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Calvin Coolidge Quotes
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Calvin Coolidge Quote: “If I had permitted my failures, or what seemed to me at the time a lack of success, to discourage me I cannot see any way in which I would ever have made progress.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Unless we lay our course in accordance with this principle, the great power for good in the world with which we have been intrusted by a Divine Providence will be turned to a power for evil.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “It seems to me probable that of all our economic life the element on which we are inclined to place too low an estimate is advertising.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “We draw our Presidents from the people. It is a wholesome thing for them to return to the people. I came from them. I wish to be one of them again.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “It is a great advantage to a President, and a major source of safety to the country, for him to know that he is not a great man. When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institutions.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “There have been great men with little of what we call education. There have been many small men with a great deal of learning. There has never been a great people who did not possess great learning.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “The Constitution is the sole source and guaranty of national freedom.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “I always enjoy animal acts.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “When a man begins to feel that he is the only one who can lead in this republic, he is guilty of treason to the spirit of our institutions.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “I favor the policy of economy, not because I wish to save money, but because I wish to save people. The men and women of this country who toil are the ones who bear the cost of the Government. Every dollar that we carelessly waste means that their life will be so much the more meager. Every dollar that we prudently save means that their life will be so much the more abundant. Economy is idealism in its most practical form.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Coolidge expressed his “sympathy with the deep and intense longing which finds such fine expression in the Jewish National Homeland in Palestine.””
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “We want wealth, but there are many other things we want very much more. Among them are peace, honor, charity, and idealism.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “The only way I know to drive out evil from the country is by the constructive method of filling it with good. The country is better off tranquilly considering its blessings and merits, and earnestly striving to secure more of them, than it would be in nursing hostile bitterness about its deficiencies and faults.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “It is not easy to conceive of anything that would be more unfortunate in a community based upon the ideals of which Americans boast than any considerable development of intolerance as regards religion.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “I think the Senate ought to realize that I have to have about me those in whom I have confidence; and unless they find a real blemish on a man, I do not think they ought to make partisan politics out of appointments to the Cabinet.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “A government which requires of the people the contribution of the bulk of their substance and rewards cannot be classed as a free government...”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Because of what America is and what America has done, a firmer courage, a higher hope, inspires the heart of all humanity.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “The words of the President have an enormous weight and ought not to be used indiscriminately. It would be exceedingly easy to set the country all by the ears and foment hatreds and jealousies, which, by destroying faith and confidence, would help nobody and harm everybody. The end would be the destruction of all progress.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “One of the greatest perils to an extensive republic is the disregard of individual rights.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “To expect to increase prices and then to maintain them at a higher level by means of a plan which must of necessity increase production while decreasing consumption is to fly in the face of an economic law as well established as any law of nature.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “IT is a very old saying that you never can tell what you can do until you try. The more I see of life the more I am convinced of the wisdom of that observation.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “If you see 10 troubles coming down the road, you can be sure 9 will go in the ditch and you have only one to battle with.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “It seems impossible that any man could adequately describe his mother. I cannot describe mine.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Don’t you know that four fifths of all our troubles in this life would disappear if we would just sit down and keep still?”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Any man who has been placed in the White House cannot feel that it is the result of his own exertions or his own merit. Some power outside and beyond him becomes manifest through him. As he contemplates the workings of his office, he comes to realize with an increasing sense of humility that he is but an instrument in the hands of God.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “The collection of taxes which are not absolutely required, which do not beyond reasonable doubt contribute to the public welfare, is only a species of legalized larceny.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “While we should not refuse to spend and be spent in the service of our country, it is hazardous to attempt what we feel is beyond our strength to accomplish.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “We live in an age of science and of abounding accumulation of material things. These did not create our Declaration. Our Declaration created them. The things of the spirit come first. Unless we cling to that, all our material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren scepter in our grasp.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “I have often said that there was no cause for feeling disturbed at being misrepresented in the press. It would be only when they began to say things detrimental to me which were true that I should feel alarm.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “That man has offered me unsolicited advice for six years, most of it bad.”
Calvin Coolidge Quote: “Man everywhere has an unconquerable desire to be the master of his own destiny.”
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