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Carly Fiorina Quote: “What is really disappointing about this president is not just lack of leadership, but his tendency to always place the blame for his lack of leadership somewhere else.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Don’t think of yourself as a woman in business.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Any work that’s worth doing has its challenges as well as its opportunities. That’s true if you’re running a business, it’s true if you’re trying to help on a campaign.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “There’s a whole company called Palantir that does nothing but derive and create algorithms riches to search through big data. We’re not using their capabilities. For heaven’s sake, some of this is just ineptitude.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “The most important thing about a child’s education is to have a great teacher in front of the classroom and a lot of choice and accountability with parents.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “A merger is hard to pull off under any circumstances. It’s harder when everybody is against you.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Silos can’t interoperate unless the technology does.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “When Iran continues to get away with bad behavior, what do our allies who are Iran’s enemies think about us? It is why we cannot stand by while Russia allies itself with Iran. You can’t outsource American leadership to Russia. Russia isn’t on our side. They’re on their side and Iran’s side.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Citizens, it is time to take our country back from the political class, from the media, from the liberal elite.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “My goodness, my hair’s been talked about by a million people, you know? It sort of goes with the territory.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I know our policies work best to lift young men and women up – regardless of their background – so that they can choose their own path and live lives of dignity, purpose, and meaning.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “It’s the federal government’s job to secure the border.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a former organ harvester describe a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “To build a great company, which is a CEO’s job, sometimes you have to stand up against conventional wisdom.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “We must move from revenue-neutral to revenue-reducing tax reform, because the federal government spends far too much money.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I go to social media, check out my granddaughter’s new boyfriend, but the Department of Homeland Security can’t figure out they need to be tracking they jihadi web sites?”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I think a strong dollar is the result of policies, but I don’t think the strong dollar is in and of itself a policy.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “The truth is, I’m proud of the life I’ve lived so far, and though I’ve made my share of mistakes, I have no regrets.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart as well as your mind. Make the choice because it engages all of you.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “People’s ideas and fears can make them small but they cannot make you small. People’s prejudices can diminish them but they cannot diminish you. Small-minded people can think they determine your worth. But only you can determine your worth.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I think the dot-com boom and bust represented the end of the beginning. The industry is more mature today.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “We must continue to show tolerance for those whose opinions and sincerely held beliefs differ from our own. We must lead by example, finding a way to respect one another and to celebrate a culture that protects religious freedom while promoting equality under the law.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I will reveal to the American people over and over and over again the Clinton way, say what you have to say to get elected, lie as long as you can get away with it.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Look, I’m a cancer survivor, all right? So I have great personal empathy for people who have pre-existing conditions and can’t get insurance.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “A woman’s experience is different from a man’s in virtually every respect, including how she is treated by the media.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Perception is everything and that becomes the reality. It’s a big problem for Hillary Clinton.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Donald Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton, I think it’s very clear, and she doesn’t want to run against me, because I can beat her, because I will fight her and force her to fight on ground that she will lose on.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Donald Trump is a serial philanderer, by his own admission.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “We need to unify our party, we need a real Conservative in the White House, and we need to beat Hillary Clinton to take our country back and keep our nation safe.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “When men cut jobs, they’re seen as decisive. When women do, they’re vindictive.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I think more to the point, these pivotal times means something other than a politician. I understand the economy. I understand the world. I have a lot of foreign policy experience. I understand bureaucracies. I understand technology, and I understand leadership.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I will reform our broken visa system. Nearly half of the people in this country illegally came here on legal visas and simply never left. We need to fix that.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “As president, I will stand up to the great human rights tests of our time – in China, Russia, and the Middle East. We must send a signal to our allies and adversaries that America is back in the leadership business.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “We need a fearless fighter in the White House – not just to win this election, but also to restore the character of our nation.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “You know, I’m very proud of the large number of Hispanic endorsements that I’ve received.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Many people have asked me how I feel about losing my job.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “The people are fed up with the political class.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Kim Jong-Un is a dangerous leader, without a doubt. And both Republican and Democrat administrations have been completely ineffective in dealing with him. So we must continue to isolate him. We will need China as part of that strategy.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Nobody needs to worry about my toughness.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I started out as a receptionist. I typed, I filed, I answered the phones for a little nine-person company.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Hillary Clinton wants to run on the historic nature of her candidacy. I will force her to run on accountability for the Clinton way.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Once I dive in, I dive in all the way.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “But unlike Hillary Clinton, I know that flying is an activity, not an accomplishment.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “The state is facing a unique and extraordinary set of challenges and opportunities that demand the involvement of all of us to address them. It’s time for everyone to pull together to improve California’s competitiveness.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “When we miss with all the metadata collection we’ve had, the San Bernardino couple and the Tsarnaev brothers, what that suggests to me is that we are using the wrong algorithms to search through all this data.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I certainly support civil unions.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “I’m happy to tell you that having been through surgery and chemotherapy and radiation, breast cancer is officially behind me. I feel absolutely great and I am raring to go.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “Margaret Thatcher – a woman I greatly admire – once said that she was not content to manage the decline of a great nation. Neither am I. I am prepared to lead the resurgence of a great nation.”
Carly Fiorina Quote: “This world is clearly emerging before our eyes. The shifts ahead, the opportunities ahead are massive.”
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