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Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “In the half darkness I winked to my other self, my mad dictator, and congratulated him on his droll victory. I closed my eyes and felt the warmth flowing from Shosha’s head to my face. What did I have to lose? Nothing more than what everyone loses anyway.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “As much as I can give of myself I give of myself. There’s no reason why not. And when I have to hide something, I let the character speak.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “The second half of the twentieth century is a complete flop.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Some of my cronies call me a pessimist and a decadent, but there is always a background of faith behind resignation.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “One has to trust that God knows how to manage the world.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “A Marxist has never written a good novel.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Wann immer ich vom Leben den Status quo erwarte, taucht etwas ganz unerwartetes auf. Die Weltgeschichte ist aus dem gleichen Teig gemacht wie Semmeln. Hauptsache, sie sind frisch.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Darwin and Karl Marx didn’t reveal the secret of the world. Of all the theories about creation, the one expounded in Genesis is the most intelligent. All this talk about primordial mists or the Big Bang is a wild absurdity. If someone found a watch on an island and said it had been made by itself or that it developed through evolution, he would be considered a lunatic. But according to modern science, the universe evolved all on its own. Is the universe less complicated than a watch?”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “The ghetto was not only a place of refuge for a persecuted minority but a great experiment in peace, in self-discipline and in humanism. As such it still exists and refuses to give up in spite of all the brutality that surrounds it. I was brought up among those people.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Every human character appears only once in the history of human beings. And so does every event of love.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Children don t read to find their identity to free themselves from guilt to quench the thirst for rebellion or to get rid of alienation. They have no use for psychology... They still believe in God the family angels devils witches goblins logic clarity punctuation and other such obsolete stuff... When a book is boring they yawn openly. They don t expect their writer to redeem humanity but leave to adults such childish illusions.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Where do the wheels of history lead? How can you be so sure that the wheels of history won’t get bogged down in blood and marrow again?”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “A soldier who serves an emperor has to have a uniform, and this also applies to a soldier who serves the Almighty.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “I get up every morning with a desire to do some creative work. This desire is made of the same stuff as the sexual desire, the desire to make money, or any other desire.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “A freelance writer is paid per word, per piece, perhaps.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Those who understand the complexities of human nature know that joy and pain, ugliness and beauty, love and hate, mercy and cruelty and other conflicting emotions often blend and cannot be separated from each other.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “The dead don’t go anywhere. They’re all here. Each man is a cemetery. An actual cemetery, in which lie all our grandmothers and grandfathers, the father and mother, the wife, the child. Everyone is here all the time.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “In their behavior toward creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “His eyes reflected a softness I had already forgotten in America.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “But what about the creatures whose flesh he’s carrying there? A few days ago they were alive. They too have souls. They too are God’s children. They were quite possibly made of better material than human beings. Since they were sinless, they were certainly more innocent. But day after day they are ritually sacrificed-angels in the shape of oxen, calves, sheep. I once wanted to become a vegetarian. I wanted everything-and I never got further than wanting.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “Si el destino de un hombre depende de la desgracia de otro, entonces no existe buena fortuna para nadie.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “If men had their way, every woman would lie down a prostitute and get up a virgin.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “How is it possible, after all, that someone should simply vanish? How can someone who lived, loved, and wrangled with God and with himself just disappear? I don’t know how and in what sense but they’re here. Since time is an illusion, why shouldn’t everything remain?”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “I didn’t expect that anyone would be interested in my kind of writing. I was interested, and this was for me enough.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “There is some mysterious strength in fools. They are deeply rooted in the primeval chaos.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “If one Hitler is dead, there are a million ready to take his place.”
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quote: “All that God does is for the good.”
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