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Emily Giffin Quote: “It’s a matter of curiosity – and anyone who says they are utterly indifferent to what their significant exes are doing is, in my opinion, either lying or lacking a certain amount of emotional depth. I’m not saying it’s healthy to be past-obsessed, ferreting out details of every ex. But it’s simply human nature to have an occasional, fleeting interest in someone whom you once loved.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “There simply is no way to tread these dangerous waters.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “After all, you reach the mundane, comfortable moments only when a relationship is working. When it’s not working, the passion morphs into something twisted and dark. Drama. Jealousy. A never-ending power struggle.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “Too often in our culture of BlackBerrys and cell phones, people are disengaged and disconnected and distracted from their immediate surroundings.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “But I still remained paralyzed by indecision, reluctance, and endless second-guessing...”
Emily Giffin Quote: “At some point, though, I gritted my teeth – literally – and told myself that was no way to approach life. I had to stop panicking. If I didn’t calm down and believe in myself, at least a little bit, how could anyone else?”
Emily Giffin Quote: “To be clear, I have no problem with religion or people who are religious, even those who are outspoken about their faith. What I can’t stand are the judgmental hypocrites- people who talk a big Christian game yet don’t even make a cursory attempt to follow the Golden Rule, let alone some of those pesky commandments.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “So much so that it seemed too good to be true. And so it shouldn’t have surprised me to discover that it was too good to be true.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “That nothing can be real when marred with so many lies.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “Still, I don’t like his use of the word fine. I want to be better than fine.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “Ellen laughs, as we’ve both made fun of those nauseating Facebook posts that use a religious concept to justify their thinly veiled bragging.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “It’s not about the actors, though, Peter. That’s the thing. It’s about the writing.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I exposed every part of myself to him, keeping no secrets, no defense mechanism in place.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I desperately want to feel that way again. To be in a relationship that I’m not trying to script or water down. It’s about wanting something real – even if it’s messy and complicated.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “She says that everyone creates a version of her life that she wishes were true and tries to believe.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “Look on the bright side. Be grateful for what you have. Count your blessings. Optimism is the foundation of courage.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I still find myself reaching out and knocking twice on our wooden cutting board. Because you can never be too sure when it comes to the things that matter most.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “Somewhere deep down, I know I’m in the wrong. I know I’m rationalizing my actions, and worry I might even be manufacturing problems with Andy to get this result. I also know that I’m only inviting more trouble into my life. But for now, I feel good. Really good. Better than I’ve felt in a long, long time.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I’ve often let my goals supersede the journey – and the love of what I’m doing. A constant battle to stay in control, get to the next level, ensure that my life stays perfectly, carefully scripted.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “He was a symbol of independence and possibility. The ultimate fantasy.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I once offhandedly mentioned that I wanted to pick out my own ring, something I have to look at every day, but there is something decidedly unromantic and a little bit depressing about having a symbol of love reduced to such scientific classifications – especially classifications focusing on imperfections.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “A feeling that I know so little about the world. And maybe the tiniest bit of excitement that there are real possibilities in life, too.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “It’s the feeling of belonging. Right here where I am. In this house. With my parents and Charlotte. The people who know all my stories, from the beginning. The people who know me.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “The feeling of leaving, even when you don’t want to. The feeling that sometimes things just can’t be fixed.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “That’s unfortunate,” I say, choosing my words carefully and realizing that this might be the hallmark of a genuine friendship: how freely you speak.”
Emily Giffin Quote: “I nod, thinking the whole concept of the path not taken is partly what has always troubled me.”
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