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Francis Chan Quotes
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Francis Chan Quote: “The idea of holding back certainly didn’t come from Scripture.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I think the fear of God failing us leads us to “cover for God.” This means we ask for less, expect less, and are satisfied with less because we are afraid to ask for or expect more.”
Francis Chan Quote: “How would my life change if I actually thought of each person I came into contact with as Christ – the person driving painfully slow in front of me, the checker at the grocery store who seems more interested in chatting than ringing up my items, the member of my own family with whom I can’t seem to have a conversation and not get annoyed?”
Francis Chan Quote: “Making disciples is all about seeing people transformed by the power of God’s Word. If you want to see that happen in others, you need to be experiencing such transformation yourself.”
Francis Chan Quote: “If I have a script, I tend to stick to it even if God may be leading me elsewhere in the moment.”
Francis Chan Quote: “God is not someone who can be tacked on to our lives.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I don’t want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit. I want people to look at my life and know that I couldn’t be doing this by my own power.”
Francis Chan Quote: “God is so clear in spelling out His attributes in scripture in order that others would know what He is really like.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Someone is watching you right now as you read this. Think about that. The God who loans you life sees your every move, hears each word you speak, and knows your every thought. And this is a good thing. You are seen by God. Noticed. Known.”
Francis Chan Quote: “This is the mistake a lot of couples make. They spend a lot of time looking at themselves and each other but very little time staring at God. When this is the focus, they naturally begin to structure every aspect of their lives around the few years they have with each other on earth, rather than the millions they will spend in His presence. Or away from His presence. These people live as though they are not dying. They live as though the King is not returning.”
Francis Chan Quote: “There are times when the most loving thing we can do is teach people that joy will come only when they stop screaming for attention and save their voices for the throne.”
Francis Chan Quote: “The message of the Bible is not about God in Heaven who wants to take from you. It’s about God who wants to give to you.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I had come out of a church that was filled with petty arguments and hatred. I just wanted to meet with some friends and worship with them.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Even now, I am working to make sure that my family is set up for the future. When most people make that statement, they are talking about financial security for their last few years on earth. When I say it, I’m referring to the millions of years that come after that. People.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Christ can come back at any time so the one thing you want to have in your life is a focused prayer time.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Nothing compares to being truly, exuberantly wanted by your children.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Many pastors expect their members to sit under their teachings till they die rather than training them to leave and shepherd others. Paul was clear that church leaders are to equip the saints for work. Hugh Halter sees this as a trap we build for ourselves: “Many vocational ministers are stuck doing the work of ministry because they take a paycheck from consumer Christians who fail to see the full scope of their calling.”1.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Some of you could be worshipping God but you’re playing with a video game.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Eternal-mindedness keeps us from silly arguments. There’s no time to fight. We have better things to pursue than our interests. Too much is at stake! God created us for a purpose. We can’t afford to waste our lives. We can’t afford to waste our marriage by merely pursuing our own happiness.”
Francis Chan Quote: “The Christian life is a process of better understanding what Jesus taught, learning to apply that teaching in our everyday lives, and then teaching others – people directly around us and people on the other side of the globe – to do the same.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Lukewarm people feel secure because they attend church, made a profession of faith at age twelve, were baptized, come from a Christian family, vote Republican, or live in America. Just as the prophets in the Old Testament warned Israel that they were not safe just because they lived in the land of Israel, so we are not safe just because we wear the label ‘Christian’ or because some people persist in calling us a ‘Christian nation.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I was raised Christian after age 5, but I didn’t really understand it until high school. A friend of mine invited me to his youth group. There I heard the gospel, understood it, and accepted it.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Just because something is said with the wrong attitude doesn’t mean it’s wrong information.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Just as you did not come to Christ on your own, neither will you remain in Christ on your own.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I hope we can go beyond our current understanding of the Holy Spirit and begin to commune openly... that our experience with Him would be day by day, even moment by moment. That by keeping in step with the Spirit, we might regularly fellowship over what He’s doing rather than what He did months or years ago.”
Francis Chan Quote: “We can’t cure our narcissism by trying to ignore ourselves. The solution is to stare at God. When we actually stare at Him, everything else fades to its proper place.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I don’t want Him to return and find me sitting in a theater.”
Francis Chan Quote: “To us, many situations in Scripture involve a punishment that was too severe for the crime. But Why do we feel this way? We don’t understand what it means for something to be “sacred.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Fear has a way of channeling our thought process.”
Francis Chan Quote: “Find all of your security and worth in being a child of God, a member of Christ’s body.”
Francis Chan Quote: “If someone asked you what the greatest good on this earth is, what would you say? An epic surf session? Financial security? Health? Meaningful, trusting friendships? Intimacy with your spouse? Knowing that you belong? The greatest good on this earth is God. Period. God’s one goal for us is Himself.”
Francis Chan Quote: “I imagined God looking down on the earth and seeing people on one side of the planet gathering expectantly whenever prayer was happening. Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, people show up only for the most talented people and the “atmosphere.” It’s embarrassing.”
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