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Book Quotes: “I lay on the bed and lost myself in stories. I liked that. Books were safer than other people anyways.” — Neil Gaiman
Book Quotes: “A house without books is a poor house, even if beautiful rugs are covering its floors and precious wallpapers and pictures cover its walls.” — Hermann Hesse
Book Quotes: “Middlemarch, the magnificent book which with all its imperfections is one of the few English novels for grown-up people.” — Virginia Woolf
Book Quotes: “In other words, the percentage change in book value in any given year is likely to be reasonably close to that year’s change in intrinsic value.” — Warren Buffett
Book Quotes: “He snatched the book from me and replaced it hastily on its shelf, muttering that if one brick was removed the whole library was liable to collapse.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald
Book Quotes: “If people don’t want to come to the ballpark, how are you going to stop them? -Yogi Berra, The Yogi Book, to baseball commissioner Bud Selig about lagging baseball attendance Ninety percent of the game is half mental.” — Yogi Berra
Book Quotes: “You chose books, I chose looks. Now see the difference?” — Roald Dahl
Book Quotes: “The Bible is no mere book, but a Living Creature, with a power that conquers all that oppose it.” — Napoleon
Book Quotes: “I’m writing this book because we’re all going to die.” — Jack Kerouac
Book Quotes: “Books are the carriers of civilization. Without books, history is silent.” — Henry David Thoreau
Book Quotes: “Our hope is that the elementary reading of comics will lead to the joy of reading good books.” — Nelson Mandela
Book Quotes: “Learning hath gained most by those books by which the printers have lost.” — Thomas Fuller
Book Quotes: “Only the ship is made of books, its sails thousands of overlapping pages, and the sea it floats upon is dark black ink.” — Erin Morgenstern
Book Quotes: “I would advise you to read with a pen in your hand and enter in a little book short hints of what you feel that is common or that may be useful; for this will be the best method of imprinting such portcullis in your memory.” — Benjamin Franklin
Book Quotes: “Who has fully realized that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?” — C.G. Jung
Book Quotes: “In the fall the war was always there but we did not go to it any more.” — Ernest Hemingway
Book Quotes: “Words are our servants, not our masters. For different purposes, we find it convenient to use words in different senses.” — Richard Dawkins
Book Quotes: “It was amazing how many books one could fit into a room, assuming one didn’t want to move around very much.” — Brandon Sanderson
Book Quotes: “The Book of Mormon is to be feasted upon, not nibbled.” — Neal A. Maxwell
Book Quotes: “Human minds are more full of mysteries than any written book and more changeable than the cloud shapes in the air.” — Louisa May Alcott
Book Quotes: “What better book can there be than the book of humanity.” — Mahatma Gandhi
Book Quotes: “I collect books, and I love libraries. I love bookstores. And to me meeting a writer is important. And when I saw a book with my name on it I almost passed out.” — Angelina Jolie
Book Quotes: “I’m the world ‘Guinness Book of Records’ holder of 1,749 hugs in one hour. My arms fell off.” — Nick Vujicic
Book Quotes: “I am a product of long corridors, empty sunlit rooms, upstairs indoor silences, attics explored in solitude, distant noises of gurgling cisterns and pipes, and the noise of wind under the tiles. Also, of endless books.” — C. S. Lewis
Book Quotes: “Do not believe a thing because you have read about it in a book. Do not believe a thing because another man has said it was true. Do not believe in words because they are hallowed by tradition. Find out the truth for yourself. Reason it out. That is realization.” — Swami Vivekananda
Book Quotes: “One’s favorite book is as elusive as one’s favorite pudding.” — E. M. Forster
Book Quotes: “As to the book called the bible, it is blasphemy to call it the Word of God. It is a book of lies and contradictions and a history of bad times and bad men.” — Thomas Paine
Book Quotes: “When a day passes, it is no longer there. What remains of it? Nothing more than a story. If stories weren’t told or books weren’t written, man would live like the beasts, only for the day.” — Isaac Bashevis Singer
Book Quotes: “Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling.” — Tony DeLiso
Book Quotes: “The Holy Book of the living God suffers more from its exponents today than from its opponents.” — Leonard Ravenhill
Book Quotes: “Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, fifty books per year, and will guarantee your success.” — Brian Tracy
Book Quotes: “Women are books, and men the readers be...” — Benjamin Franklin
Book Quotes: “Cut word lines – Cut music lines – Smash the control images – Smash the control machine – Burn the books – Kill the priests – Kill! Kill! Kill!” — William S. Burroughs
Book Quotes: “Like books and black lives – albums still matter. Tonight and always.” — Prince
Book Quotes: “There are three things that grow more precious with age; old wood to burn, old books to read, and old friends to enjoy.” — Henry Ford
Book Quotes: “I still love the book-ness of books, the smell of books: I am a book fetishist – books to me are the coolest and sexiest and most wonderful things there are.” — Neil Gaiman
Book Quotes: “I love reading – inspirational books, leadership books, biographies. I exercise a lot and put on my audio book. Even If you would offer me a million dollars for my iPod I wouldn’t give it to you, because I have some great things on it.” — Robin S. Sharma
Book Quotes: “Therefore we say that a lying Spirit has been in the mouth of the writers of the books of the Bible.” — Thomas Paine
Book Quotes: “Speaking personally, you can have my gun, but you’ll take my book when you pry my cold, dead fingers off of the binding.” — Stephen King
Book Quotes: “I’m always reading books-as many as there are. I ration myself on them so that I’ll always be in supply.” — Ernest Hemingway
Book Quotes: “But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean.” — H.P. Lovecraft
Book Quotes: “To the red country and part of the gray country of Oklahoma, the last rains came gently, and they did not cut the scarred earth.” — John Steinbeck
Book Quotes: “Books are cool, but knowledge without mileage doesn’t mean anything to me.” — Henry Rollins
Book Quotes: “Nothing before had ever made me thoroughly realise, though I had read various scientific books, that science consists in grouping facts so that general laws or conclusions may be drawn from them.” — Charles Darwin
Book Quotes: “True religion comes not front the teaching of men or the reading of books; it is the awakening of the spirit within us, consequent upon pure and heroic action.” — Swami Vivekananda
Book Quotes: “In your reading, find books to improve your color sense, your sense of shape and size in the world.” — Ray Bradbury
Book Quotes: “My behavior is nonetheless, deplorable. Unfortunately, I’m quite prone to such bouts of deplorability – take for instance, my fondness for reading books at the dinner table.” — Brandon Sanderson
Book Quotes: “I grew up kissing books and bread.” — Salman Rushdie
Book Quotes: “Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading!” — Rainer Maria Rilke
Book Quotes: “When you’re old enough to write a book for children, by then you’ll have become a grown up and have lost all your jokeyness. Unless you’re an undeveloped adult and still have an enormous amount of childishness in you.” — Roald Dahl
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