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Deepak Chopra Quote: “Creativity is the evolutionary impulse in the Universe.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “When you express your unique talents and use them in the service of humanity, you create abundance in your life and the lives of others.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “We must go beyond the constant clamor of ego, beyond the tools of logic and reason, to the still, calm place within us: the realm of the soul.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The body is holographic; therefore, when you change one biomarker you influence them all.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Every cell in your body is totally aware of how you think and feel about yourself.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “If you consciously let your body take care of you, it will become your greatest ally and trusted partner.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The power of a positive self-image plays a vital role in experiencing perfect health.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Silence is the great teacher and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “You are not merely the physical body that you identify with out of habit. Your essential state is a field of infinite possibilities.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Our consciousness is our contribution to reality. What we perceive as real, becomes real.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Seeing yourself with the eyes of love makes it natural to see the Divine Spirit in everyone you meet.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The universe is alive and conscious, and it responds to our intent when we have our intimate relationship with the universe and see it not as separate but as our extended body.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The more you expand your awareness, the more naturally you will be present without effort.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “To be in touch with yourself requires great sensitivity to everything that’s going on here and now.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Like a cube of ice, anger cannot be eliminated by applying force, only by applying warmth, compassion and kindness.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Solving problems should be a joy, a welcome challenge to our creativity.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “By becoming a conscious choice-maker, you begin to generate actions that are evolutionary for you.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “No solution can ever be found by running in three different directions.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “I do not believe in meaningless coincidences. I believe every coincidence is a message, a clue about a particular facet of our lives that requires our attention.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “A single event can shape our lives or change the course of history.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “When you drink in nature through your senses, you deepen your awareness of the great silent intelligence flowing through all things. You nourish your mind, body, and spirit as you connect to the divine love of Being.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Preventive medicine isn’t part of a physician’s everyday routine, which is spent dispensing drugs and performing surgery.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Just as light brightens darkness, discovering inner fulfillment can eliminate any disorder or discomfort. This is truly the key to creating balance and harmony in everything you do.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The present moment dies every moment to become the past, is reborn every moment into the future. All experience is now. Now never ends.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “This is the key to life: the ability to reflect, the ability to know yourself, the ability to pause for a second before reacting automatically. If you can truly know yourself, you will begin the journey of transformation.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The scenery is time bound but the seer is timeless. You are the timeless seer in the midst of time bound scenery.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “An intimate relationship is one that allows you to be yourself.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The Universe contains three things that cannot be destroyed; Being, Awareness and LOVE.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “This moment – the one you’re experiencing right now – is the culmination of all the moments you have experienced in the past. This moment is as it is because the entire universe is as it is.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “I have all the time in the world. I am in touch with the timeless. I am surrounded by infinity. When I think like that, it doesn’t mean I’m going to miss my train, it just means that I’m not thinking about it right now because I’m speaking to you.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “True success is the progressive expansion of happiness. It is the ability to express spontaneous joy and share it with others.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Sex wasn’t God’s big mistake. Judging against sex was humanity’s big mistake. Pleasure is as divine as any cathedral, any temple.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “When we accept all of life’s contradictions, when we can comfortably flow between the banks of pleasure and pain, experiencing them both while getting stuck in neither, then we are free.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Our collective future depends on opening channels of compassion, acceptance, and understanding of others.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Terrorism isn’t insanity. It grows out of social conditions that are well known: poverty, social oppression, dictatorship, and a void of meaning in the lives of ordinary people.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Any cell, tissue, or organ is capable of crying for attention, and when you give it some, the healing process begins.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Love is what we are in our essence, and the more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The symbolic language of the crucifixion is the death of the old paradigm; resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The best way to motivate other people to help YOU fulfil your goals is to help them fulfil THEIR goals.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Each of us is here to discover our true selves; that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form; that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Our most natural state is joy. It is the foundation for love, compassion, healing, and the desire to alleviate suffering.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “However good or bad you feel about your relationship, the person you are with at this moment is the “right” person, because he or she is the mirror of who you are inside.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The true self, once discovered, is the source of creativity, intelligence and personal growth. No external solution has such power.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “We confuse ourselves with space-time events, when in fact we are the ones who generate these space-time events.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Most people believe that aging is painful and we know that pain is from diseases that are preventable, not from aging.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The only people who really worry about money are the very poor and the very rich.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “Why are we here? We exist not to pursue happiness, which is fleeting, or outer accomplishment, which can always be bettered. We are here to nourish the self.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “The deep problem facing everyone is how to break free when being a prisoner is the only comfortable way you know how to live.”
Deepak Chopra Quote: “You’ll never get anywhere unless you’re independent of the good and bad opinion of others. Be fearless.”
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