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Graham Greene Quote: “If ash-trays could speak, sir.′ ‘Indeed, yes.”
Graham Greene Quote: “An autobiography is only ‘a sort of life’ – it may contain less errors of fact than a biography, but it is of necessity even more selective: it begins later and it ends prematurely.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm.”
Graham Greene Quote: “I couldn’t have thought of her more. Even vacancy was crowded with her.”
Graham Greene Quote: “When I replied that I loved her too in that way, I was the liar, not she, for I never lose the consciousness of time: to me the present is never here: it is always last year or next week.”
Graham Greene Quote: “They killed him because he was too innocent to live.”
Graham Greene Quote: “What happens if you drop all the things that make you I?”
Graham Greene Quote: “We are all of us resigned to death: it’s life we aren’t resigned to.”
Graham Greene Quote: “I’m not involved, not involved,” I repeated. It has been an article of my creed. The human condition being what it was, let them fight, let them love, let them murder, I would not be involved. My fellow journalists called themselves correspondents; I preferred the title of reporter. I wrote what I saw. I took no action – even an opinion is a kind of action.”
Graham Greene Quote: “There was always another side to a joke, the side of the victim.”
Graham Greene Quote: “This was hell then; it wasn’t anything to worry about: it was just his own familiar room.”
Graham Greene Quote: “It was as though our love were a small creature caught in a trap and bleeding to death: I had to shut my eyes and wring its neck.”
Graham Greene Quote: “In the taxi I let my hand lie on her leg like a promise, but I had no intention of keeping my promise.”
Graham Greene Quote: “You cannot love without intuition.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Would the world be in the mess it is if we were loyal to love and not to countries?”
Graham Greene Quote: “I’m just a bad writer who drinks too much and falls in love with girls.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Death was the only absolute value in my world. Lose life and one would lose nothing again for ever. I envied those who could believe in a God and I distrusted them. I felt they were keeping their courage up with a fable of the changeless and the permanent. Death was far more certain than God, and with death there would be no longer the daily possibility of love dying.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Against the beautiful and the clever and the successful, one can wage a pitiless war, but not against the unattractive: then the millstone weighs on the breast.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Politics, war, marriage, crime, adultery. Everything that exists in the world has something to do with money.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Ordinary life goes on – that has saved many a man’s reason.”
Graham Greene Quote: “That was what happened to a man in the end: the stuffy room, the wakeful children, the Saturday night movements from the other bed. Was there no escape – anywhere – for anyone? It was worth murdering a world.”
Graham Greene Quote: “We forget very easily what gives us pain.”
Graham Greene Quote: “They are always saying God loves us. If thats love Id rather have a bit of kindness.”
Graham Greene Quote: “At one with the One, it didn’t mean a thing besides a glass of Guinness on a sunny day.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Indifference and pride look very much alike, and he probably thought I was proud.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Pity is cruel. Pity destroys.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Nobody thinks in terms of human beings. Governments don’t, why should we? They talk about people and the proletariat; I talk about the suckers and the mugs. It’s the same thing.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Insecurity is the worst sense that lovers feel; sometimes the most humdrum desireless marriage seems better. Insecurity twists meanings and poisons trust.”
Graham Greene Quote: “The problem of pretending to be alive.”
Graham Greene Quote: “It is the storytellers task to elicit sympathy and a measure of understanding for those who lie outside the boundaries of State approval.”
Graham Greene Quote: “I wish sometimes you had a few bad motives, you might understand a little more about human beings.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Sometimes I see myself reflected too closely in other men for comfort, and then I have an enormous wish to believe in the saints, in heroic virtue.”
Graham Greene Quote: “He entered the territory of lies without a passport for return.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Her face looked ugly in the attempt to avoid tears; it was an ugliness which bound him to her more than any beauty could have done. It isn’t being happy together, he thought as though it were a fresh discovery, that makes one love – it’s being unhappy together.”
Graham Greene Quote: “It is one of the strange discoveries a man can make that life, however you lead it, contains moments of exhilaration; there are always comparisons which can be made with worse times: even in danger and misery the pendulum swings.”
Graham Greene Quote: “As long as one suffers one lives.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Christmas it seems to me is a necessary festival; we require a season when we can regret all the flaws in our human relationships: it is the feast of failure, sad but consoling.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Fame is a powerful aphrodisiac.”
Graham Greene Quote: “She had lost all our memories for ever, and it was as though by dying she had robbed me of part of myself. I was losing my individuality. It was the first stage of my own death, the memories dropping off like gangrened limbs.”
Graham Greene Quote: “How often the priest had heard the same confession – Man was so limited: he hadn’t even the ingenuity to invent a new vice: the animals knew as much. It was for this world that Christ had died: the more evil you saw and heard about you, the greater the glory lay around the death; it was too easy to die for what was good or beautiful, for home or children or civilization – it needed a God to die for the half-hearted and the corrupt.”
Graham Greene Quote: “To comfort me is like the wrong memory at the wrong place or time: if one is lonely one prefers discomfort.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Childhood was the germ of all mistrust. You were cruelly joked upon and then you cruelly joked. You lost the remembrance of pain through inflicting it.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Eternity is said not to be an extension of time but an absence of time, and sometimes it seemed to me that her abandonment touched that strange mathematical point of endlessness, a point with no width, occupying no space.”
Graham Greene Quote: “Death will come in any case, and there is a long afterwards if the priests are right and nothing to fear if they are wrong.”
Graham Greene Quote: “If I had to choose between life in the Soviet Union and life in the U. S. A., I would certainly choose the Soviet Union.”
Graham Greene Quote: “What will we care for the why and the wherefore?”
Graham Greene Quote: “We remember the details of our story, we do not invent them.”
Graham Greene Quote: “What makes a man, without hope, cling to a few more minutes of existence?”
Graham Greene Quote: “The trouble is I don’t believe my unbelief.”
Graham Greene Quote: “I refused to believe that love could take any other form than mine: I measured love by the extent of my jealousy, and by that standard of course she could not love me at all.”
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