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Top 500 Alexander Pope Quotes (2023 Update)
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Alexander Pope Quote: “Calm, thinking villains, whom no faith could fix, Of crooked counsels and dark politics.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “There never was any party, faction, sect, or cabal whatsoever, in which the most ignorant were not the most violent; for a bee is not a busier animal than a blockhead.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Never was it given to mortal man – To lie so boldly as we women can.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “The character of covetousness, is what a man generally acquires more through some niggardliness or ill grace in little and inconsiderable things, than in expenses of any consequence.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “He who serves his brother best gets nearer God than all the rest.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Oh! blest with temper, whose unclouded ray Can make to-morrow cheerful as to-day.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “A good-natured man has the whole world to be happy out of.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Soft o’er the shrouds aerial whispers breathe, That seemed but zephyrs to the train beneath.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Pleasures are ever in our hands or eyes; And when in act they cease, in prospect rise.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Not always actions show the man; we find who does a kindness is not therefore kind.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Still follow sense, of ev’ry art the soul, Parts answering parts shall slide into a whole.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Dulness! whose good old cause I yet defend, With whom my muse began, with who shall end.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Gentle dullness ever loves a joke.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Women, as they are like riddles in being unintelligible, so generally resemble them in this, that they please us no longer once we know them.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Some place the bliss in action, some in ease, Those call it pleasure, and contentment these.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Wine works the heart up, wakes the wit, There is no cure ’gainst age but it.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “But honest instinct comes a volunteer; Sure never to o’er-shoot, but just to hit, While still too wide or short in human wit.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “If faith itself has different dresses worn, What wonder modes in wit should take their turn?”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Good-humor only teaches charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “What bosom beast not in his country’s cause?”
Alexander Pope Quote: “How glowing guilt exalts the keen delight!”
Alexander Pope Quote: “The way of the Creative works through change and transformation, so that each thing receives its true nature and destiny and comes into permanent accord with the Great Harmony: this is what furthers and what perseveres.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Who dare to love their country, and be poor.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “The Physician, by the study and inspection of urine and ordure, approves himself in the science; and in like sort should our author accustom and exercise his imagination upon the dregs of nature.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “And more than echoes talk along the walls.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Health consists with temperance alone.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Man never thinks himself happy, but when he enjoys those things which others want or desire.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Genius involves both envy and calumny.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Trade it may help, society extend, But lures the Pirate, ant corrupts the friend: It raises armies in a nation’s aid, But bribes a senate, and the land’s betray’d.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “In this commonplace world every one is said to be romantic who either admires a fine thing or does one.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “I have more zeal than wit.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “No writing is good that does not tend to better mankind in some way or other.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “And empty heads console with empty sound.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “The zeal of fools offends at any time.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Live like yourself, was soon my lady’s word, And lo! two puddings smok’d upon the board.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “O let us still the secret joy partake, To follow virtue even for virtue’s sake.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “I believe no one qualification is so likely to make a good writer, as the power of rejecting his own thoughts.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “The good must merit God’s peculiar care; But who but God can tell us who they are?”
Alexander Pope Quote: “To pardon those absurdities in ourselves which we cannot suffer in others is neither better nor worse than to be more willing to be fools ourselves than to have others so.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “O Love! for Sylvia let me gain the prize, And make my tongue victorious as her eyes.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “While I live, no rich or noble knave shall walk the world in credit to his grave.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Offend her, and she knows not to forgive; Oblige her, and she’ll hate you while you live.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Let Joy or Ease, let Affluence or Content, And the gay Conscience of a life well spent, Calm ev’ry thought, inspirit ev’ry grace, Glow in thy heart, and smile upon thy face.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Court-virtues bear, like gems, the highest rate, Born where Heav’n influence scarce can penetrate. In life’s low vale, the soil the virtues like, They please as beauties, here as wonders strike.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “A man of business may talk of philosophy; a man who has none may practice it.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Women use lovers as they do cards; they play with them a while, and when they have got all they can by them, throw them away, call for new ones, and then perhaps lose by the new all they got by the old ones.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “It is observable that the ladies frequent tragedies more than comedies; the reason may be, that in tragedy their sex is deified and adored, in comedy exposed and ridiculed.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Physicians are in general the most amiable companions and the best friends, as well as the most learned men I know.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “Old politicians chew on wisdom past, And totter on in business to the last.”
Alexander Pope Quote: “I begin where most people end, with a full conviction of the emptiness of all sorts of ambition, and the unsatisfactory nature of all human pleasures.”
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