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Anna Akhmatova Quotes
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Anna Akhmatova Quote: “That was when the ones who smiled Were the dead, glad to be at rest.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “Who will grieve for this woman? Does she not seem too insignificant for our concern? Yet in my heart I never will deny her, Who suffered death because she chose to turn.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “A solitary sorceress: her shadow is still visible on the eve of the new moon.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “In those years only the dead smiled, Glad to be at rest: And Leningrad city swayed like A needless appendix to its prisons.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “I know beginnings, I know endings too, and life-in-death, and something else I’d rather not recall just now.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “On Hemingway: Have you noticed how lonely all people in his works are – no relatives, no family?”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “First as a serpent, it’ll cast its spell Next to your heart, curled up. Then it’ll come as a dove as well, Cooing for days nonstop.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “A loss, but who still mourns the breath of one woman, or laments one wife? Though my heart never can forget, how, for one look, she gave up her life.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “I marvel at everything as if it were new.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “Tomorrow the mirrors will mock me.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “I’ve got no more tears or explanations.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “Sweet to me was not the voice of man, But the wind’s voice was understood by me. The burdocks and the nettles fed my soul, But I loved the silver willow best of all.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “No sadness, my soul’s no more of this world.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “Will you forgive me these November days?”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “Love conquers, deceitful and slow, With a soft amateurish refrain. So strange to think – not long ago You weren’t dejected and gray.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “But what would it have cost you to make people happy and agree that you’d had an affair?” She replied very gravely, “I have lived my own unique life, and my life lacks nothing; it has no need to borrow from other people.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “I always think about the past, it’s so large and bright.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “A town loved with bitter love.”
Anna Akhmatova Quote: “You will hear thunder and remember me, And think: she wanted storms. The rim of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson, And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire. That day in Moscow, it will all come true, when, for the last time, I take my leave, And hasten to the heights that I have longed for, Leaving my shadow still to be with you.”
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