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Charles Baudelaire Quotes
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Charles Baudelaire Quote: “I lived for a long time under vast porticos That maritime suns tinted with a thousand fires, And whose great pillars, straight and majestuous In the evening made seem like basaltic caves.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “What I say is that the supreme and singular joy of making love resides in the certainty of doing evil.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Nothing is as tedious as the limping days, When snowdrifts yearly cover all the ways, And ennui, sour fruit of incurious gloom, Assumes control of fate’s immortal loom.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Alas! Man’s vices, horrible as they are supposed to be, contain the positive proof of his taste for the infinite.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “To be just, that is to say, to justify its existence, criticism should be partial, passionate and political, that is to say, written from an exclusive point of view, but a point of view that opens up the widest horizons.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “In this horror of solitude, this need to lose his ego in exterior flesh, which man calls grandly the need for love.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “No task is a long one but the task on which one dare not start. It becomes a nightmare.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Imagination is an almost divine faculty which, without recourse to any philosophical method, immediately perceives everything: the secret and intimate connections between things, correspondences and analogies.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “However incoherent a human existence may be, human unity is not bothered by it.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “There is a word, in a verb, something sacred which forbids us from using it recklessly. To handle a language cunningly is to practice a kind of evocative sorcery.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The poet enjoys the incomparable privilege of being able to be himself and others, as he wishes.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “There is no such thing as a long piece of work, except one that you dare not start.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, be endlessly drunk.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “That in all times, mediocrity has dominated, that is indubitable; but that it reigns more than ever, that it is becoming absolutely triumphant and inhibiting, this is what is as true as it is distressing.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The life of our city is rich in poetic and marvelous subjects. We are enveloped and steeped as though in an atmosphere of the marvelous; but we do not notice it.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “It is regrettable that, among the Rights of Man, the right of contradicting oneself has been forgotten.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “When a singer puts his hand on his heart, it means usually, I will always love you!”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Even if it were proven that God didn’t exist, Religion would still be Saintly and Divine.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “I am the wound and the blade, the torturer and the flayed.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “All fashions are charming, or rather relatively charming, each one being a new striving, more or less well conceived, after beauty, an approximate statement of an ideal, the desire for which constantly teases the unsatisfied human mind.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Any newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a web of horrors, I cannot understand how an innocent hand can touch a newspaper without convulsing in disgust.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The form of a town changes more swiftly alas! Than the heart of a mortal.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The more one works, the better one works, and the more one wants to work. The more one produces, the more fertile one grows.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “In certain almost supernatural states of the soul, the profundity of life reveals itself entirely in the spectacle, however ordinary it may be, before one’s eyes. It becomes its symbol.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “How difficult it is to understand each other, my dear angel, and how much thought is incommunicable, even between people who love each other!”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “It would perhaps be nice to be alternately the victim and the executioner.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “There is no dream of love, however ideal it may be, which does not end up with a fat, greedy baby hanging from the breast.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Isn’t it true that a pleasant house makes winter more poetic, and doesn’t winter add to the poetry of a house?”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “In my mind it strolls, as well as in my apartment. A cat, strong, sweet and delightful...”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “I love Wagner, but the music I prefer is that of a cat hung up by its tail outside a window and trying to stick to the panes of glass with its claws.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “A frenzied passion for art is a canker that devours everything else.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “There can be no progress-real, moral prgress-except in the individual and by the individual himself.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “I watch the springs, the summers, the autumns; And when comes the winter snow monotonous, I shut all the doors and shutters To build in the night my fairy palace.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “On the day when a young writer corrects his first proof-sheet he is as proud as a schoolboy who has just got his first dose of pox.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Two fundamental literary qualities: supernaturalism and irony.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The more delicate and ambitious the soul, the further do dreams estrange it from possible things.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Wine transforms moles into eagles.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “In putting off what one has to do, one runs the risk of never being able to do it.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Nearly all our originality comes from the stamp that time impresses upon our sensibility.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Nature is a word, an allegory, a mold, an embossing, if you will.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “There is a certain cowardice, a certain weakness, rather, among respectable folk. Only brigands are convinced-of what? That they must succeed. And so they do succeed.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “You must be drunk always. That is everything: the only question. Not to feel the horrible burden of Time that crushes your shoulders and bends you earthward, you must be drunk without respite. But drunk on what? On wine, on poetry, on virtue – take your pick. But be drunk.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The study of beauty is a duel in which the artist cries with terror before being defeated.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “A room like a dream, a room truly spiritual, whose stagnant atmosphere is lightly tinted with pink and blue. It’s a thing of the dusk, something bluish, pinkish; a sensual dream during an eclipse.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Il faut e pater le bourgeois. One must astound the bourgeois.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “Who would dare assign to art the sterile function of imitating nature?”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “A friend of mine, the most innocuous dreamer who ever lived, once set a forest on fire to see, as he said, if it would catch as easily as people said. The first ten times the experiment was a failure; but on the eleventh it succeeded all too well.”
Charles Baudelaire Quote: “The artist is today and has been for many years, despite his absence of merit, simply a spoiled child. So many honors, so much money bestowed on men without souls and without education.”
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