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David Duchovny Quote: “I was about 26 or 27 and it was imperative that I make a living right away and it’s hard to make a living on stage, so I started in television and film.”
David Duchovny Quote: “You can go through life and actually speak your mind and do it in an articulate fashion and with a really intelligent point of view.”
David Duchovny Quote: “There is never a personal-life connection between my characters and myself. I’m a professional and I can access what I need to access, so there’s no bleed-over. I didn’t need to believe in aliens to play Mulder. As for my personal life, everything is fantastic right now.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Whenever somebody says they need an angle for their story I always fear that they’ve got an idea and they want me to fit into it or they want me to come up with an idea myself or I’m supposed to be more revealing than I’ve been, and to me it just sounds like something I don’t want to do.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I had to work in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world for almost three weeks. Pity me.”
David Duchovny Quote: “If my work was good enough, I would never have to do publicity.”
David Duchovny Quote: “For hundreds of years, that was the major form of entertainment: The grown-ups sat around and watched the kids play. Now they sit around and watch the television. The actors are the kids.”
David Duchovny Quote: “It’s hard to find scripts that know what they are from page one to page 115.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Dogs are the broccaflower of the animal kingdom.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Most journalists expect me to answer all their questions about aliens and spaceships.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I’ll instinctively know that I identify with a character.”
David Duchovny Quote: “In high school and college, I was an athlete.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I’ve run into certain geniuses of individualism – they are very few and far between – who live their lives completely on their own terms; they are very powerful and have a great amount of happiness. We all should aspire to that.”
David Duchovny Quote: “It’s almost obscene when you see people who haven’t matured, who haven’t changed, who don’t have the weight of years on them. So that’s interesting to me – to think about playing him into the future, anew.”
David Duchovny Quote: “One of the great things about doing series television is the guest actors that you can have come on and play around with.”
David Duchovny Quote: “What makes me mad is arrogance, pretension, putting on airs.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t discount belief. I just discount most of the things that people believe in.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I’ve got huge tubs full of X-Files memorobilia that I can sell on eBay.”
David Duchovny Quote: “It seems unlikely that we’re alone in the universe. But I’m pretty sure nobody’s hiding any contact.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I got married a bit late, I agree. In any other period of history I’d have been dead at that age and they’d have assumed I was gay. Like Michelangelo, or Leonardo da Vinci. But I was a late developer. I didn’t go through puberty until I was 35.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Maybe the best things about celebrity are the things like being able to get that seat on the plane that you wouldn’t normally get, but that’s kind of like cheating.”
David Duchovny Quote: “It’s not someone else’s responsibility to honor my marriage. It’s my responsibility.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I think Mulder is the worst FBI agent in the world. He spends millions of dollars investigating these paranormal phenomena and never comes up with any evidence. He’s the Kenneth Starr of the FBI.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t know how anybody gets better at anything aside from doing it.”
David Duchovny Quote: “My favorite parts of work as an actor and a director are those unplanned mistakes that do happen, because it’s like catching lightning in a bottle. It’s the best part of what we do.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Linda Brewer’s example is inspiring, colorful and potentially very funny. Her journey also exists firmly in the Heartland tradition of American success stories and comedies.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I’m always trying to perfect the romantic comedy, though.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t mind close-ups, I like them, but they’re kind of forceful – you see a lot, you get a lot of information in a close-up. There’s less mystery.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Part of being an actor is letting things come about organically as opposed to forcing them.”
David Duchovny Quote: “At one time there were voiceover artists, now there are celebrity voiceover artists. It’s unfortunate because these people need the money less than the voiceover artist.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t think you could function on set if you think like that. I think once you start to think of the impact, then you’re not really coming from a truthful place. I think the best thing to do for me is what’s worked in the past.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Just like every show has a tone, every show has different people on it playing different games. I don’t say ‘game’ in a pejorative sense, I just mean, these are different stories that we tell ourselves when we go to work.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I enjoy trying to figure out the best way to compliment the picture and not overpower it.”
David Duchovny Quote: “It’s rare in movies or even in life where somebody owns up to their needs. I guess in a relationship it’s the only way it has a chance to survive it.”
David Duchovny Quote: “My entire life has been an attempt to get back to the kind of feelings you have on a field. The sense of brotherhood, the esprit de corps, the focus – there being no past or future, just the ball. As trite as it sounds, I was happiest playing ball.”
David Duchovny Quote: “Without whining and without making myself a tragic figure, there is no replacement for the loss of your privacy. It’s a huge sacrifice.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I mean, you always want everybody to pat you on the back and tell you you’re wonderful every time you do something; I think that’s human nature.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I think the real heroic teachers are the ones who work with kids, like my mom and my sister do.”
David Duchovny Quote: “In the general sense, there’s a journey to be had. You either start at the top or the bottom for a journey to happen. Our movie has to start at the top and work it’s way down. Or start at the bottom and work it’s way up.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t need my phone to play me music. I need it to be a phone and an e-mail thing.”
David Duchovny Quote: “When I grew up, I was in Manhattan the whole time. But my kids have been all over the world.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t believe in a conspiracy to hide the existence of extraterrestrial life.”
David Duchovny Quote: “You’re raising a kid and you give it food and shelter and, most importantly, you give it the feeling that it’s special. I think people react to celebrities like that – I mean, they treat celebrities like children.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I had a fear that I’d be typecast, but I don’t really have that fear anymore.”
David Duchovny Quote: “There are moments when you get out of your own head and you exist in the moment, and that can be good acting.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I’m actually thinking about getting back to being a bath tub. I don’t think anyone’s ever quite segued into that.”
David Duchovny Quote: “When I started getting notoriety it was cheesy to appear in a commercial.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I enjoy comedy and I hope that people enjoy watching me do it.”
David Duchovny Quote: “I don’t think I’d ever be cruel to an animal.”
David Duchovny Quote: “A lot of times passion projects or films are difficult to make because they don’t have proven directors attached to them.”
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