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Esther Hicks Quotes
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Esther Hicks Quote: “Most people are rowing against the current of life. Instead of turning the boat around, all they need to do is let go of the oars.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Negative emotion is your indicator of resistance, while positive emotion is your indicator of allowance. And they are on the same meter: allowance; resistance. Allowance; resistance.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Life is a series of delicious moments.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you were listening to the hypnotic voice of your Source, you’d be constantly hearing the drum beating that says, ‘You are loved, and you are worthy, and you are valued and life is supposed to be good for you. You are worthy, you are valued, you are loved and life is supposed to be good for you.’”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you’re not thinking about a negative thought, your vibration is going to raise to its natural positive place.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “The amount of time it takes you to get from where you are to where you want to be, is only the amount of time it takes you to change the vibration within you. Instant manifestation could be yours if you could instantly change the vibration.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Those moments in your life when you feel absolute exhilaration are moments of complete alignment with the Source within you.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “When you take the problems of the world on your shoulders, your body doesn’t feel good. It’s just that simple. Leave the problems of the world to the individual problem-makers of the world, and you be the joy-seeker that you are.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “It is my dominant intent to be good to me.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “A visionary thrives under all conditions.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “A belief is really only a thought that you keep thinking.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Stop telling it like it is and start telling it like you WANT it to be!”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You are in the perfect position to get there from here.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “I’m more and more in control of my own vibration.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You are the only one who creates in your experience – no one else. Everything that comes to you comes by the power of your thought.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Well Being is my birthright.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “I’m getting better at it everyday.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You can offer your vibration on purpose. That’s what visualization is. That’s what imagination is: projecting thought energy on purpose.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Relationships are forever. They are eternal. Not just permanent in this lifetime. Once you establish a relationship, it is an eternal relationship.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “We want you to stop caring about what anybody else’s response is to you. And when you get there, they’ll all really, really like you. It’s the strangest thing. When you need their approval, you never get it. And when you don’t need their approval, you’re so tuned in, everybody wants to be with you.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Let me remember I am one with God. Our shining footprints point the way to truth, for God is our Companion as we walk the world a little while.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “It is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You’re picky about the car you drive. You’re picky about what you wear. You’re picky about what you put in your mouth. We want you to be pickier about what you think.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You are not here to fix anything, because nothing is broken, but everything is continually changing and expanding. Release your struggle, and seek joy and fun, and in doing so, you will align with the fantastic expanding rhythm of this Universe.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Action that comes from the feeling of inspiration is action that will produce good results, for you are allowing the Laws of Attraction of the Universe to carry you.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you’re wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “When you expect something, it is on the way. When you believe something, it is on the way. When you fear something, it is on the way. Your attitude or mood is always pointing toward what is coming, but you are never stuck with your current point of attraction.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “There is nothing that is happening because of something you vibrated a long time ago or in a past life. It is not about what you were born into. It is only about what you are, right now, in this red hot fresh moment emitting.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “What is the definition of procrastination? It means: I can feel within my Energy sensor that this action is not in perfect alignment at this time.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Whatever belief I am practicing the Law of Attraction will validate with evidence.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “When that which I have chosen to focus upon in this moment evokes love or joy or appreciation, I am, in that moment, offering my greatest value to myself, to my current object of attention and to All-That-Is.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “We’re wanting you to come to the place where you’re beginning to offer your thought deliberately. Where you are guiding your thoughts on purpose, where you are the creator of your own experience. Because you are the manager of your own thought.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Be as happy as you want to be in a world gone mad. Be as safe as you want to be in a world that is afraid of everything. Be as healthy as you want to be in a world that is mostly sick. Don’t let the statistics that someone else created affect you.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You cannot judge the value of a life by its quantity. It is by the joy that you are feeling. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. Let yourself relax and breathe and be free and be joyous, and romp.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “There is not a need to prove anything to anyone with your words. Let that which you are – that which you are living – be your clear example to uplift others.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you examine your history, you cannot help but repeat it! Law of Attraction says it is so: ‘Whatever I am looking at, I am including in my vibration.’”
Esther Hicks Quote: “The essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You never help anyone by being a sounding board for their problems or complaints.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Make a decision and then make the decision right. Line up your Energy with it. In most cases it doesn’t really matter what you decide. Just decide. There are endless options that would serve you enormously well, and all or any one of them is better than no decision.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You are the owner of all that you perceive. But you can’t perceive apart from your vibration. Feel your way, little-by-little, into a greater sense of abundance by looking for the treasures that the Universe is offering you on a day-to-day basis.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Law of Attraction is not punishing you. Law of Attraction is supporting you with evidence of your vibrational frequency.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “Your hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination and everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you intend to be of assistance, your eye is not upon the trouble but upon the assistance, and that is quite different. When you are looking for a solution, you are feeling positive emotion, but when you are looking at a problem, you are feeling negative emotion.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “If you had one goal, and that was to feel good, you would never again need to hear another word from anyone. You would live successfully and happily and in a way of fulfilling your life’s purpose ever after.”
Esther Hicks Quote: “You are not here to prove worthiness. You are here to extend the creation, creator, creating that you are.”
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