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Fulton J. Sheen Quotes
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Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Weak men in high positions surround themselves with little men, in order that they may seem great by comparison.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Pope John Paul II, who has a mystique without a politique. He has no armies, no publicity directors, no propaganda machine and comes from the smallest state in all the world.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Skeptics always want miracles such as stepping down from the Cross, but never the greater miracle of forgiveness.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “God prefers a loving sinner to a loveless “saint.” Love can be trained; pride cannot. The man who thinks that he knows will rarely find truth; the man who knows he is a miserable, unhappy sinner, like the woman at the well, is closer to peace, joy and salvation than he knows.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Socialism increases in direct ratio and proportion with the surrender of personal responsibility to neighbor.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Very often we call something modern because we do not know what is ancient; many so-called “modern” ideas are really old errors with new labels.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “A person is merciful when he feels the sorrow and misery of another as if it were his own.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “It is possible to love more than we know. A simple person in good faith may have a greater love of God than a theologian and, as a result, a keener understanding of the ways of God with the heart than psychologists have.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “In almost nine cases out of ten, those who have once had the Faith but now reject it, or claim that it does not make sense, are driven not by reasoning but by the way they are living.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Remarriage while the true partner is living is a vain attempt to give respectability to dishonor by invoking a human law that overthrows God’s law:.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The only way to win audiences is to tell people about the life and death of Christ. Every other approach is a waste.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “In vain will the world seek for equality until it has seen all men through the eyes of faith. Faith teaches that all men, however poor, or ignorant, or crippled, however maimed, ugly, or degraded they may be, all bear within themselves the image of God, and have been bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. As this truth is forgotten, men are valued only because of what they can do, not because of what they are.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “It loves the other, not because of attractiveness, or talents, or sympathy, but because of God. To the Christian, a person is one for whom I must sacrifice myself, not one who must exist for my sake.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The science of a religious man must be scientific; the religion of a scientific man must be religious.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “When the will loves anything that is below it in dignity, it degrades itself.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “As the “no” of Eve proves that the creature was made by love and is therefore free, so thy Fiat proves that the Creature was made for love as well.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “No soul ever fell away from God without giving up prayer. Prayer is that which establishes contact with Divine Power and opens the invisible resources of heaven. However dark the way, when we pray, temptation can never master us. The first step downward in the average soul is the giving up of the practice of prayer, the breaking of the circuit with divinity, and the proclamation of one’s owns self sufficiency.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The melody of her life is played just as it was written. Mary was thought, conceived, and planned as the equal sign between ideal and history, thought and reality, hope and realization.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Love itself starts with the desire for something good.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “A man who makes himself a god must hide; otherwise his false divinity will be unmasked.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Our Lord was born not just of her flesh but also by her consent.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “She existed in the Divine Mind as an Eternal Thought before there were any mothers. She is the Mother of mothers – she is the world’s first love.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “When the record of any human life is set down, there are three pairs of eyes who see it in a different light. There is the life as I see it. as others see it, and as God sees it.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Many married women who have deliberately spurned the “hour” of childbearing are unhappy and frustrated. They never discovered the joys of marriage because they refused to surrender to the obligation of their state. In saving themselves, they lost themselves!”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “These four effects of love are: unity, mutual indwelling, ecstasy, and zeal.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Carnal love, despite its seeming intimacy, often can become an exchange of egotisms. The ego is projected onto the other person and what is loved is not the other person, but the pleasure the other person gives.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “As scientific truths put us in an intelligent relaton with the cosmos, as historic truth puts us in temporal relation with the rise and fall of civilization, so does Christ put us in intelligent relation with God the Father; for He is the only possible Word by which God can address Himself to a world of sinners.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “One can yearn for another after knowing flesh unity, but it is impossible to yearn for another after soul unity.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The mind has three operations: the formation of ideas, judgements and reasoning.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “As Augustine observed: “Late have I loved Thee, O Beauty, so ancient and so new. Late have I loved Thee.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “What is discovered may be abused, but that does not mean the discovery was evil.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Declaration of Independence: that all of our rights and liberties come to us from our Creator.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The more clearly a man understands anything, the more readily he can summarize it in a few words.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “As life goes on, they become not two compatible beings who have learned to live together through self-suppression and patience, but one new and richer being, fused in the fires of God’s love and tempered of the best of both. One by one, the veils of life’s mysteries have been lifted. The flesh, they found, was too precocious to reveal its own mystery; then came the mystery of the other’s inner life, disclosed in the raising of young minds and hearts in the ways of God;.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “In this sublime hour, therefore, He calls all His children to the pulpit of the Cross, and every word He says to them is set down for the purpose of an eternal publication and an undying consolation.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The world may disagree with the Church, but the world knows very definitely with what it is disagreeing. In the future as in the past, the Church will be intolerant about the sanctity of marriage, for what God has joined together no man shall put asunder; she will be intolerant about her creed, and be ready to die for it, for she fears not those who kill the body, but rather those who have the power to cast body and soul into hell.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The loves of all hearts are so many mirrors revealing their characters.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Another evidence of this same disrespect for rational foundations is the general readiness of the modern mind to accept a statement because of the literary way in which it is couched, or because of the popularity of the one who says it, rather than for the reasons behind the statement.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Those who do not yet love one another deeply have need of words; those who deeply love thrive on silences.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “What some people love is not a person but the experience of being in love. The first is irreplaceable; the second is not.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The physicist takes water, abstracts its quantitatively measurable aspects, reaches results about these aspects, and ignores the rest.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Celibacy is like poetry keeping the idea ever in mind like a dream; but marriage uses chisel and brush, concentrating more on marble and canvas. Celibacy jumps to a conclusion like an intuition; marriage, like reason, labors through ebb and flow, step by step.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “The pure in heart shall see God, because they always do His will. Purity does not begin in the body but in the will. From there it flows outward, cleansing thought, imagination, and, finally, the body. Bodily purity is a repercussion or echo of the will. Life is impure only when the will is impure.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it. It does penance for the sins of others, but it is not broadminded about sin. Real love involves real hatred: whoever has lost the power of moral indignation and the urge to drive the sellers from the temples has also lost a living, fervent love of Truth.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “One would not generally put garbage into the stomach, but too often one will put garbage into the mind.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “Most sound minds resent flattery, because they see the egotism behind the screen of altruism.”
Fulton J. Sheen Quote: “We live in days of assassins’ – where evil is sought in lives more than good to justify a world with a bad conscience.”
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