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Daisaku Ikeda Quotes
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Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Likewise, education can direct people toward good or evil ends. When education is based on a fundamentally distorted worldview, the results are horrific.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Our hopes, desires and ambitions are powerful forces existing within us for the shaping of the future. They are the generating forces that create the future.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “There is no one as strong as a person whose heart is always filled with gratitude.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Leadership that exploits and sacrifices young people on the altar of its goals is nothing more than raw, demonic power. Genuine leadership is found in ceaseless efforts to foster young people, to pave the way forward for them.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The effects of human rights education can be dramatic in awakening people to the value and power of their own lives, as shown in the following stories.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “I believe that a culture of peace must be the essential foundation of our efforts for peace.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The wisdom and experience of older people is a resource of inestimable worth. Recognizing and treasuring the contributions of older people is essential to the long-term flourishing of any society.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Become like the sun. If you do so, all darkness will be dispelled. No matter what happens, live confidently with the conviction that you, yourself are the “sun.” Of course, in life there are sunny days and cloudy days. But even on cloudy days, the sun is still there. Even when you are suffering, it is vital that you strive to keep the sun shining brightly in your heart.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Youthfulness is not determined by age. It is determined by one’s life force. One who possesses hope is forever young. One who continually advances is forever beautiful.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “I cannot say this too strongly: Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “A moment’s encounter can decide the direction of one’s entire life.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The differences between people need not act as barriers that wound, harm and drive us apart. Rather, these very differences among cultures and civilizations should be valued as manifestations of the richness of our shared creativity.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “What may look like a small act of courage is courage nevertheless. The important thing is to be willing to take a step forward.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “We have both a weak self and a strong self; the two are completely different. If we allow our weak side to dominate, we will be defeated. The thought ,“I am still young and have a lot of time, so I can relax and take life easy” is a function of our own weakness.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Great art is created only through diligent and painstaking effort to perfect and polish oneself.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Take heart, and do not let disappointment or shame stop you from moving forward. The true outcome of life is only apparent at the very end.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Patience is, in and of itself, a great challenge and it often holds the key to breaking through a seeming impasse.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Happiness does not exist as an isolated quality, nor does it conform to a single fixed pattern. Happiness is something that breathes and lives in the relationships between one person and another.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Salute to the Smiling Faces of the 21st Century.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The eyes of a poet discover in each person a unique and irreplaceable humanity. While arrogant intellect seeks to control and manipulate the world, the poetic spirit bows with reverence before its mysteries.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The idea of interdependence is central to Buddhism, which holds that all things come into being through the mutual interactions of various causes and conditions.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “There’s no need for us to be held back by the past or how things have been so far. The important thing is what seeds we are sowing now for the future.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “In most cases, our so-called limitations are nothing more than our own decision to limit ourselves.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “No matter what our personal circumstances may be, if we ourselves become a source of light, then there will be no darkness in the world.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “I firmly believe that the mission of religion in the 21st century must be to contribute concretely to the peaceful coexistence of humankind.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “A person fully awakened to the jewel-like dignity of their own life is capable of truly respecting that same treasure in others.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Like the ocean that remains calm in its depths even when waves rage over its surface, and like the sun that continues shining on high even during storms, we can at each moment create value and develop our state of life, enjoying our existence to the fullest in times of both suffering and joy.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The course of our lives is determined by how we react – what we decide and what we do – at the darkest of times. The nature of that response determines a person’s true worth and greatness.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “It is only through such real-life daily struggles and challenges that a genuine sensitivity to human rights can be inculcated. This is a truth that is not limited to school education: it applies to all of us.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The reactions of the human heart are not mechanical and predictable but infinitely subtle and delicate.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “The person who lives life fully, glowing with life’s energy, is the person who lives a successful life.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “True happiness means forging a strong spirit that is undefeated, no matter how trying our circumstances.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Speak out tirelessly with conviction.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “One cannot, without reflection, make some into bearers of goodness and others into miscreants, judging them by relative positive or negative criteria. These, like everything else, change according to historical circumstances, the character of a society, the time and subjective points of view.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “A genuinely happy person is one who has rendered others happy.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “I have for some time urged that a nuclear abolition summit to mark the effective end of the nuclear era be convened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the 70th anniversary of the bombings of those cities, with the participation of national leaders and representatives of global civil society.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Humanity has experienced many revolutionary changes over the course of history: revolutions in agriculture, in science, industrial production, as well as numerous political revolutions. But these have all been limited to the external aspects of our individual and collective lives.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “There are some among the so-called elite who are overbearing and arrogant. I want to foster leaders, not elitists.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Whatever your circumstances, whatever your past, the forces that determine your future are nowhere but within your own heart and mind. It is here that the star of your destiny shines.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “When human beings live together, conflict is inevitable. War is not.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Poems and songs penned as an unstoppable outpouring of the heart take on a life of their own. They transcend the limits of nationality and time as they pass from person to person, from one heart to another.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “We are not merely passive pawns of historical forces; nor are we victims of the past. We can shape and direct history.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Envying another’s beauty will diminish your own. But when you praise beauty in others your own beauty deepens.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Every war, when viewed from the undistorted perspective of life’s sanctity, is a “civil war” waged by humanity against itself.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “While conservatism and self-protection might be likened to winter, night, and death, the spirit of pioneering and attempting to realize ideals evokes images of spring, morning, and birth.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Faced with stress, too many people feel they have nowhere to turn to, that they don’t have access to the kind of friendships or communities where they can easily and openly share their problems and worries.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “Anyone who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of their determination fades with time. The important thing is not that your resolve never wavers, but that you don’t get down on yourself when it does and throw in the towel.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “I can do more. I can grow. I can become a bigger and better human being.”
Daisaku Ikeda Quote: “All people have a natural desire to be needed, to have their importance to others tangibly confirmed.”
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