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Top 90 Billy Sunday Quotes (2023 Update)
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Billy Sunday Quote: “Wealth is not the standard of worth. Some people put cash before character.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Riches have never yet given anybody either peace or rest.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “What have you given the world it never possessed before you came?”
Billy Sunday Quote: “It is not what you have on you, but what you have in you.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “It would be a godsend if the Church would suffer persecution today; she hasn’t suffered it for hundreds of years. She is growing rich and lagging behind. Going back.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Lord save us from off-handed, flabby-cheeked, brittle-boned, weak-kneed, thin-skinned, pliable, plastic, spineless, effeminate, ossified, three-karat Christianity.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Whiskey and beer are all right in their place, but their place is in hell.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “They tell me that I rub the fur the wrong way. I don’t; let the cat turn around.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I am an old-fashioned preacher of the old-time religion, that has warmed this cold world’s heart for two thousand years.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Hell is the highest reward that the devil can offer you for being a servant of his.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “At Kansas City, Kansas, before the saloons were closed, they were getting ready to build an addition to the jail. Now the doors swing idly on the hinges and there is nobody to lock in the jails.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The trouble with many men is that they have got just enough religion to make them miserable. If there is not joy in religion, you have got a leak in your religion.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “When the word of God says one thing and scholarship says another, scholarship can go to hell.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Live so that when the final summons comes you will leave something more behind you than an epitaph on a tombstone or an obituary in a newspaper.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The saloon is a liar. It promises good cheer and sends sorrow.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The devil says I’m out, but the Lord says I’m safe.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Conversion is a complete surrender to Jesus. It’s a willingness to do what he wants you to do.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “If you want to drive the devil out of the world, hit him with a cradle instead of a crutch.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “You can’t raise the standard of women’s morals by raising their pay envelope. It lies deeper than that.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Try praising your wife, even if it does frighten her at first.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The man who votes for the saloon is pulling on the same rope with the devil, whether he knows it or not.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I tell you that the curse of God Almighty is on the saloon.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Whenever a day comes when I can stand and preach God’s Word without an agony of anxiety lest the people will not accept Christ; whenever a day comes when I can see men and women coming down the aisles without joy in my heart, I’ll quit preaching.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “If good preaching could save the world, it would have been done long ago.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Better die an old maid, sister, than marry the wrong man.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I believe there is no doctrine more dangerous to the Church today than to convey the impression that a revival is something peculiar in itself and cannot be judged by the same rules of causes and effect as other things.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “You might as well try and dam Niagara Falls with toothpicks as to stop the reform wave sweeping our land.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I pity anyone who can’t laugh. There must be something wrong with their religion or their lives. The devil can’t laugh.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Churches don’t need new members half so much as they need the old bunch made over.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Some persons think that they have to look like a hedgehog to be pious...”
Billy Sunday Quote: “There are individuals who have never done anything for Jesus Christ, and I have no doubt there are preachers as well, who have never done anything for the God Almighty.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Being a kind, emperor, or president is mighty small potatoes compared to being a mother. Commanding an army is little more than sweeping a street compared with training a boy or girl. The mother of Moses did more for the world than all the kinds that Egypt ever had. Oh, you wait until you reach the mountains of eternity, then read the mothers’ names in God’s Hall of Fame.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I have been, and will go on, fighting that damnable, dirty, rotten business with all the power at my command.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Religion needs a baptism of horse sense.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The fellow that has no money is poor. The fellow that has nothing but money is poorer still.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “After all is said that can be said upon the liquor traffic, its influence is degrading upon the individual, the family, politics and business, and upon everything that you touch in this old world.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Get somebody else for Jesus Christ and you will get a new vision of life, a new vision of what it means.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Trying to run a church without revivals can be done when you can run a gasoline engine on buttermilk.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I dare not exercise personal liberty if it infringes on the liberty of others.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Unless you have made a complete surrender and are doing his will it will avail you nothing if you’ve reformed a thousand times and have your name on fifty church records.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “Some homes need a hickory switch a good deal more than they do a piano.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “The Bible says forgive your debtors; the world says “sue them for their dough.””
Billy Sunday Quote: “The Democratic party of Florida has put a temperance plank in its platform and the Republican party of every state would nail that plank in their platform if they thought it would carry the election.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I challenge you to show me where the saloon has ever helped business, education, church, morals or anything we hold dear.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “There is no law, divine or human, that the saloon respects.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “I am a temperance Republican down to my toes.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “If there is not Hell, a good many preachers are obtaining money under false pretenses.”
Billy Sunday Quote: “God Almighty never intended that the devil should triumph over the Church. He never intended that the saloons should walk rough-shod over Christianity.”
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