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George F. Will Quotes
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George F. Will Quote: “I think if you’d had television cameras at Gettysburg, this would be two nations today. People would not have put up with that carnage if they saw it up close. We’d have elected McClellan in 1864.”
George F. Will Quote: “Democrats believe, plausibly, that middle-class entitlements are instantly addictive and, because there is no known detoxification, that class, when facing future choices between trimming entitlements or increasing taxes, will choose the latter.”
George F. Will Quote: “The people who flood our living-rooms with a smorgasbord of commercial messages about fetid breath, moist underarms and troubled intestines know this: an appropriate time, place and manner to sell a product is any that sells the product.”
George F. Will Quote: “In the annals of American blunders, the Bay of Pigs may have been even more feckless, and the invasion of Iraq more costly, but we cannot yet calculate the cost of teaching Iran and others, by our role in the casual overthrow of Moammar Gaddafi, the peril of not having nuclear weapons.”
George F. Will Quote: “Constitutional arguments that seem as dry as dust can have momentous consequences.”
George F. Will Quote: “The sequester has forced liberals to clarify their conviction that whatever the government’s size is at any moment, is the bare minimum neccessary to forestall intolerable suffering.”
George F. Will Quote: “Like a snail crossing a sidewalk, the Clinton Administration leaves a lengthening trail of slime, this time on America’s national honor.”
George F. Will Quote: “The realistic way to reduce the amount of money in politics is to reduce the amount of politics in money – the importance of government in allocating wealth and opportunity.”
George F. Will Quote: “Commercial society regards people as bundles of appetites, a conception that turns human beings inside out, leaving nothing to be regarded as inherently private.”
George F. Will Quote: “We have far more to fear from swift than from torpid government.”
George F. Will Quote: “The more one works, the better one works and the more one wants to work.”
George F. Will Quote: “Politicians fascinate because they constitute such a paradox; they are an elite that accomplishes mediocrity for the public good.”
George F. Will Quote: “There is an aura of changelessness to sport. There is the flux of competition, but it occurs within the ordering confinement of clear rules.”
George F. Will Quote: “Americans are overreaching; overreaching is the most admirable and most American of the many American excesses.”
George F. Will Quote: “In Gladstone’s mature years he lost faith not in God but in the ability of any government or state to act as the agent of God.”
George F. Will Quote: “That is the crux of modern conservatism – government taking strong measures to foster the attitudes and aptitudes necessary for increased individual independence.”
George F. Will Quote: “When a politician says, concerning an issue involving science, that the debate is over, you may be sure the debate is rolling on and not going swimmingly for his side.”
George F. Will Quote: “What the federal government does basically is borrow money from people and mail it to people.”
George F. Will Quote: “Diplomacy without armaments is like music without instruments. – Frederick the Great.”
George F. Will Quote: “Sport, they said, is morally serious because mankind’s noblest aim is the loving contemplation of worthy things, such as beauty and courage. By witnessing physical grace, the soul comes to understand and love beauty. Seeing people compete courageously and fairly helps emancipate the individual by educating his passions.”
George F. Will Quote: “Politics is always driven by competing worries.”
George F. Will Quote: “When a workman is unceasingly and exclusively engaged in the fabrication of one thing, he ultimately does his work with singular dexterity; but, at the same time, he loses the general faculty of applying his mind to the direction of the work. His every day becomes more of adroit and less industrious; so that it may be said of him, that, in proportion as the workman improves, the man is degraded. Alexis de Tocqueville.”
George F. Will Quote: “There is no hatred as corrupting as intellectual hatred.”
George F. Will Quote: “Liberalism is not fond of fun, or at least of many forms of fun that many people like.”
George F. Will Quote: “The argument that a particular project will be “self-financing” is usually the first refuge of politicians defending the indefensible.”
George F. Will Quote: “Americans would prefer that immigrants do their jobs and then disappear at the end of the day.”
George F. Will Quote: “The utter absence of proof for a proposition is proof of a successful conspiracy to destroy all proof.”
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