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Top 120 Charlie Kaufman Quotes (2024 Update)
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Charlie Kaufman Quote: “In a lot of movies, especially big studio ones, they’re not constructed in any other way than to get people to like them and then tell their friends. It’s a product.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I have a personality that tends to be somewhat compulsive, and I do tend to think in a circular way. I dwell on the same things over and over and I try to figure out different ways of looking at the same issue.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I do have, at different times, a certain kind of self-consciousness in the world, an insecurity.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I think if something resonates, even if it’s surreal, it’s because it is relatable and I think that that’s a core issue for me.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I have a tendency to hire people who tend to be unattractive to the studios. Maybe this is a bad idea.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I think if I’ve worked anything through with screenwriting it’s that I’m not going to be able to work anything through.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I have ideas written down some places, but usually I can’t find them. I’m not very organized.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I like actors – I used to be one.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I wanted to deal with someone’s idea of their relationship.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “Before you start production, you have characters you have created without actors in mind, then all of a sudden you’ve got actors. They bring an enormous amount in creating these characters, and creating the dynamics between the characters that you’ve written.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “And so not only do you have to make that work, you can’t really start putting the thing together in any form because some of the shots are very short and obviously many of them take so long, you’re waiting months and months and months before you can see if it’s going to be working emotionally.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I want to do my own thing, and I’m trying to get closer to realizing that as a filmmaker.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I don’t think the world objectively exists the way we think it exists. There’s a constant sort of storytelling process.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I think I’ve had pretty good experiences for the most part with the people who have directed my screenplays.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I don’t subscribe to anything. I sit there and I try to think about what seems honest to me.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “People ask me all the time, “What are your influences? Are you trying to do Beckett?” It’s like, “No, I’m trying to do me.” Whatever that is. I don’t know what that is, but that’s the basis. I’m trying to be true and I’m trying to be honest.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I feel like I want to keep moving toward idiosyncracy. Personal, personal, personal.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I think of myself as a guy who tries to write screenplays and now has tried to direct one. Anything more than that is meaningless and it gets in the way of being a real human being.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I like titles that are a little difficult, because it’s kind of counterintuitive.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I try to present something that is true so I don’t further destroy the world with my contribution to it.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I do have some theatrical background. I’ve written plays and seen plays and read plays. But I also read novels. One thing I don’t read is screenplays.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I tend to not only read reviews, but also every little stupid thing online. It’s a very bad idea, and there’s a lot of angry people in the world. And it’s weird to absorb all that weirdness.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “Compare this to any mess written by Charlie Kaufman.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “There are rumors of rats down here as big as German shepherds, the people not the dogs.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I graduated from college in 1980.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “There are so many people who are making movies now who can’t get any kind of distribution, so the market seems like it’s flooded.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I guess the truth is I crave humiliation. What is ironic or at least curious is that in my actual life, humiliation is the thing I most fear and I most experience. Yet I am not happy. Why?”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “Would that I could be a gay man. I would like myself better. But I am the most heterosexual of all my many acquaintances.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “A stab wound less than three millimeters deep is legal and even encouraged. We cannot help you unless a crime has been committed. Fourteen millimeters or more.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “Boredom is the domain of the dullard.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “The only moment that we exist is the moment we inhabit.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I wanted to do something that I don’t know how to do, and offer you the experience of watching someone fumble, because I think maybe that’s what art should offer. An opportunity to recognise our common humanity and vulnerability.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “Nothing does anything for me anymore.”
Charlie Kaufman Quote: “I think dreams are metaphors. Everything you do in writing is metaphorical. So it seems like the same arena to me.”
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