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Top 60 Georges Braque Quotes (2023 Update)
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Georges Braque Quote: “When one reaches this state of harmony between things and one’s self, one reaches a state of perfect freedom and peace-which makes everything possible and right. Life becomes perpetual revelation.”
Georges Braque Quote: “Work to perfect the mind. There is no certitude but in what the mind conceives.”
Georges Braque Quote: “Limited means often constitute the charm and force of primitive painting. Extension, on the contrary, leads the arts to decadence.”
Georges Braque Quote: “I do not think my painting has ever been revolutionary. It was not directed against any kind of painting. I have never wanted to prove that I was right and someone else wrong...”
Georges Braque Quote: “Whatever is valuable in painting is precisely what one is incapable of talking about.”
Georges Braque Quote: “It is not sufficient that what one paints should be made visible. It must be made tangible.”
Georges Braque Quote: “There are certain mysteries, certain secrets in my own work which even I don’t understand, nor do I try to do so.”
Georges Braque Quote: “Progress in art does not consist in reducing limitations, but in knowing them better.”
Georges Braque Quote: “You may give all the explanations you like, but your painting makes me feel as if you were trying to make us eat cotton waste and wash it down with kerosene.”
Georges Braque Quote: “Reality can only be illuminated by a ray of poetry. Everything is sleep around us.”
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