my characters are a mixture of various aspects of people I have met. others are pure invention.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Auden returns to one of his most important themes – that of repairing the tragic division in our lives, of making us whole again: While, as they lie in the grass of our neglect, So many long-forgotten objects Revealed by his undisclosed shining Are returned to us and made precious again; Games we thought we must drop as we grew up, Little noises we dared not laugh at, Faces we made when no one was looking. But he wishes us more than this.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Myth could be as sustaining as reality – sometimes even more so.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Africa had a way of coming back and simply covering everything up again.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Most theories and ideologies claimed to explain the world, or some aspect of it, but did not in any real sense influence the world. Underneath everything, beneath the layers of explanation that we created, beneath all our elaborate protocols, people still did exactly as they wanted to do. In other words, you did not change human nature by inventing a theory of human nature.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Human history seems to me to be one long story of people sweeping down – or up, I suppose – replacing other people in the process.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “She was tuned in to a different station from most people and the tuning dial was broken.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “You have to leave your heart to get on with it. It’s rather like breathing. We don’t have to remind ourselves to breathe.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “We are all human, she would say. Men particularly. You must not be ashamed.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “She watched him take the trumpet from its case and fit the mouthpiece. She watched as he raised it to his lips and then, so suddenly, from that tiny cup of metal against his flesh, the sound would burst out like a glorious, brilliant knife dividing the air. And the little room would reverberate and the flies, jolted out of their torpor, would buzz round and round as if riding the swirling notes.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “As a child she had believed that wrongs would always be righted, that somehow the world would not let the innocent suffer, but now she realised that this was not true. Old oppressors were replaced by new ones, from another distant place or from right next door. Old lies were replaced by new ones, backed up by old threats.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “I have always taken the view that one should never hold against a man anything he says after twelve o’clock at night or after a glass or two of anything.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “There are many sadnesses in the hearts of men who are far away from their countries.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “For each of us, she thought, there is out completeness in another. Whether we find it, or it finds us, or it eludes all finding is a matter of moral luck.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “And that is why we must answer her hatred with love. I can’t say whether it will change her in her heart – it probably won’t. But if it makes her feel even just a little bit better about herself, she will be less envious.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “That of all people, it should be him; that took her aback. That the heart should settle on somebody like him; that surprised her. But she was so certain about it, so certain.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “We were, when all was said and done, children lost in the wood, and to break into tears was the most understandable of reactions, the most quintessentially human one too.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “We need to believe I think in justice. We need to run our lives as if justice existed. If we abandon a belief that justice will eventually be done, we make this world much more difficult for ourselves.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “That was what counted, she told herself: those unexpected moments of appreciation, unanticipated glimpses of beauty or kindness – any of the things that attached us to this world, that made us forget, even for a moment, its pain and its transience.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “If you are there to staunch the tears of the world, then it does not cross your mind that you yourself may weep.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Mma Ramotsew accepted her large slice of cake and looked at the rich fruit within it. There were at least seven hundred calories in that, she thought, but it did not matter; she was a traditionally built lady and she did not have to worry about such things.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Everybody was a potential assailant; nobody spoke to one another for fear of being misinterpreted; nobody comforted another, put an arm around a shoulder-to do so would be to invite accusation.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “There are so many people who would love to be able to live in peace, but there are so many others who do not want to let them. Mr.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Insincerity had never come easily to her, but good manners required it on occasion, even if a superhuman effort was needed.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Many of my books are written from a female perspective. I rather enjoy the take that women have on the world, and certainly I enjoy the conversations that women have.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Any author of fiction will tell you that characters don’t need to be told what to do.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “If people came at you and started to scratch you, then of course you had the right to sit on them.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “What else do you need in life, Mma? You have a fine husband – which is one of the most important things that anybody can have.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “I’m very interested in tea. I wouldn’t mind being involved in some aspect of the tea industry.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “If you punish somebody harshly, she said, then you are simply inflicting more pain on the world. You are also punishing not only that person, but his family and the people who love him. You are punishing yourself, really, because we are all brothers and sisters in this world, whether we know it or not; we are all citizens of the same village.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Already many of the memories of the previous two weeks had faded: the smell of that small hotel in St. Andrews; that mixture of bacon cooking for breakfast and the lavender-scented soap in the bathroom; the air from the sea drifing across the golf course; the aroma of coffee in the coffee bar in South Street. She should have noted them down. She should have said something about all that and the light and the hills with sheep on them like small white stones.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “But he’ll never be fully recognised, because Scots literature these days is all about complaining and moaning and being injured in one’s soul.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “It would be wonderful to have a guru; it would be like having a social worker or a personal trainer, not that people who had either of these necessarily appreciated the advice they received.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “It was curious how some people had a highly developed sense of guilt, she thought, while others had none. Some people would agonise over minor slips or mistakes on their part, while others would feel quite unmoved by their own gross acts of betrayal or dishonesty.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “Believe me, there’s nothing more brittle than human beauty. Encounter it. Savour it, by all means. Then watch how it turns to dust.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “I’m interested in character and dialogue and exchange of ideas.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “She had always believed that people who were nasty or unkind to others were only like that because there was something wrong in their lives, and that people who had something wrong in their lives were not to be despised or hated, but were to be pitied. So.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “There are many more kind people than not-so-kind people,” said Mma Ramotswe.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “The young rarely believe that they will not be able to get what they want, because there is always an open future.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “The trouble with Grace, she thought, is that she is so literal. But that was the trouble with most people, when it came down to it; there were very few who enjoyed flights of fantasy, and to have that sort of mind – one which enjoyed dry with and understood the absurd – left one in a shrinking minority.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “You haven’t offended me at all. You’ve made me think. That’s all.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “French philosophers had been able to admire Mao and his works because they did not have to live in China at the time.”
Alexander McCall Smith Quote: “I’ve also long since realized that the way to really engage children is to give out prizes; it’s amazing how it concentrates their minds.”
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