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Top 500 Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes
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Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Love, too, has to be learned.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “When one has not had a good father, one must create one.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The greatest cure for love is still that time honoured medicine – love returned.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Probability but no truth, facility but no freedom – it is owing to these two fruits that the tree of knowledge cannot be confused with the tree of life.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Pity makes suffering contagious.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I know no other way to associate with great tasks than as play: as a sign of greatness, this is an essential presupposition.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The state lies in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it says, it lies-and whatever it has, it has stolen.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “How much rationality and higher protection there is in such self-deception, and how much falseness I still require in order to allow myself again and again the luxury of my sincerity.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Generally speaking, the greater a woman’s beauty, the greater her modesty.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The Christian faith from the beginning, is sacrifice the sacrifice of all freedom, all pride, all self-confidence of spirit, it is at the same time subjection, self-derision, and self-mutilation.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “No honey is sweeter than that of knowledge.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I consist of body and soul – in the worlds of a child. And why shouldn’t we speak like children? But the enlightened, the knowledgealbe would say: I am body through and through, nothing more; and the soul is just a word for something on the body.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The beautiful exists just as little as the true. In every case it is a question of the conditions of preservation of a certain type of man: thus the herd-man will experience the value feeling of the true in different things than will the overman.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “We forget our guilt when we have confessed it to another, but the other does not usually forget it.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “You may have enemies whom you hate, but not enemies whom you despise. You must be proud of your enemy: then the success of your enemy shall be your success too.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Freedom is the will to be responsible for ourselves. It is to preserve the distance which separates us from other men. To grow more indifferent to hardship, to severity, to privation, and even to life itself.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “From the Sun I learned this: when he goes down, overrich; he pours gold into the sea out of inexhaustible riches, so that even the poorest fisherman still rows with golden oars. For this I once saw and I did not tire of my tears as I watched it.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Original minds are not distinguished by being the first to see a new thing, but instead by seeing the old, familiar thing that is over-looked as something new.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Many a peacock hides his peacock tail from all eyes – and calls it his pride.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Without cruelty there is no festival: thus the longest and most ancient part of human history teaches and in punishment there is so much that is festive!”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Love brings to light a lover’s noble and hidden qualities-his rare and exceptional traits: it is thus liable to be deceptive of his normal qualities.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The vain.- We are like shop windows in which we are continually arranging, concealing or illuminating the supposed qualities other ascribe to us – in order to deceive ourselves.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I hate you most because you attract, but are not strong enough to pull me to you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The bite of conscience, like the bite of a dog into a stone, is a stupidity.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “These small things – nutrition, place, climate, recreation, the whole casuistry of selfishness – are inconceivably more important than everything one has taken to be important so far.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Body am I entirely, and nothing else; and soul is only a word for something about the body.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousandfold right to do so: Islam at least assumes that it is dealing with men.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “If a man have a strong faith he can indulge in the luxury of skepticism.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer, than into the dreams of a lustful woman?”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Linguistic danger to spiritual freedom.- Every word is a prejudice.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “My genius is in my nostrils.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Battle not with Hello Kitty lest ye become Hello Kitty; and if you gaze into the abyss the abyss gazes into you with huge eyes and a helpless disposition.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Pity is extolled as the virtue of prostitutes.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I mistrust all systematizers and avoid them. the will to a system is a lack of integrity.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The strength required for the vision of the most powerful reality is not only compatible with the most powerful strength for action, for monstrous action, for crime – it even presupposes it.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “You lack the courage to be consumed in flames and to become ashes: so you will never become new, and never young again!”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Should not the giver be thankful that the receiver received? Is not giving a need? Is not receiving, mercy?”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “O Voltaire! O humanity! O idiocy! There is something ticklish in “the truth,” and in the SEARCH for the truth; and if man goes about it too humanely-“il ne cherche le vrai que pour faire le bien”-I wager he finds nothing!”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The definition of morality: Morality is the idiosyncrasy of decadents having the hidden desire to revenge themselves upon life – and being successful.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Does not the discipline of the scientific spirit just commence when one no longer harbours any conviction?”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The Germans are like women, you can scarcely ever fathom their depths – they haven’t any.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Someone who does not write books, who thinks a lot, and who lives in unsatisfying society will usually be a good letter- writer.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “At a certain place in Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, for example, he might feel that he is floating above the earth in a starry dome, with the dream of immortality in his heart; all the stars seem to glimmer around him, and the earth seems to sink ever deeper downwards.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “To the mediocre, mediocrity is a form of happiness.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Man, a hybrid of plant and ghost.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “Winter, a bad guest, sitteth with me at home; blue are my hands with his friendly handshaking.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “A joke is an epigram on the death of a feeling.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “The Gay Science, section 108.”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “I welcome all the signs indicating that a more manly and warlike age is commencing, which will, above all, bring heroism again into honour!”
Friedrich Nietzsche Quote: “We do not belong to those who only get their thought from books, or at the prompting of books, – it is our custom to think in the open air, walking, leaping, climbing, or dancing on lonesome mountains by preference, or close to the sea, where even the paths become thoughtful.”
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