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Top 120 Danielle LaPorte Quotes (2023 Update)
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Danielle LaPorte Quote: “But what if we took it one step further and made an effort to actually transform our pain into something beautiful? What if we went full out and made an effort to transform other people’s pain into something beautiful?”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “People magazine with a bag of sour cream and onion chips always makes be feel a bit trashy. But good trashy.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “It’s not about the goal, it’s about how you want to feel when you get there.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “If you trusted that your art was going to support your life, how would you live?”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I can’t help you. Not really. I can only show up with a bright heart and hope that I get you at the right micro-moment with the perfect dose of light that helps you see what you already know.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “When I’m speaking on stage I feel my most empowered and my most vulnerable. So much could go wrong. That tension is such a rush.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I focus for periods of time on creative work and I’m very insular during those times – not a lot of socializing. I play when I want. That means I can take off on a retreat, catch a matinee, make friends. My core desired feelings are my time management system.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “If you’re making art, you are not separate from your brand.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “In my experience, if you steer clear of dogma and muster up more love than you thought you had to give, then your vitality increases, satisfaction sets in, sweetness surfaces. I believe in the creative power of good feelings. I’m convinced that the desire to be real is everyone’s divine imperative.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Prana is more powerful than just about anything – food, exercise, skin creams, and Spanx.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Affirmations are like screaming that you’re okay in order to overcome this whisper that you’re not.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Sometimes it reminds me that the most loving act can be to just let it go.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I think if Jesus ran a branding campaign these days, his slogan would be: That’s not what I meant by that.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I’m a seeker who writes about what I find. And maybe, on just the right day, I can help you flatten your learning curve. If I’ve got anything to say, it’s this: you are the authority on you.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people. – Albert Einstein.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Desire is a teacher: When we immerse ourselves in it without guilt, shame or clinging, it can show us something special about our own minds that allows us to embrace life fully. – Mark Epstein, Open to Desire.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I am the joy that I’ve fought for.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Steadily, we are listening more to the intelligence of our hearts – and acting on that wisdom. And that’s what spirituality is – an expression of Love.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Getting “spiritual” was delaying getting real.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Your Soul is everything. The “Am That I Am.” Your beingness. The you that is simultaneously part of the all. The God that is aware of itself. Unfathomably, your Soul is the stuff of eternity, time without end, spanning space and dimensions. It is the Love of All Loves. It is the inextinguishable Source of Light. Your Soul is home.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “The pain you may experience today does not invalidate yesterday’s healing.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “So many consumers are mistaking volume for wisdom.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “It’s a mess. But you know what? It’s a beautiful mess that we can’t and shouldn’t try to avoid.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Truth is a journey.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “At this point in my life, I am the joy that I’ve fought for.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Have strong preferences and Be easy to please.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “I needed someone to tell me that I was sane, that I was special, and that I wasn’t all that special.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Somehow I get the idea that being whole is about being perfectly consistent. I’d rather we be perfectly honest.”
Danielle LaPorte Quote: “Most social and religious systems reward conformity with approval and access. We’re trained from the beginning of our lives, in almost every organized endeavour, to look outside of ourselves for the right answer. Our parents, teachers, and leaders ask it of us. And then we carry on the tradition and ask it of others: Please meet my expectations. Its a snarled up mass of illusions and dogma, laced with the sublimely universal human need to be comforted and to have an effect.”
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