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Andy Stanley Quotes
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Andy Stanley Quote: “Actions don’t only speak louder than words; actions should be used to interpret words.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Pencil in your plans but write your visions in ink.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “You will never maximize your potential in any area without coaching. It is impossible. You may be good. You may even be better than everyone else. But without outside input you will never be as good as you could be.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Nothing has stolen more dreams, dashed more hopes, broken up more families, and messed up more people psychologically than our propensity to disregard God’s commands regarding sexual purity.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “The sermon begins in the parking lot.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Acknowledging weakness doesn’t make a leader less effective. On the contrary, in most cases it is simply a way of expressing that he understands what everyone else has known for some time. When you acknowledge your weaknesses to the rest of your team, it is never new information.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Greed is supported by an endless cast of what-ifs. Greedy people can never have enough to satisfy the need they feel in light of every conceivable eventuality.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Rebellion never goes without consequences.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “As leaders, we are never responsible for filling anyone else’s cup. Our responsibility is to empty ours.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Appetites have only one word in their vocabulary – MORE. Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied. Even after the most satisfying meal imaginable, we eventually find ourselves rummaging through the pantry for a snack.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “If you capture someone’s heart, you will eventually get his hands and feet as well.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “The more you expect from a volunteer the more you get.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “As long as you are carrying a secret, as long as you are trying to ease your conscience by telling God how sorry you are, you are setting yourself up to repeat the past.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Here’s a question every angry man and woman needs to consider: How long are you going to allow people you don’t even like – people who are no longer in your life, maybe even people who aren’t even alive anymore – to control your life? How long?”
Andy Stanley Quote: “A single act of courage is often the tipping point for extraordinary change.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Celebrate what God has given others. Leverage what God has given you.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “When Nehemiah’s heart was broken he paid attention to his broken heart.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Try to do for the next generation of church leaders what the previous generation of church leaders has not done for you.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Without courage we will simply accumulate a collection of good ideas and regrets.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “When happiness points in one direction while wisdom, truth, integrity, and common sense point in another, that’s when really smart people start doing really stupid things.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “A good coach will evaluate your performance against your potential. A coach helps you measure your performance against your strengths instead of against someone else’s. A coach will know what you are capable of and will push you to your limit.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Jesus doesn’t take sides; He takes over.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Leadership isn’t making all the decisions. It is making sure the right decisions are made.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “I’ve concluded that while nobody plans to mess up their life, the problem is that a few of us plan not to. That is, we don’t put the necessary safeguards in place to ensure a happy ending.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Saying a prayer won’t make you a Christian. Placing your faith in Christ as your savior makes you a Christian.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “When you make giving a priority, something happens inside of you. Especially when it’s financially challenging to do so. It’s like you loosen your grip on a value system whose motto says, “Money is the key to life and happiness and safety.””
Andy Stanley Quote: “People do not plan to mess up their lives. They just don’t plan not to.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “The root of anger is the perception that something has been taken. Something is owed you, and now a debt to debtor relationship has been established.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Leaders are made one response at a time.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Being a sinner does not disqualify you from following Jesus. It’s a prerequisite.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “If you don’t conquer your fear, you are going to miss out on some great things in life.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “When I count other people’s blessings I lose sight of mine.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “When a plan or strategy fails, people are tempted to assume it was the wrong vision. Plans and strategies can always be changed and improved. But vision doesn’t change. Visions are simply refined with time.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Here’s a scary thought: What if God called you to give beyond your comfort level? Would you be afraid? Would you try to explain it away or dismiss it as impractical? And in the process, would you miss out on a harvest opportunity for which God had explicitly prospered you in the first place?”
Andy Stanley Quote: “If you see your brother in need, it doesn’t matter if you already gave somewhere else. You should be open to the idea of God using you to meet your brother’s unexpected need.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Don’t strive to be a well-rounded leader. Instead, discover your zone and stay there. Then delegate everything else.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “We hurt most who we love the most. Bad grammar, painful truth.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “God, I want what you want more than I want what I want.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “It’s OK to offend people with the Gospel, but, good grief- let’s don’t offend them with something else.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Two things make a relationship providential: when we hear from God through someone and when we see God in someone.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “You have no idea the numbers of people that God may want to influence through you.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “What could be and should be can’t be until God is ready for it to be.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “The issue is: how do you engage the audience? And one of the things I talk to our communicators about is: The outline is great; the stories are great. But how do you engage them? How do you make it feel like we are on a journey, not you are just up there giving me information.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “A fool is a person who knows the difference between right and wrong, and chooses to do wrong.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “There is something insincere about a man or woman who repeatedly tells God how much he or she loves Him while refusing to obey Him.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Designing and implementing a strategy for change is a waste of time until you have discovered and embraced the current reality. If you don’t know where you really are, it is impossible to get where you need to be.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “We are not all leaders. We are called leaders.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Jesus did not come to be right. He came to make disciples.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “There is an appropriate way to use your story, not as an excuse but as a testimony to God’s ability to free you from the past.”
Andy Stanley Quote: “Yes, God uses the uneducated to confound the wise. But that doesn’t make ignorance a virtue.”
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