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Henry Kissinger Quotes
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Henry Kissinger Quote: “Realism in foreign policy means careful consideration of all aspects pertinent to the issue, before taking a decision. This is the only way you can move from where you are to someplace else.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Withdrawal of US troops will become like salted peanuts to the American public: The more US troops come home, the more will be demanded.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Taiwan will probably not declare independence. The question isn’t independence. The issue is whether Taiwan will declare itself as a sovereign separate state. That will start a huge crisis if that happens.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “If peace is equated simply with the absence of war, it can become abject pacifism that turns the world over to the most ruthless.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Leaders are responsible not for running public opinion polls but for the consequences of their actions.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Baseball is the most intellectual game because most of the action goes on in your head.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Intelligence is not all that important in the exercise of power, and is often, in point of fact, useless.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The Vietnam War required us to emphasize the national interest rather than abstract principles. What President Nixon and I tried to do was unnatural. And that is why we didn’t make it.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Competing pressures tempt one to believe that an issue deferred is a problem avoided; more often it is a crisis invited.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Moderation is a virtue only in those who are thought to have an alternative.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Because information is so accessible and communication instantaneous, there is a diminution of focus on its significance, or even on the definition of what is significant. This dynamic may encourage policymakers to wait for an issue to arise rather than anticipate it, and to regard moments of decision as a series of isolated events rather than part of a historical continuum. When this happens, manipulation of information replaces reflection as the principal policy tool.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Rarely has a diplomatic document so missed its objective as the Treaty of Versailles. Too punitive for conciliation, too lenient to keep Germany from recovering, the Treaty of Versailles condemned the exhausted democracies to constant vigilance against an irreconcilable and revanchist Germany as well as a revolutionary Soviet Union.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Chess teaches the Clausewitzian concepts of “center of gravity” and the “decisive point” – the game usually beginning as a struggle for the center of the board. Wei qi teaches the art of strategic encirclement.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The history of things that didn’t happen has never been written.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “We believe that peace is at hand.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Woe to the statesman whose arguments for entering a war are not as convincing at its end as they were at the beginning,” Bismarck had cautioned.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Intellectuals are cynical and cynics have never built a cathedral.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “A country that demands moral perfection in its foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “No country can act wisely simultaneously in every part of the globe at every moment of time.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The American temptation is to believe that foreign policy is a subdivision of psychiatry.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I don’t consider China a communist state, no. I know that sounds paradoxical, but it’s my view.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The convictions that leaders have formed before reaching high office are the intellectual capital they will consume as long as they continue in office.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I do not criticize people who take a public stand on human rights issues. I express my respect for them. But some people are more influential without a public confrontation.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The nuclear weapons were not useful for the achievement of political objectives.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “In a nuclear war, even if one side were to come out ahead by systems analytical standards, both sides would be so weakened, that it would – they would be in the position of Europe after the two World Wars.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “History knows no resting places and no plateaus.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I have always expressed respect for those people who make public declarations.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “We cannot always assure the future of our friends; we have a better chance of assuring our future if we remember who our friends are.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The essence of Richard Nixon is loneliness.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “We are all the President’s men.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “It is steady, reliable, tough. It never yields to panic. It is never defeated one-sidedly. It achieves everything attainable by character and tenacity.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The capacity to admire others is not my most fully developed trait.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Because complexity inhibits flexibility, early choices are especially crucial.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “A return to the 1967 lines and the abandonment of the settlements near Jerusalem would be such a psychological trauma for Israel as to endanger its survival.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “To have the United States suddenly come up with a peace proposal after a whole series of terrorist attacks is going to show to the world that this sort of method is something that western societies can’t stand.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “We are doomed to coexist.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Power is the great aphrodisiac.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “With proper tactics, nuclear war need not be as destructive as it appears.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “It is barely conceivable that there are people who like war.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The art of crisis management is to raise the stakes to where the adversary will not follow, but in a manner that avoids a tit for tat.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Most foreign policies that history has marked highly, in whatever country, have been originated by leaders who were opposed by experts.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The American foreign policy trauma of the sixties and seventies was caused by applying valid principles to unsuitable conditions.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “Statesman create; ordinary leaders consume. The ordinary leader is satisfied with ameliorating the environment, not transforming it; a statesman must be a visionary and an educator.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The state is a fragile organization, and the statesman does not have the moral right to risk its survival on ethical restraint.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “If I should ever be captured, I want no negotiation – and if I should request a negotiation from captivity they should consider that a sign of duress.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “President Nixon in his inaugural address indicated that he wanted an era of negotiation. Our reasoning was that whatever our ideological differences, whatever our geopolitical differences, we were condemned to coexistence by nuclear weapons.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I believe in freedom of expression, and I believe that societies thrive when they permit freedom of expression.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I have great respect for the Taiwanese. They have done an extraordinary job. But it was not a sustainable position to say that the legitimate government of China resides in Taiwan, which at that time didn’t have much contact with the mainland.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “The security of Israel is a moral imperative for all free peoples.”
Henry Kissinger Quote: “I see the future of China as growth. I think that historically China has often gone through periods of consolidation, and then periods of sort of weakening central authority. They undoubtedly face tremendous challenges.”
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