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Ian Fleming Quote: “Benzedrine,’ he said. ‘I rang up my secretary before dinner and asked her to wangle some out of the surgery at Headquarters.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Continue, my dear friend. It is interesting for me to see this new Bond. Englishmen are so odd. They are like a nest of Chinese boxes. It takes a very long time to get to the centre of them. When one gets there the result is unrewarding, but the process is instructive and entertaining. Continue. Develop your arguments. There may be something I can use to my own chief the next time I want to get out of an unpleasant job.’ He grinned maliciously. Bond ignored him.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Ah hears tings which Ah don’ like at all. Cain’t say much. Get mahself ’n plenty trouble. But yuh all want to watch yo step plenty good. Yassuh.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “She looked at him and saw that his nostrils were slightly flared. In other respects he seemed completely at ease, acknowledging cheerfully the greetings of the Casino functionaries.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “I prefer to regard myself as one who has the ability and the mental and nervous equipment to make his own laws and act according to them rather than accept the laws that suit the lowest common denominator of the people.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “I am allergic to almost every form of international agency, conference or committee.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Bond swallowed. He looked over towards Vesper. Felix Leiter was again standing beside her. He grinned slightly and Bond smiled back and raised his hand from the table in a small gesture of benediction.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Mathis had been unable to enlighten him. ‘Unless you have bought him yourself,’ he had said, ’you must assume that he has been bought by the other side. All concierges are venal. It is not their fault. They are trained to regard all hotel guests except maharajahs as potential cheats and thieves. They have as much concern for your comfort or well-being as crocodiles.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “This girl will only do these things on one condition.’ M.’s eyes narrowed until they were fierce, significant slits. ‘That you go out to Istanbul and bring her and the machine back to England.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “The whole scene, the empty beach, the green and blue sea, the naked girl with the strands of fair hair, reminded Bond of something. He searched his mind. Yes, she was Botticelli’s Venus, seen from behind.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Bond again walked round the room. This time he carefully inspected the walls and the neighbourhood of the bed and the telephone. Why not take the room? Why would there be microphones or secret doors? What would be the point of them?”
Ian Fleming Quote: “On these things he spent all his money and it was his ambition to have as little as possible in his banking account when he was killed, as, when he was depressed, he knew he would be, before the statutory age of forty-five.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “LE CHIFFRE looked incuriously at him, the whites of his eyes, which showed all round the irises, lending something impassive and doll-like to his gaze. He slowly removed one thick hand from the table and slipped it into the pocket of his dinner-jacket. The hand came out holding a small metal cylinder with a cap which Le Chiffre unscrewed. He inserted the nozzle of the cylinder, with an obscene deliberation, twice into each black nostril in turn, and luxuriously inhaled the benzedrine vapour.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Painters, writers, musicians are lonely people. So are statesmen and admirals and generals. But then, I added to be fair, so are criminals and lunatics. Let’s just say, not to be too flattering, that true individuals are lonely. – Vivienne Michel.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “However that may be, it is clear that he could have found many investments more savoury than prostitution, if he had not been tempted by the by-product of unlimited women for his personal use. Fate rebuked him with terrifying swiftness.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Perhaps, after all, the right man was better than the right machine.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “For an instant he felt nettled at the irony, the lightest shadow of a snub, with which she had met his decisiveness, and at the way he had risen to her quick glance. But it was only an infinitesimal clink of foils and as the bowing maitre d’hotel led them through the crowded room, it was forgotten as Bond in her wake watched the heads of the diners turn to look at her.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “For the first time since his capture, fear came to Bond and crawled up his spine.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “I don’t care the hell what other people eat so long as they enjoy it. I can’t stand sad eaters and sad drinkers.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “She seemed to Bond to give a quick involuntary shrug of the shoulders as she spoke, but then she leant impulsively towards him. ‘I have some news for you from Mathis. He was longing to tell you himself. It’s about the bomb. It’s a fantastic story.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “What an extraordinary difference there was between a body full of a person and a body that was empty! Now there is someone, now there is no one.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Her breasts were showing and Mr. Player, who was a very strong Quaker, didn’t think that was quite proper.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “By now it was dawn – about five o’clock, Bond guessed – and he reflected that a mile or two on was the turning to Le Chiffre’s villa. He had not thought that they would take Vesper there. Now that he realized that Vesper had only been a sprat to catch a mackerel the whole picture became clear.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “I decided on moustaches.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “By the end of the week, Bond was sunburned and hard. He had cut his cigarettes down to ten a day and had not had a single drink. He could swim two miles without tiring, his hand was completely healed and all the scales of big city life had fallen from him.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “His face showed neither pleasure nor excitement.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “The safe, empty room sneered at him.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “There had been something very disquieting about the dinner-table downstairs. It had been laid for only three people.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “I like doing everything fully, getting the most out of everything one does. I think that’s the way to live.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “Somebody said that to become very rich you have to be helped by a combination of remarkable circumstances and an unbroken run of luck.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “He looked up. She was standing a few feet away from him. He noticed that she was wearing a black beret at a rakish angle and that she looked exciting and mysterious like someone you see driving by abroad, alone in an open car, someone unattainable and more desirable than anyone you have ever known. Someone who is on her way to make love to somebody else. Someone who is not for you.”
Ian Fleming Quote: “He went off down the corridor, feeling, for the first time in his life, totally inadequate.”
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