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Hermann Hesse Quotes
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Hermann Hesse Quote: “Into being a priest, into this arrogance, into this spirituality, his self had retreated, there it sat firmly and grew, while he thought he would kill it by fasting and penance.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I should not have had that fear of death when I wished for it all the same. The unhappiness that I need and long for is different. It is of the kind that will let me suffer with eagerness and lust after death. That is the unhappiness, or happiness, that I am waiting for.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “If I were wise, I shouldn’t tell you. But I won’t be wise, Harry, not for this time. I’ll be just the opposite. So now mind what I say! You will hear it and forget it again. You will laugh over it, and you will weep over it. So look out! I am going to play with you for life and death, little brother, and before we begin the game I’m going to lay my cards on the table.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “This is what makes them so dear and worthy of veneration for me: they are like me. Therefore, I can love them.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Look, my dear Govinda, this is one of my thoughts, which I have found: wisdom cannot be passed on. Wisdom which a wise man tries to pass on to someone always sounds like foolishness.” “Are you kidding?” asked Govinda. “I’m not kidding. I’m telling you what I’ve found. Knowledge can be conveyed, but not wisdom. It can be found, it can be lived, it is possible to be carried by it, miracles can be performed with it, but it cannot be expressed in words and taught.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I lived again through all the loves of my life – but under hapier stars.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “But each one is a gamble of Nature, a hopeful attempt at forming a human being.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Had he ever lost his heart so much to something, had he ever loved any person thus, thus blindly, thus sufferingly, thus unsuccessfully, and yet thus happily?”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Love between young people and love after many years of marriage is not the same thing.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Haller belongs to those who have been caught between two ages, who are outside of all security and simple acquiescence. He belongs to those whose fate it is to live the whole riddle of human destiny heightened to the pitch of a personal torture, a personal hell.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “But things are not so simple in life as in our thoughts, nor so rough and ready as in our poor idiotic language; and Harry lies about himself twice over when he employs this niggardly wolf-theory.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Her chatter had set her free from a long week of loneliness, of doing what she was told and saying nothing. She was all cheered up.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “This is why I am continuing my travels – not to seek other, better teachings, for I know there are none, but to depart from all teachings and all teachers and to reach my goal by myself or to die.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Searching means having a goal, but finding means being free, being open, having no goal... because in striving for your goal there are many things you do not see, which are directly in front of your eyes.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “No person has ever been completely himself, but each one strives to become so, some gropingly, others more lucidly, according to his abilities. Each one carries with him to the end traces of his birth, the slime and eggshells of a primordial world. Many a one never becomes a human being, but remains a frog, lizard, or ant.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Everyone had only one true vocation: to find himself. Let him wind up as a poet or a madman, as a prophet or a criminal – that wasn’t his business; in the long run, it was irrelevant. His business was to discover his own destiny, not just any destiny, and to live it totally and undividedly. Anything else was just a half-measure, an attempt to run away, an escape back to the ideal of the masses, an adaptation, fear of one’s own nature.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “The world, my friend Govinda, is not imperfect, or on a slow path towards perfection: no, it is perfect in every moment, all sin already carries the divine forgiveness in itself.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “All the girls I had ever loved were mine. Each gave me what she alone had to give and to each I gave what she alone knew how to take.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “My dear Sinclair, he said slowly, I didn’t intend to tell you anything disagreeable. Besides – neither of us knows why you happen to be drinking wine at this moment. That which is within you and directs your life knows already. It’s good to realize that within us there is someone who knows everything, wills everything, does everything better than we ourselves.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “He lived in this dream world more than in the real one. The real world: classroom, courtyard, library, dormitory, and chapel were only the surface, a quivering film over the dream-filled super-real world of images.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “But it was right that it should be so; my eyes and heart acclaim it. I had to experience despair, I had to sink to the greatest mental depths, to thoughts of suicide, in order to experience grace, to hear Om again, to sleep deeply again and to awaken refreshed again. I had to become a fool again in order to find Atman in myself. I had to sin in order to live again. Whither will my path yet lead me?”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I had considered myself some kind of genius and had considerably underestimated the toils and difficulties encountered along the path to an art.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Knulp was right in doing what his nature demanded and what few others could do, in speaking to strangers like a child and winning their hearts, in saying pleasant things to ladies of all ages, and making Sundays out of weekdays.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “One can pass on knowledge but not wisdom. One can find wisdom, one can live it, one can be supported by it, one can work wonders with it, but one cannot speak it or teach it.