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Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes
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Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “To measure a man’s happiness only by what he gets, and not also by what he expects to get, is as futile as to try and express a fraction which shall have a numerator but no denominator.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “If there is anything in the world that can really be called a mans property, it is surely that which is the result of his mental activity.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “A library may be very large; but if it is in disorder, it is not so useful as one that is small but well arranged. In the same way, a man may have a great mass of knowledge, but if he has not worked it up by thinking it over for himself, it has much less value than a far smaller amount which he has thoroughly pondered.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Hence, in all countries the chief occupation of society is card-playing, and it is the gauge of its value, and an outward sign that it is bankrupt in thought. Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards, and try and win one another’s money. Idiots!”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It is just as little necessary for the saint to be a philosopher as for the philosopher to be a saint; just as it is not necessary for a perfectly beautiful person to be a great sculptor, or for a sculptor to be himself a beautiful person. In general it is a strange demand on a moralist that he should commend no other virtue than that which he himself possesses.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “If at any moment Time stays his hand, it is only when we are delivered over to the miseries of boredom.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “But inherited wealth reaches its utmost value when it falls to the individual endowed with mental powers of a high order, who is resolved to pursue a line of life not compatible with the making of money; for he is then doubly endowed by fate and can live for his genius; and he will pay his debt to mankind a hundred times, by achieving what no other could achieve, by producing some work which contributes to the general good, and redounds to the honor of humanity at large.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The actual facts of morality are too much on my side for me to fear that my theory can ever be replaced or upset by any other.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Because appearance remains appearance and does not become thing in itself.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Our first ideas of life are generally taken from fiction rather than fact.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Conscience accompanies every act with the comment: You should act differently, although its true sense is: You could be other than you are.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Caci avutia este ca apa sarata: cu cat bei cu atat ti-e mai este. La fel este si gloria.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It is the monotony of his own nature that makes a man find solitude intolerable.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “He who truly thinks for himself is like a monarch, in that he recognizes no one over him. His judgements, like the decisions of a monarch, arise directly from his own absolute power. He no more accepts authorities than a monarch does orders, and he acknowledges the validity of nothing he has not himself confirmed.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Reason is feminine in nature; it can only give after it has received.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “For as a rule a man must have worth in himself in order to recognise it and believe in it willingly and freely in others.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “If you stroke a cat, it will purr; and, as inevitably, if you praise a man, a sweet expression of delight will appear on his face; and even though the praise is a palpable lie, it will be welcome, if the matter is one on which he prides himself.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Genius is among other minds what the carbuncle is among gemstones; it radiates its own light while the others only reflect what they receive.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The characteristic mark of minds of the first rank is the immediacy of all their judgements. Everything they produce is the result of thinking for themselves and already in the way it is spoken everywhere announces itself as such.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “There are tree main bulwarks of defence against new thoughts: to pay no heed, to give no credence, and finally to assert that it had already long existed.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “You can know only what you have thought about.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “You can never read bad literature too little, nor good literature too much.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It will generally be found that as soon the terrors of live reach the point where they outweigh the terrors of death, a man will put an end to his life.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Treat a work of art like a prince. Let it speak to you first.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Personal courage is really a very subordinate virtue-a virtue, indeed, in which we are surpassed by the lower animals; or else you would not hear people say, as brave as a lion.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The scenes of our life are like pictures done in rough mosaic. Looked at close, they produce no effect. There is nothing beautiful to be found in them, unless you stand some distance off.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “If you feel irritated by the absurd remarks of two people whose conversation you happen to overhear, you should imagine that you are listening to a dialogue of two fools in a comedy.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Wicked thoughts and worthless efforts gradually set their mark on the face, especially the eyes.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It is, indeed, only in old age that intellectual men attain their sublime expression, whilst portraits of them in their youth show only the first traces of it.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The heavy armor becomes the light dress of childhood; the pain is brief, the joy unending.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “To truth only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between the two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Still, instead of trusting what their own minds tell them, men have as a rule a weakness for trusting others who pretend to supernatural sources of knowledge.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The fly ought to be used as the symbol of impertinence and audacity; for whilst all other animals shun man more than anything else, and run away even before he comes near them, the fly lights upon his very nose.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “There are 80,000 prostitutes in London alone and what are they, if not bloody sacrifices on the altar of monogamy?”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Why is it that, in spite of all the mirrors in the world, no one really knows what he looks like?”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “To be shocked at how deeply rejection hurts is to ignore what acceptance involves. We must never allow our suffering to be compounded by suggestions that there is something odd in suffering so deeply. There would be something amiss if we didn’t.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Most men are so thoroughly subjective that nothing really interests them but themselves.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “For where did Dante take the material of his hell but from our actual world? And yet he made a very proper hell of it.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “The first rule for a good style is to have something to say; in fact, this in itself is almost enough.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It is the courage to make a clean breast of it in the face of every question that makes the philosopher.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “La vida es una guerra sin tregua, y se muere con las armas en la mano.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Boredom is an evil that is not to be estimated lightly. It can come in the end to real despair. The public authority takes precautions against it everywhere, as against other universal calamities.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Not to go to the theater is like making one’s toilet without a mirror.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It is a curious fact that in bad days we can very vividly recall the good time that is now no more; but that in good days, we have only a very cold and imperfect memory of the bad.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Unrest is the mark of existence.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “It’s the niceties that make the difference fate gives us the hand, and we play the cards.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Something of great importance now past is inferior to something of little importance now present, in that the latter is a reality, and related to the former as something to nothing.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “If a person is stupid, we excuse him by saying that he cannot help it; but if we attempted to excuse in precisely the same way the person who is bad, we should be laughed at.”
Arthur Schopenhauer Quote: “Memory works like the collection glass in the Camera obscura: it gathers everything together and therewith produces a far more beautiful picture than was present originally.”
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