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Henry Miller Quotes
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Henry Miller Quote: “From the time you wake up until the moment you go to bed it’s all a lie, all a sham and a swindle. Everybody knows it, and everybody collaborates in the perpetuation of the hoax. That’s why we look so goddamned disgusting to one another.”
Henry Miller Quote: “What does it matter how one comes by the truth so long as one pounces upon it and lives by it?”
Henry Miller Quote: “A great work of art, if it accomplishes anything, serves to remind us, or let us say to set us dreaming, of all that is fluid and intangible.”
Henry Miller Quote: “There are evidences of a very great art in Europe as long as twenty-five thousand years ago, and in Egypt as far back as sixty thousand years. Money had nothing to to do with the production of these treasures. Money will have nothing to do with the art of the future.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I want to flee toward a perpetual dawn with a swiftness and relentlessness that leaves no room for remorse, regret, or repentance. I want to outstrip the inventive man who is a curse to the earth in order to stand once again before an impassable deep which not even the strongest wings will enable me to traverse.”
Henry Miller Quote: “One is ejected into the world like a dirty little mummy; the roads are slippery with blood and no one knows why it should be so. Each one is traveling his own way and, though the earth be rotting with good things, there is no time to pluck the fruits; the procession scrambles toward the exit sign, and such a panic is there, such a sweat to escape, that the weak and the helpless are trampled into the mud and their cries are unheard.”
Henry Miller Quote: “My one thought is to get out of New York, to experience something genuinely American.”
Henry Miller Quote: “They never opened the door which leads to the soul.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I demanded a realm in which I should be both master and slave at the same time: The world of art is the only such realm.”
Henry Miller Quote: “My world of human beings had perished. I was utterly alone in the world and for friends I had the streets, and the streets spoke to me in that sad, bitter language compounded of human misery, yearning, regret, failure, wasted effort.”
Henry Miller Quote: “There were lots of words which had fallen out of my vocabulary, living abroad so long.”
Henry Miller Quote: “When you visit your analyst does he ask you what you read when using the stool? He should, you know. To an analyst it should make a great difference whether you read one kind of literature in the toilet and another elsewhere. It should even make a difference to him whether you read or do not read – in the toilet. Such matters are unfortunately not widely enough discussed. It is assumed that what one does in the toilet is one’s own private affair. It is not. The whole universe is concerned.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Before I shall have become a man again I shall probably exist as a park, a sort of natural park in which people come to rest, to while away the time. What they say or do will be of little matter, for they will bring only their fatigue, their boredom, their hopelessness.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I had just made the realization that life is indestructible and that there is no such thing as time, only the present.”
Henry Miller Quote: “On one side of the ledger are the books man has written, containing sucha a hodgepodge of wisdom and nonsense, truth and falsehood, that if one lived to be as old as Methuselah one couldn’t disentangle the mess; on the other side of the ledger things like toenails, hair, teeth, blood, ovaries, if you will, all incalculable and all written in another kind of ink, in another script, an incomprehensible, undecipherable script.”
Henry Miller Quote: “When you know what men are capable of you marvel neither at their sublimity nor their baseness. There are no limits in either direction apparently.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Perhaps it was the fact of having no father that pushed him along the road toward the discovery of the self, which is the final process of identification with the world and the realization consequently of the uselessness of ties.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Do not be duped by little duties. Do not be a chore man all your days.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I am positively against all this crap which is carried on first in the name of this thing, then in the name of that. I believe only in what is active, immediate, and personal.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Great God! What have I turned into? What right have you people to clutter up my life, steal my time, probe my soul, suckle my thoughts, have me for your companion, confidant, and information bureau? What do you take me for? Am I an entertainer on salary, required every evening to play an intellectual farce under your stupid noses? Am I a slave, bought and paid for, to crawl on my belly in front of you idlers and lay at your feet all that I do and all that I know?”
Henry Miller Quote: “What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their ability to act according to their beliefs.”
Henry Miller Quote: “That we cannot rise equal to situations when we are in them – that is the tragedy of life.”