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Everything becomes questionable as soon as I consider it closely, everything slips away and dissolves.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I felt and saw the night outside deep within me. Wind and wetness, autumn, bitter smell of foliage, scattered leaves of the elm tree.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Narcissus knew only too well what a charming golden bird had flown to him. This hermit soon sensed a kindred soul in Goldmund, in spite of their apparent contrasts. Narcissus was dark and spare; Goldmund, a radiant youth. Narcissus was analytical, a thinker; Goldmund, a dreamer with the soul of a child. But something they had in common bridged these contrasts: both were refined; both were different from the others because of obvious gifts and signs; both bore the special mark of fate.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “All of this had always existed, and he had not seen it; he had not been with it. Now he was with it, he was part of it. Light and shadow ran through his eyes, stars and moon ran through his heart. On.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “We fear death, we shudder at life’s instability, we grieve to see the flowers wilt again and again, and the leaves fall, and in our hearts we know that we, too, are transitory and will soon disappear. When artists create pictures and thinkers search for laws and formulate thoughts, it is in order to salvage something from the great dance of death, to make something last longer than we do.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Obeying is like eating and drinking. There’s nothing like it if you’ve been without it for too long.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I am curious to see all the same just how much a man can endure. If the limit of what is bearable is reached, I have only to open the door to escape.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I needed lust, the desire for possessions, vanity, and needed the most shameful despair, in order to learn how to give up all resistance, in order to learn how to love the world, in order to stop comparing it to some world I wished, I imagined, some kind of perfection I had made up, but to leave it as it is and to love it and to enjoy being a part of it. These, Govinda, are some of the thoughts which have come into my mind.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I realised that all this talk was of no value and at its best only led to clever phrases.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I dropped all my defenses and was afraid of nothing in the world. I accepted all things and to all things I gave up my heart.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “We might well look for the day when, with wires or without, with or without the disturbance of other sounds, we should hear King Solomon speaking, or Walter von der Vogelweide. And all this, I said, just as today was the case with the beginnings of wireless, would be of no more service to man than as an escape from himself and his true aims, and a means of surrounding himself with an ever closer mesh of distractions and useless activities.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Als we iemand haten dan haten we in zijn beeld iets dat in onszelf huist. Wat niet in onszelf huist, windt ons niet op.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Kamaswami conducted his business with care and often with passion, but Siddhartha looked upon all of this as if it was a game, the rules of which he tried hard to learn precisely, but the contents of which did not touch his heart.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Liberation from ego is what we shramanas are seeking, O Exalted One. If I were your disciple, O Venerable One, I’m afraid it might befall me that my ego would be pacified and liberated only seemingly, only illusorily, that in reality it would survive and grow great, for then I would make the teaching, my discipleship, my love for you, and the community of the monks into my ego!”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “One can acquire money, fame and distinction, but one cannot create happiness or unhappiness, not for oneself or for others. One can only accept what comes, although one can, to be sure, accept it in entirely different ways.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “You broke through the humor of my little theater and tried to make a mess of it, stabbing with knives and spattering our pretty picture-world with the mud of reality.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Examine a person closely enough and you know more about him than he does himself.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “We can understand one another; but each one is able to explain only himself.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “But I need to feel beautiful and holy things around me, always: music, mystery cults, symbols, myths. I need it, and I refuse to give it up... That’s my fatal flaw.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “I understand you well. Now we have no need to dispute: you are awake, and so you have seen the difference between us, the difference between men akin to their father and those who take their destiny from a woman; the difference between spirit and intellect.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Knowledge can be expressed, but not wisdom. One can discover it, one can live it, one can be borne along by it, one can do miracles with it, but one cannot express it and teach it.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “The kind of person we want to develop, the kind of person we aim to become, would at any time be able to exchange his discipline or art for any other.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “People with courage and character are always called peculiar by other people.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Perhaps you yourself have notions about the Glass Bead Game, expecting more of it than it will give you, or perhaps the reverse. There is no doubt that the Game has its dangers. For that very reason we love it; only the weak are sent out on paths without perils. But never forget what I have told you so often: our mission is to recognize contraries for what they are: first of all as contraries, but then as opposite poles of a unity. Such is the nature of the Glass Bead Game.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “Anyone who has hope is happy.”
Hermann Hesse Quote: “It was the first time they had come to blows; but their cowardice outweighed even their anger, and no serious damage resulted.”
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