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David Foster Wallace Quotes
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David Foster Wallace Quote: “Over half the admits to psych wards are things like cheerleaders who swallow two bottles of Mydol over a high-school breakup or gray lonely asexual depressing people rendered inconsolable by the death of a pet. The cathartic trauma of actually going in somewhere.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Authors are monkeys who mean.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “And he wishes, in the cold quiet of his archer’s heart, that he himself could feel the intensity of their reconciliations as strongly as he feels that of their battles.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “I find in myself a need to get very away.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “He was around where the tree-line bulged herniatically out toward the end of the West Courts’ fencing.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “I had to face: I had chosen. My choice, this was love. I had chosen I think the way out of the chains of the cage. I needed this woman. Without her to choose over myself, there was only pain and not choosing, rolling drunkenly and making fantasies of death.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “One of the great Greek contributions to the very concept of mathematics was the conscious recognition and emphasis of the fact that mathematical entities are abstractions, ideas entertained by the mind and sharply distinguished from physical objects or pictures.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “She smelled of talcum powder and Big Red.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “An ad that pretends to be art is – at absolute best – like somebody who smiles warmly at you only because he wants something from you. This.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Lenore, it’s simply that I love you. You know that. Every fiber of your being is loved by every fiber of my being. The thought of things about you, concerning you, troubling you, that I don’t know about, makes blood run from my eyes, on the inside.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Cornell University Press announced plans for a festschrift.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Something they seem to omit to mention in Boston AA when you’re new and out of your skull with desperation and ready to eliminate your map and they tell you how it’ll all get better and better as you abstain and recover: they somehow omit to mention that the way it gets better and you get better is through pain. Not around pain, or in spite of it.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Drug addicts driven to crime to finance their drug addiction are not often inclined toward violent crime.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “The conjoined dogs were too distant to ascertain whether they had collars or tags, yet close enough that I could make out the expression on the face of the dominant dog above. It was blank and at the same time fervid – the same general expression as on a human being’s face when he is doing something that he feels compulsively driven to do and yet does not understand just why he wants to do it.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “I have felt as bleak as I’ve felt since puberty, and have filled almost three Mead notebooks trying to figure out whether it was Them or Just Me.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “What if there was something essentially wrong with Claude Sylvanshine that wasn’t wrong with other people? What if he was simple ill-suited, the way some people are born without limbs or certain organs? The neurology of failure. What if he was simply born and destined to live in the shadow of Total Fear and Despair, and all his so-called activities were pathetic attempts to distract him from the inevitable?”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “And girl-women, women, curved like instruments or fruit, skin burnished brown-bright, suit tops held by delicate knots of fragile colored string against the pull of mysterious weights, suit bottoms riding low over the gentle juts of hips totally unlike your own, immoderate swells and swivels that melt in light into a surrounding space that cups and accommodates the soft curves as things precious. You almost understand.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Hell hath no fury like a coolly received postmodernist.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “If an art form is marginalized it’s because it’s not speaking to people.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “He’d cure himself by excess.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “But and so things are slow, and like you they have this irritating suspicion that any satisfaction is still way off, and it’s frustrating; but like basically decent kids they suck it up, bite the foil, because what’s going on is just plain real; and no matter what we want, the real world is pretty slow, at present, for kids our age.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Almost anything that you pay close, direct attention to becomes interesting.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “The kid has no idea he even knows something’s wrong.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “The neurology of failure. What if he was simply born and destined to live in the shadow of Total Fear and Despair, and all his so-called activities were pathetic attempts to distract him from the inevitable?”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “My fingers are mated into a mirrored series of what manifests, to me, as the letter X.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Dostoevski informs everybody; or he ought to.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Untitled. Unfinished. UNRELEASED.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “There was the matter of the withered-looking and bradyauxetic arms, which just as in a hair-raising case of Volkmann’s contracture 115 curled out in front of his thorax in magiscule S’s and were usable for rudimentary knifeless eating and slapping at doorknobs until they sort of turned just enough and doors could be kicked open and.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “The father of Ruth van Cleve’s child, she reports, is under the protection and care of the Norfolk County Correctional Authority, awaiting sentencing for what Ruth van Cleve describes several times as operating a pharmaceutical company without a license.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “It seems important to find ways of reminding ourselves that most “familiarity” is meditated and delusive.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “That’s why people use terms like flow or effortless to describe writing that they regard as really superb. They’re not saying effortless in terms of it didn’t seem like the writer spent any work. It simply requires no effort to read it – the same way listening to an incredible storyteller talk out loud requires no effort to pay attention. Whereas when you’re bored, you’re conscious of how much effort is required to pay attention.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “What’s unendurable is what his own head could make of it all. What his head could report to him, looking over and ahead and reporting.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “His white knit shirt and name-brand shorts were soaked through so you could see the straps of his jock biting into the soft ass I was handing him. He.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Like most North Americans of his generation, Hal tends to know way less about why he feels certain ways about the objects and pursuits he’s devoted to than he does about the objects and pursuits themselves. It’s hard to say for sure whether this is even exceptionally bad, this tendency.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “That everybody’s sneeze sounds different.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “You have a great deal of yourself on the line, writing- your vanity is at stake. You discover a tricky thing about fiction writing; a certain amount of vanity is necessary to be able to do it all, but any vanity above that certain amount is lethal.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “She is silk in a bed of mail-order satin. Complete and seamless, an egg of sexual muscle. My motions atop her are dislocated, frantic, my lone interstice a trans-cultural spice of encouragement I smell with my spine. As, inside it, I go, I cry out to a god whose absence I have never felt to keenly.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “I will be conveyed to an Emergency Room of some kind, where I will be detained as long as I do not respond to questions, and then, when I do respond to questions, I will be sedated; so it will be an inversion of standard travel, the ambulance and ER: I’ll make the journey first, then depart.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “To presume that dictionary-making can somehow avoid or transcend ideology is simply to subscribe to a particular ideology, one that might aptly be called Unbelievably Naive Positivism.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Is it showing off if you hate it?”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “You are the sort of auditor for whom the rhetoricians designed the exordium.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “I felt, as I became a later and later bloomer, alienated not just from my own recalcitrant glabrous little body but in a way from the whole elemental exterior I’d come to see as my co-conspirator.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “The sky is low and gray and loose and seems to hang. There’s something baggy about the sky.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Himself had apparently thought the stilted, wooden quality of nonprofessionals helped to strip away the pernicious illusion of realism and to remind the audience that they were in reality watching actors acting and not people behaving.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “That you just naturally want what we, your fathers, work night and day to make sure you want? Grow up, for Christ’s sake. Join the world. We produce what makes you want to need to consume. Advertising. Laxatives. HMO’s. Baking soda. Insurance. Your fears are built – and your wishes, on that foundation.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Basically what you’re doing when you’re writing fiction is telling a lie, he tells those of us in the seminar; and the psychology of reading dictates that we’re willing to buy only what coheres, on some gut level, with what we already believe.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “By all means don’t THINK about the validity of what they’re claiming your life hinges on. Oh do not ask what IS it. Do not ask not whether it’s not insane. Simply open wide for the spoon.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “My father’s mood surrounded him like a field and affected any room he occupied, like an odor or a certain cast to the light.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “Some days you can almost see Hal like flit in and out of a match, like some part of him leaves and hovers and then comes back.”
David Foster Wallace Quote: “For some reason I was reluctant to ask anybody what had happened. I hate being the person who always doesn’t know what’s going on and has to ask somebody; it always seems like everybody else knows what’s going on. This is a clear low-status marker, and I resisted it.”
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