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Dolly Parton Quote: “I think your values are always influenced by your family and your community.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I know that I always wanted things. I was always proud of my people, proud of my home, but I always wanted more. I think most people do.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I met my husband before I became a star, and he doesn’t care about any of it.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ve copyrighted 3,000 songs.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I think everyone should be with who they love.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I write anywhere. I’m always banging around on the dashboard. Whatever I’m doing. I can make music out of anything. Whenever a song hits me, I’ll pick some sort of melody or rhythm out on it, and kind of enhance the song.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ve enjoyed all the parts of my career.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I try not to go around looking like a hag.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “The hardest exercise for most of us fat people is that one where we push our chairback from the dinner table.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Every day I pray about all I do.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “A lot of my own relatives didn’t get to go to school because we were mountain people. You have to get out and work and help feed the family. My own dad couldn’t read and write. And my dad was very proud of me.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’m not trying to be fashionable. Never was!”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I really learned to sing in church, I think, really with emotion.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Some things are strange to me, and some things are odd. But I don’t condemn. If you can accept me, I can accept you.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Actually, I hear a lot of rock music. My husband is a big rock fan.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “You are the song of every bird, you are the poet’s every word, every artist’s picture, every writer’s play.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I ain’t never far away from a pencil and paper or a tape recorder.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I don’t have anything to say about other people’s art and their work.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “My nails are my rhythm section when I’m writing a song all alone. Some day, I may cut an album, just me and my nails.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I will never retire unless I have to.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “People are looking for something a little more stable; people are feeling like they need to get closer to God.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Wouldn’t it be something if we could have things we love in abudance without their losing that special attraction the want of them held for us.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “If you try to follow everyone else and be like everyone else, before you know it you’re gone. You’re not going to find yourself again; you’ll just be a version of what you might have hoped to have been.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “The freewill you have given, we have made a mockery of.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “There are certainly a lot of things that still need to change when it comes to women in the workforce.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “A real important thing is that, though I rely on my husband for love, I rely on myself for strength.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “When I was with Andy Warhol, I thought, ‘God, his wig looks cheaper than mine!’”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Nobody can ever make enough money for as many poor relatives as I’ve got. Somebody’s got a sick kid, or somebody needs an operation, somebody ain’t got this, somebody ain’t got that. Or to give the kids all a car when they graduate.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ll be like Bob Hope, touring when I’m 100.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “No one is ever successful at everything that they do.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Daddy worked for God, but asked for no pay. For he believed that God provides a way.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’m not a politician. And I don’t want to be.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I wear make-up, and it gets a little bit thicker every year.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “If I can hold God’s attention, I can hold the world’s...”
Dolly Parton Quote: “People like bluegrass. It’s had a following amongst a lot of hip and young people. A lot of college kids like bluegrass.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Children have always responded to me because I have that cartoon-character look.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ve tried different things through the years to get some play on mainstream. I’ll try to tailor-make it.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’m very short, so I just have to watch my weight because I have a big appetite.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’m a singer, a writer and an actress – when I find something that I feel good enough about doing.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “There are some loony people in this world!”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I can be accused of trying to be commercial sometimes.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ve been around longer than most of my fans have been alive.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I enjoy the way I look, but it’s a joke.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “There’s been a lot of talk about Jack White wanting to work with me, and I’ve always admired him, and of course, he lives in Nashville, too.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “It’s great at this stage in my life to still be in the running, that people appreciate you.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I think god gave us talent because he screwed up our hair.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “Every seven years, I sit down and make a whole new plan.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I’ve been very fortunate.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “When you come from where I come from, if anyone in the family makes it out, the others kind of come with you.”
Dolly Parton Quote: “I come from a family of 12, so I kind of got a little lost as a child.”
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