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Immanuel Kant Quotes
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Immanuel Kant Quote: “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Philosophy stands in need of a science which shall determine the possibility, principles, and extent of human knowledge à priori.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Heaven has given human beings three things to balance the odds of life: hope, sleep, and laughter.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “With men, the state of nature is not a state of peace, but war.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Beauty presents an indeterminate concept of Understanding, the sublime an indeterminate concept of Reason.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “The greatest human quest is to know what one must do in order to become a human being.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Freedom is that faculty that enlarges the usefulness of all other faculties.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Imagination is a powerful agent for creating, as it were, a second nature out of the material supplied to it by actual nature.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “What can I know? What ought I to do? What can I hope?”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Animals... are there merely as a means to an end. That end is man.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Humanity is at its greatest perfection in the race of the whites.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Only the descent into the hell of self-knowledge can pave the way to godliness.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Feminine traits are called weaknesses. People joke about them; fools ridicule them; but reasonable persons see very well that those traits are just the tools for the management of men, and for the use of men for female designs.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “The sum total of all possible knowledge of God is not possible for a human being, not even through a true revelation. But it is one of the worthiest inquiries to see how far our reason can go in the knowledge of God.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Have patience awhile; slanders are not long-lived. Truth is the child of time; erelong she shall appear to vindicate thee.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “A categorical imperative would be one which represented an action as objectively necessary in itself, without reference to any other purpose.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Ours is an age of criticism, to which everything must be subjected.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “All our knowledge falls with the bounds of experience.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “The nice thing about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, someone else does.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “God, freedom, and immortality are untenable in the light of pure reason.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Freedom is the alone unoriginated birthright of man, and belongs to him by force of his humanity; and is independence on the will and co-action of every other in so far as this consists with every other person’s freedom.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Procrastination is hardly more evil than grasping impatience.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind... The understanding can intuit nothing, the senses can think nothing. Only through their union can knowledge arise.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “One is not rich by what one owns, but more by what one is able to do without with dignity.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Give me matter, and I will construct a world out of it!”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Time is not an empirical concept. For neither co-existence nor succession would be perceived by us, if the representation of time did not exist as a foundation a priori.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “In every department of physical science there is only so much science, properly so-called, as there is mathematics.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “God put a secret art into the forces of Nature so as to enable it to fashion itself out of chaos into a perfect world system.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Maximum individuality within maximum community.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Aristotle can be regarded as the father of logic. But his logic is too scholastic, full of subtleties, and fundamentally has not been of much value to the human understanding. It is a dialectic and an organon for the art of disputation.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “It is through education that all the good in the world arises.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “A society that is not willing to demand a life of somebody who has taken somebody else’s life is simply immoral.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Better the whole people perish than that injustice be done.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Always recognize that human individuals are ends, and do not use them as means to your end.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Without man and his potential for moral progress, the whole of reality would be a mere wilderness, a thing in vain, and have no final purpose.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Suicide is not abominable because God prohibits it; God prohibits it because it is abominable.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Human reason is by nature architectonic.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “After death the soul possesses self-consciousness, otherwise, it would be the subject of spiritual death, which has already been disproved. With this self-consciousness necessarily remains personality and the consciousness of personal identity.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “The science of mathematics presents the most brilliant example of how pure reason may successfully enlarge its domain without the aid of experience.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe...”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Our intellect does not draw its laws from nature, but it imposes its laws upon nature.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Two things strike me dumb: the infinite starry heavens, and the sense of right and wrong in man.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Sincerity is the indispensable ground of all conscientiousness, and by consequence of all heartfelt religion.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “Man desired concord; but nature knows better what is good for his species; she desires discord. Man wants to live easy and content; but nature compels him to leave ease... and throw himself into roils and labors.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “All natural capacities of a creature are destined to evolve completely to their natural end.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “We assume a common sense as the necessary condition of the universal communicability of our knowledge, which is presupposed in every logic and every principle of knowledge that is not one of skepticism.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “We ourselves introduce that order and regularity in the appearance which we entitle “nature”. We could never find them in appearances had we not ourselves, by the nature of our own mind, originally set them there.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “When a thoughtful human being has overcome incentives to vice and is aware of having done his bitter duty, he finds himself in a state that could be called happiness, a state of contentment and peace of mind in which virtue is its own reward.”
Immanuel Kant Quote: “All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.”
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