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Gary Zukav Quote: “Reverence is an attitude of honoring Life. You do not have to be authentically powered to be gentle with Life or to love Life.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Religions cannot change you. If you are angry, you will become an angry Muslim or Hindu. If you are righteous, you will become a righteous Christian or Jew.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Trust allows you to follow your feelings through your defenses to their sources, and to bring to the light of consciousness those aspects of yourself that resist wholeness, that live in fear.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Love is not emotion, it’s a way of being.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “I cannot create authentic power in you. I can only create authentic power in myself. But, I cannot create it in myself without you.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You cannot act in love and act in fear at the same time. You must choose between them.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “A power struggle collapses when you withdraw your energy from it. Power struggles become uninteresting to you when you change your intention from winning to learning about yourself.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “There is no difference between acute schizophrenia and a world at war.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The spring wakes us, nurtures us and revitalizes us. How often does your spring come? If you are a prisoner of the calendar, it comes once a year. If you are creating authentic power, it comes frequently, or very frequently.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Changing the world begins with the very personal process of changing yourself, the only place you can begin is where you are, and the only time you can begin is always now.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The first step toward spiritual growth is to become aware of your emotions.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The circumstances of your life are neither good nor bad. They are appropriate to the needs of your soul. They may or may not be what your personality desires.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Be aware of emotional toxins as well as physical toxins. Be aware of what you are thinking. Clear yourself at the end of every day. Try not to go to bed angry or distressed or anxious or jealous or envious.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The only way to become authentically powerful is to create authentic power. You cannot wish, want, or command authentic power into your life, although you can try.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You are a dynamic being of Light that at each moment informs the energy that flows through you. You do this with each thought, with each intention.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “We have always been involved in spiritual evolution. We are spiritual beings, we have always been spiritual beings and we will always be spiritual beings.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “If you are not conscious of all of the different parts of yourself, the part of yourself that is the strongest will win out over the other parts. Its intention will be the one that the personality uses to create its reality.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The intellect is no longer the chairman of the board – it is an employee. It becomes a tool in the service of the heart.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Intimacy is trusting that the Universe will provide what you need, when you need it, and in the manner most appropriate for you.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The first man to see an illusion by which men have flourished for centuries surely stands in a lonely place.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The body is the instrument of the soul.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Your personality is a tool of your soul.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You must experience everything that you are feeling. This is what will lead you to the splintered parts of your personality.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The amount of stress in your life is determined by how much energy you expend resisting your life.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “If you wish the world to become loving and compassionate, become loving and compassionate yourself.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Acceptance without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western religion, rejection without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western science.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Commitment and creativity cannot be captured and handcuffed. Inspiration cannot be jailed. The heart cannot be contained.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Every experience that you have and will have upon the Earth encourages the alignment of your personality with your soul. Every circumstance and situation gives you the opportunity to choose this path, to allow your soul to shine through you, to bring into the physical world through you its unending and unfathomable reverence for and love of Life.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “What we call evil is the absence of Light, of love, in all cases.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “What we think of as physical reality is an intermingling of appropriate realities, a fluid massive consciousness in which each of us exists independently of each other and yet coexists interdependently with each other.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “When you seek to dominate another you dominate no one but disempower yourself.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Clarity is the ability to see the soul in action in the physical world.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “With each of the choices that we make, we create consequences and we ourselves experience those consequences. If you harm another soul. If you cause pain or trauma in another soul, you yourself will experience that trauma.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Your life is an opportunity to give the gifts that your soul wants to give.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Everyone wants to learn the same thing from painful situations: how to avoid repeating them.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Becoming integrated and whole is the spiritual path. The body is your vehicle. Your job is to learn about yourself from your experiences and change yourself. This is spiritual growth.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The purpose of this life and all its experiences is not to make ourselves what we think we should be. It is to unfold who we already are.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Forgiveness means that you do not carry the baggage of an experience.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “The only things standing between you and the compassionate, wise, and creative person you want to be are matters of choice. Your choice. No one can occupy your generosity except you.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart. You must know what you are feeling. If you don’t know what you are feeling, you will create unconsciously.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You gain or lose power according to the choices that you make.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Until you can say what is most difficult for you to say, you cannot speak from your heart, live unafraid, create health, or receive support from others.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “When you die, you don’t go to sleep. You go home to nonphysical reality, and you are very much awake.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “You are only as powerful as that which you stand.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Temptation is a dress rehearsal for a karmic experience of negativity.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Every action, thought, and feeling is motivated by an intention, and that intention is a cause that exists as one with an effect.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “It is emotionally, spiritually impossible to have a sexual connection with a human being and not ignite certain emotional patterns, but they are a continual dead-end street when there is no relationship or true emotional feelings to go with the act. Therefore, there is a level of brutality, frustration, and eventually emotional disease which results in physical illness and breakdown because a significant pattern is being tremendously abused. Remember, you do get what you ask for.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “Spiritual growth-looking inward-is replacing the pursuit of external power-reaching outward to manipulate and control-as the cure for the insecurity at the core of human experience.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “If you want to have the kind of relationship that your heart yearns for, you have to create it. You can’t depend on somebody else creating it for you.”
Gary Zukav Quote: “If you decide that you cannot beat a temptation, what you are really doing is giving yourself permission to be irresponsible.”
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