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E. Lockhart Quotes
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E. Lockhart Quote: “Do not think about guys who have broken your heart six ways. It is mentally deranged to chase after heartbreak.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “The Sinclairs are athletic, tall, and handsome. We are old-money Democrats. Our smiles are wide, our chins square, and our tennis serves aggressive.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “The presentation of self in everyday life. This guy Goffman had the idea that in different situations, you perform yourself differently. Your character isn’t static. It’s an adaptation.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I think an inspirational quote can get you through hard times.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Mirren took off her shoes and the rest of us followed. We tossed stones into the water. We just existed.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “So this Estella breaks the boy’s heart?” “Many times over. On purpose. Estella doesn’t know how to do anything else. Breaking hearts is her only power in the world.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Frankie appreciated both the accolades and the rejections equally, because both meant she’d had an impact. She wasn’t a person who needed to be liked so much as she was a person who liked to be notorious.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “It was love, and it hit me so hard I leaned against the screen door that still stood between us, just to stay vertical. I wanted to touch him like he was a bunny, a kitten, something so special and soft your fingertips can’t leave it alone. The universe was good because he was in it. I loved the hole in his jeans and the dirt on his bare feet and the scrab on his elbow and the scar that laced through one eyebrow. Gat, my Gat.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “My head and shoulders melted first, followed by my hips and knees. Before long I was a puddle, soaking into the pretty cotton prints. I drenched the quilt she never finished, rusted the metal parts of her sewing machine. I was pure liquid loss...”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Frankie was beginning to realize that the kind of selective memory exhibited by Dean, Star, and their ilk was neither stupidity nor poor recollection. It was a power play – possibly subconscious on the part of the player – but nevertheless intended to discomfit another person who was in some way perceived as a threat.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “They were paragons of self-sacrificing womanhood. Like, ‘I’m starving to death! Here, eat my only bakery bun!’ ‘I can’t walk, I’m paralyzed, but still I see the bright side of life, happy happy!’ A Little Princess and Pollyanna, let me tell you, they are selling you a pack of ugly lies.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Immie put on her sunglasses. “Forrest’s writing a novel.” “What kind of novel?” asked Jule. “A little Samuel Beckett meets Hunter S. Thompson,” said Forrest. “And I’m a big fan of Pynchon, so he’s an influence.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “It was part of their mission as a secret society – as it is part of the mission of most secret societies, actually – to not be entirely secret.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Dances are generally more fun to think about and get ready for than they actually are when you get there.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I am the center of the story now, Jule said to herself. I don’t have to weigh very little, wear very little, or have my teeth fixed. I am the center.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I guess that is why they’ve been here. I needed them.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Do you still miss Gran?” I ask him as we head toward New Clairmont. “Because I miss her. We never talk about her.” “A part of me died,” he says. “And it was the best part.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I grew up with very normal, stable people,” Brooke continued. “We acted normal all day long in my family. So normal I wanted to stab my eyes out. So I’m like an expert. And you? You are not normal. You should think about getting help for it, is what I’m saying.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Jule had loved Immie Sokoloff as well as she knew how to love anyone. She really had.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Singin’ in the Rain was most excellent if you like movies where people burst into song and tap-dance. Which I do, though not as much as I like movies where people don’t.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “She giggled in a goofy way when she was amused or embarrassed. She felt awkward around popular people, and couldn’t figure out whether she was good-looking or freakishly ugly, because she often felt both within the space of an hour.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “We’re not friends, Ms. Williams. You’re lying to me half the time, and I’m lying to you all the time.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “The fact that I couldn’t understand his life experience very well, combined with how he was a year ahead of me and really into all his academics, the literary magazine, et cetera – that meant that all the time, he got to be the big man and I was looking up at him with wide eyes. And that was what he liked about me. And why he despised me.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I wanted so much for us: a life free of constriction and prejudice. A life free to love and be loved.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “She believed that the way you speak is often more important than anything you have to say.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “What fun we had, how beautiful we were.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Lots of girls don’t notice when they are in this situation. They are so focused on their boyfriends that they don’t remember they had a life at all before their romances, so they don’t become upset that the boyfriend isn’t interested.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I never got an explanation. I just know he left me.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Imogen was a New York City child: open-minded in a way Jule had seen only on television, apparently utterly confident in her own desirability as a friend and hostess.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I lie there and wait, and remind myself over and over that it doesn’t last forever. That there will be another day and after that, yet another day. One of those days, I’ll get up and eat breakfast and feel okay.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “It was like being able to fight, she realized. And being able to change accents. They were powers that lived in your body. They would never leave you, no matter how you looked, no matter who loved or didn’t love you.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “The counselor also suggested meditation. Finding a bit of time each day to focus on deep breathing and the acceptance of life as it was presently occurring. That was not a productive solution either. Frankie did not accept life as it was presently occurring. It was a fundamental element of her character. Life as it was presently occurring was not acceptable to her. Were she to mellow out – would she not become obedient? Would she not stay on the path that stretched ahead of her, nicely bricked?”
E. Lockhart Quote: “You better live this life of yours while you can – real living, the kind where you get a little dirt on your halo – ’cause, babe, not one of us knows how long we got.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Yet another technique of the neglected positivist is to impose a new meaning on a word that exists but, through the convolutions of grammar, doesn’t technically mean what you are deciding it means. The neglected positive of incriminate is criminate, which actually, technically means the same thing as incriminate – because the in- isn’t really making a negative in this case – but it is much more amusing if you use it to mean the opposite.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I was talking about Cady’s hair,” says Bonnie. “You don’t have to tell her she looks dead.” “It’s okay,” I tell Bonnie. “I don’t actually care what you think, so it’s perfectly okay.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Get over it, Roo. If you have friends who actually like you, you’re popular enough.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I don’t know if there is a one for me. I think I might like variety.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “So she did not replay, but played the strategist. She retained more power by withholding an answer.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “The woman pushed up the arms of her long-sleeved shirt and turned to the digital readout of her treadmill. A scar wound down her right forearm, jagged, like from a knife, not clean like from an operation. There was a story there.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “He didn’t believe in God anymore and yet he still wished that God would help him.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “So I was a monster, she thought. At least I wasn’t someone’s little sister, someone’s girlfriend, some sophomore, some girl – someone whose opinions don’t matter.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Please, that is so antiquated. The institutions of male supremacy only have real power over you if you buy into that notion. Go found your own club and tell them they can’t join. Or better yet, drop the idea of clubs altogether because they’re exclusionary, and embrace some other, more flexible way of connecting with people.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “It really bothers me how in books it seems like the only two choices are perfection or self-hatred.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “Every curve of his face was familiar, and also, I had never seen him before.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “He asked about Dad and about Gran- as if talking about something could make it better. As if wounds needed attention.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I think an inspirational quote can get you through hard times.” “Like what?” asks Gat. Mirren pauses. Then she says: “Be a little kinder than you have to.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “You would have been a light in the dark for so many people.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “People with money love Gershwin.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “I do not suffer fools.”
E. Lockhart Quote: “She had done the deed with credible efficiency. With style, even. She had committed murder with an effing kitty-cat statue in a beautiful state park over a massive and scenic ravine. There had not been a single witness. She had left no blood anywhere.”
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