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Barack Obama Quotes
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Barack Obama Quote: “I face the world as it is and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people. For make no mistake, evil does exist in the world.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We have to acknowledge the progress we made, but understand that we still have a long way to go. That things are better, but still not good enough.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We don’t quit. I don’t quit. Let’s seize this moment.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world – including in my own country.”
Barack Obama Quote: “While we breathe, we will hope.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Above all, children need our unconditional love, whether they succeed or make mistakes; when life is easy and when life is tough.”
Barack Obama Quote: “At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.”
Barack Obama Quote: “In our household, the Bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf alongside books of Greek and Norse and African mythology.”
Barack Obama Quote: “For the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We have got to dispel this myth that bullying is just a normal rite of passage.”
Barack Obama Quote: “When times change, so must we.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We may come from different places and have different stories, but we share common hopes, and one very American dream.”
Barack Obama Quote: “The best anti-poverty program is a world-class education.”
Barack Obama Quote: “My relationship with Silicon Valley and the tech community historically has been really good. Many of these folks are my friends.”
Barack Obama Quote: “But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That’s what I strive to do, that’s what I pray to do every day.”
Barack Obama Quote: “The future must not belong to those who bully women. It must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.”
Barack Obama Quote: “On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Each of us deserves the freedom to pursue our own version of happiness. No one deserves to be bullied.”
Barack Obama Quote: “The Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”
Barack Obama Quote: “One of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high-quality early education.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Higher education cannot be a luxury reserved just for a privileged few. It is an economic necessity for every family. And every family should be able to afford it.”
Barack Obama Quote: “That is why we fight – in hopes of a day when we no longer need to.”
Barack Obama Quote: “A low-carbon, clean energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Greatness is never free; it must be earned.”
Barack Obama Quote: “The terms of peace may be negotiated by political leaders, but the fate of peace is up to each of us.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Unless you’re one of the first Americans, a Native American, you came from someplace else. Somebody brought you.”
Barack Obama Quote: “I’m inspired by my own children, how full they make my heart. They make me want to work to make the world a little bit better. And they make me want to be a better man.”
Barack Obama Quote: “No discrimination, that’s what we’re about as a country.”
Barack Obama Quote: “I believe that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules.”
Barack Obama Quote: “To keep Nigeria ONE, is a task that must be DONE...”
Barack Obama Quote: “Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Reading makes all other learning possible. We have to get books into our children’s hands early and often.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We are the change we have been waiting for.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Empowering women isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We long for unity, but are unwilling to pay the price. But of course, true unity cannot be so easily won. It starts with a change in attitudes – a broadening of our minds, and a broadening of our hearts.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Why can’t I just eat my waffle?”
Barack Obama Quote: “I’m always suspicious of politics dividing people instead of bringing them together.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Do something, Congress. Do anything.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We know that education is everything to our children’s future. We know that they will no longer just compete for good jobs with children from Indiana, but children from India and China and all over the world.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Of all the rocks upon which we build our lives, we are reminded today that family is the most important.”
Barack Obama Quote: “No matter how much you’ve done, or how successful you’ve been, there’s always more to do, more to learn, more to achieve.”
Barack Obama Quote: “In this new, hyper competitive age, none of us, none of us can afford to be complacent.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Let me tell your something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.”
Barack Obama Quote: “The window is closing.”
Barack Obama Quote: “I think that leadership more than anything is about setting a course and describing a vision for people.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. This happened because of you. Thank you.”
Barack Obama Quote: “We live in a culture that discourages empathy. A culture that too often tells us our principle goal in life is to be rich, thin, young, famous, safe, and entertained.”
Barack Obama Quote: “Democracy cannot be imposed on any nation from the outside. Each society must search for its own path, and no path is perfect.”
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