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Herbert Hoover Quotes
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Herbert Hoover Quote: “It is just as important that business keep out of government as that government keep out of business.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The only problem with capitalism is the capitalists.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “With impressive proof on all sides of magnificent progress, no one can rightly deny the fundamental correctness of our economic system.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Doctors think a lot of patients are cured who have simply quit in disgust.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The recognition of Russia on November 16, 1933, started forces which were to have considerable influence in the attempt to collectivize the United States.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Presidents have only two moments of personal seclusion. One is prayer; the other fishing – and they cannot pray all the time!”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I am convinced that through these measures we have reestablished confidence.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “True American Liberalism utterly denies the whole creed of socialism.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “All progress and growth is a matter of change, but change must be growth within our social and government concepts if it should not destroy them.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Next to religion, baseball has had a greater impact on our American way of life than any other American institution.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Our social and economic system cannot march toward better days unless it is inspired by things of the Spirit. It is here that the higher purposes of individualism must find their sustenance.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The thing I enjoyed most were visits from children. They did not want public office.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I suppose I could have called in the whole of the Army, but what was the use? All I had to do was call in Main Street itself.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “There is no other book so various as the Bible, nor one so full of concentrated wisdom.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I was for a short time on the baseball team as shortstop, where I was no good.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I shall tell my doctors baseball has more curative powers than all their medicine.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Economic depression can not be cured by legislative action or executive pronouncement.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “There is no more cruel illusion than that war makes a people richer.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “You will expect me to discuss the late election. Well, as nearly as I can learn, we did not have enough votes on our side.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “We cannot change ideas in the minds of men and races with machine guns or battle ships.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The outlook of the world today is for the greatest era of commercial expansion in history. The rest of the world will become better customers.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Once upon a time my political opponents honored me as possessing the fabulous intellectual and economic power by which I created a worldwide depression all by myself.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I dare predict that the influence of the Treaty of Renunciation of War will be felt in a large proportion of all future international acts.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I’m the only person of distinction who has ever had a depression named for him.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Somebody has inquired as to whether I will be going to the opening baseball game. I hope to have that pleasure.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Along this road of spending, the government either takes over, which is Socialism, or dictates institutional and economic life, which is Fascism.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The greatness of America has grown out of a political and social system and a method of control of economic forces distinctly its own – our American system.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Baseball is the greatest of all team sports.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “I pride myself on being one of the oldest fans. I can certainly count up about seventy years of devotion.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Wisdom often consists of knowing what to do next.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “No greater nor more affectionate honor can be conferred on an American than to have a public school named after him.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Truly every generation discovers the world all new again and knows it can improve it.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Lewis Strauss is one of my best friends.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “When I decided to go into politics I weighed the costs. I would get criticism. But I went ahead. So when virulent criticism came I wasn’t surprised. I was better able to handle it.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “In the larger view the major forces of the depression now lie outside of the United States, and our recuperation has been retarded by the unwarranted degree of fear and apprehension created by these outside forces.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Through baseball we channel boys desire for exercise and let off their explosive violence without letting them get into the police court.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “A good fisherman can secure many regenerative hours in winter, polishing up the rods and reels.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The priceless treasure of boyhood is his endless enthusiasm, his high store of idealism, his affections and his hopes. When we preserve these, we have made men. We have made citizens and we have made Americans.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The joys of fishing are not confined to the hours near the water.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Self-government can succeed only through an instructed electorate.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Eat plenty, wisely, without waste.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The pause between the errors and trials of the day and the hopes of the night.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Whatever doubt there may be as to the quality or purpose of our free speech we certainly have ample volumes in production.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The more complex the problems of the Nation become, the greater is the need for more and more advanced instruction.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The job is nothing but a twenty-ring circus-with a whole lot of bad actors.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Freedom conceives that the mind and spirit of man can be free only if he is free to pattern his own life, to develop his own talents, free to earn, to spend, to save, to acquire property as the security of his old age and his family.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “The glory of the nation rests in the character of her men. And character comes from boyhood. Thus every boy is a challenge to his elders.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “Governments know that the life of the world cannot be saved if the soul of the world is allowed to be lost.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “If the law is upheld only by government officials, then all law is at an end.”
Herbert Hoover Quote: “It is always possible that occasional individuals may have overstepped the law and humanity in treatment of criminals and those charged with crime, and if so, they should be severely punished.”
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