Henry Miller Quote: “There is something else to be said about this immediate, spontaneous way of working, and that is this: in such moments, one is playing at the game of creation.”
Henry Miller Quote: “No, we are never alone. But one has to live apart to know it for the truth.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Art consists in going the full length. If you start with the drums you have to end with dynamite, or TNT.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I might say, in passing, that my life seems to have been one long search for the Mara who would devour all the others and give them significant reality.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I would like to suffocate with grief but instead I give birth to a rock.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Analysis brings no curative powers in its train; it merely makes us conscious of the existence of an evil, which, oddly enough, is consciousness.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Some of the things you say are sublime and monstrous at once.”
Henry Miller Quote: “He wakes up cursing himself, or cursing the job, or cursing life.”
Henry Miller Quote: “The Englishman, be it noted, seldom resorts to violence; when he is sufficiently goaded he simply opens up, like the oyster, and devours his adversary.”
Henry Miller Quote: “It’s terrible to be civilized, because when you come to the end of the world you have nothing to support the terror of loneliness.”
Henry Miller Quote: “If you elect to join the herd you are immune. To be accepted and appreciated you must nullify yourself, make yourself indistinguishable from the herd. You may dream, if you dream alike.”
Henry Miller Quote: “And there is a time, glorious too in its own way, when one scarcely exists, when one is a complete void. I mean, when boredom seems the very stuff of life.”
Henry Miller Quote: “To the man whose senses are alive and alert there is not even the need to stir from one’s threshold.”
Henry Miller Quote: “No man would set a word down on paper if he had the courage to live out what he believed in.”
Henry Miller Quote: “The ten-o’ clock breakfasters began to appear: nervous, little men, morose, preoccupied, who wiped their plates with crusts of bread; rude, massive women who, like primitive idols dug out of the soil, had grown rotten in the years; flowery dandies with repulsive faces, reminding him uncomfortably of illustrations in medical tracts.”
Henry Miller Quote: “One of the reasons why so few of us ever act, instead of react, is because we are continually stifling our deepest impulses.”
Henry Miller Quote: “We defend with our lives the petty principles which divide us. The common principle, which is the establishment of the empire of man on earth, we never lift a finger to defend. We are frightened of any urge which would lift us out of the muck. We fight only for the status quo, our particular status quo. We battle with heads down and eyes closed.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Why do lovely faces haunt us so? Do extraordinary flowers have evil roots?”
Henry Miller Quote: “Even if one’s whole life were a mistake, there is always time to change.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Music is still the antidote for the nameless... Music is planetary fire, an irreducible which is all sufficient; it is the slate-writing of the gods...”
Henry Miller Quote: “I will sing while you croak.”
Henry Miller Quote: “We ought to remind ourselves daily, repeat it like a litany, that in our being lies concealed the whole gamut of existence... Above all, we should cease postponing the act of becoming what in fact and essence we are.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Perhaps I have not lined his portrait too clearly. But if he exists, if only for the reason that I have imagined him to be. He came from the blue and returns to the blue. He has not perished, he is not lost. Neither will he be forgotten.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Life moves on, whether we act as cowards or heroes. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us in the end. What seems nasty, painful, evil, can become a source of beauty, joy, and strength, if faced with an open mind. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.”
Henry Miller Quote: “Begin this moment, wherever you find yourself, and take no thought of the morrow. Look not to Russia, China, India, not to Washington, not to the adjoining county, city or state, but to your immediate surroundings. Forget Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and all the others. Do your part to the best of your ability, regardless of the consequences. Above all, do not wait for the next man to follow suit.”
Henry Miller Quote: “I would say that the “masterpiece” was the creative act itself and not a particular work which happened to please a large audience and be accepted as the very body of Christ.”
Henry Miller Quote: “To think that he can lie beside that furnace I stoked for him and do nothing but make water!”
Henry Miller Quote: “And inevitably there always crept into our discussions the figure of Whitman, that one lone figure which America has produced in the course of her brief life. In Whitman the whole American scene comes to life, her past and her future, her birth and her death. Whatever there is of value in America Whitman has expressed, and there is nothing more to be said.”
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