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Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes
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Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Let your first interest be in your home. The baby you hold in your arms will grow quickly as the sunrise and the sunset of the rushing days.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “If you are too busy in your church activities to take care of your family, then perhaps we had better find something else for you to do.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “May heaven’s richest blessings rest upon you, my beloved associates. May faith grow in your hearts. May there be love and peace in your homes. May there be food upon your tables and clothing on your backs. May the smiles of heaven warm your hearts and bring comfort in times of trial.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There are some men who, in a spirit of arrogance, think they are superior to women. They do not seem to realize that they would not exist but for the mother who gave them birth. When they assert their superiority they demean her.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Anger is the mother of a whole brood of evil actions. Divorce too often is the bitter fruit of anger.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “If every man would make his prime concern the comfort and well-being of his wife and every wife make her chief concern the comfort and well-being of her husband, we would have very little divorce in the land.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Spare yourselves from the indulgence of self-pity. It is always self-defeating. Subdue the negative and emphasize the positive.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Let us stand a little taller, if you don’t, you will never strengthen yourself.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “If we will concentrate on the best, that element will grow until it sparkles.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “The religion of which you are a part is 7 days a week. It isn’t just Sunday, it isn’t the block plan, it isn’t just 3 hours in church, it isn’t just the time you spend in Seminary – it’s all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Just as our Redeemer gave His life as a vicarious sacrifice for all men, and in so doing became our Savior, even so we, in a small measure, when we engage in proxy work in the temple, become as saviors to those on the other side.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “God will bless us if we walk in humility.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “All writers should be put in a box and thrown in the sea.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “While you should be friendly with all people, select with great care those whom you wish to have close to you. They will be your safeguards in situations where you may vacillate between choices, and you in turn may save them.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I hope that each one of us will be a better husband or wife, kinder to one another, more thoughtful, more restrained in criticism, and more generous with compliments.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “It is selfishness which is the cause of most of our misery.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Beer and other forms of alcohol will do you no good. Their use will be expensive, will dull your conscience, and could lead to the disease called alcoholism, which is humiliating, dangerous, and even deadly...”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “When an individual is motivated by great and powerful convictions of truth, then he disciplines himself, not because of the demands of the church, but because of the knowledge within his heart.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Every righteous man or woman is entitled to revelation concerning his own affairs.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Stay out of the gutter in your conversation. Foul talk defiles the man who speaks it.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “We live in a world where knowledge is developing at an ever-accelerating rate. Drink deeply from this ever-springing well of wisdom and human experience.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “It is so tremendously important that the women of the Church stand strong and immovable for that which is correct and proper under the plan of the Lord. They must begin in their own homes. They can teach it in their classes. They can voice it in their communities. They must be the teachers and the guardians of their daughters. When you save a girl, you save generations. I see this as one bright shining hope in a world that is marching toward moral self-destruction.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I wish for each of you a time, perhaps only an hour, spent in silent meditation and quiet reflection on the wonder and the majesty of this, the Son of God. Our joy at this season is because He came into the world.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I wish to be up and doing. I wish to face each day with resolution and purpose. I wish to use every waking hour to give encouragement, to bless those whose burdens are heavy, to build faith and strength of testimony.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I condemn polygamy, yes, as a practice, because I think it is not doctrinal. It is not legal. And this church takes the position that we will abide by the law.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “God is only God when he is acting as such.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I am satisfied that every man or woman who goes to the temple in a spirit of sincerity and faith leaves the house of the Lord a better man or woman.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Avoid alcohol as you would a loathsome disease. Beer will do to you what hard liquor will do. Each contains alcohol in varying amounts.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There is rampant among us a spirit of criticism. Men and women who carry heavy responsibility do not need criticism, they need encouragement.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I challenge every one of you who can hear me to rise to the divinity within you. Do we really realize what it means to be a child of God, to have within us something of the divine nature?”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “You can determine the kind of life you will have in your 30s and 40s by what you do in your teens.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I am suggesting that we spend a little less time in idleness, in the fruitless pursuit of watching inane and empty television programs. Time so utilized can be put to better advantage, and the consequences will be wonderful.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Good books are as friends, willing to give to us if we are willing to make a little effort.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “To our brothers and sisters in harm’s way, we say that we pray for you. We pray that the Lord will watch over you and preserve you from injury and that you may return home and pick up your lives again. We know that you are not in that land of blowing sand and brutal heat because you enjoy the games of war. The strength of your commitment is measured by your willingness to give your very lives for that in which you believe.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “The Lord would want you to be successful. He would. You are His sons and His daughters. He has the same kind of love and ambition for you that your earthly parents have. They want you to do well and you can do it.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Well, we have nothing to hide. Our history is an open book. They may find what they are looking for, but the fact is the history of the church is clear and open and leads to faith and strength and virtues.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “The family is a creation of God. The way to strengthen the nation is to strengthen the homes of the people.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There must be labor, incessant and constant, if there is to be a harvest.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “One has neither independence nor freedom from bondage when he is obligated to others.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “A marvelous thing it would be to stand with confidence, unafraid, unashamed, and unembarrassed in the presence of God.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “We cannot expect to lift others unless we stand on higher ground ourselves.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “The Constitution under which we live and which has not only blessed us but has become a model for other constitutions, is our God-inspired national safeguard ensuring freedom and liberty, justice and equality before the law.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I have yet to find a faithful tithe payer who cannot testify that in a very literal and wonderful way the windows of Heaven have been opened and blessings have been poured out upon him or her.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I know of no better answer to the foul practices that confront our young people than the teachings of a mother, given in love with an unmistakable warning.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There is no association richer than the companionship of husband and wife.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “Let there be cultivated an awareness in every member’s heart of his own potential for bringing others to a knowledge of the truth. Let him work at it. Let him pray with great earnestness about it.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “There is something wonderful about a book. We can pick it up. We can heft it. We can read it. We can set it down. We can think of what we have read. It does something for us. We can share great minds, great actions, and great undertakings in the pages of a book.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “I am an optimist! What a wonderful time it is to be alive, here at the turn of a milestone century! With that frame of reference, my plea is that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life, we “accentuate the positive.” I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort.”
Gordon B. Hinckley Quote: “He who is our Eternal Father has blessed you with miraculous powers of mind and body. He never intended that you should be less than the crowning glory of His creations.”
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