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Top 120 Jacqueline Woodson Quotes (2022 Update)
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Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “My whole family knows I can’t sing. My voice, my sister says, is just left of the key. Just right of the tune. But I sing anyway, whenever I can.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I think I’d rather have my heart broke than do the breaking. – Lena.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I lifted my head to look up into the changing leaves, thinking how at some point, we were all headed home. At some point, all of this, everything and everyone, became memory.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Maybe this was our last summer as best friends. I feel like something’s going to change now and I’m not going to be able to change it back. – Margaret.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “If this moment was a sentence, I’d be the period.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “And as we stood half circle in the bright school yard, we saw the lost and beautiful and hungry in each of us. We saw home.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I watched my brother watch the world, his sharp, too-serious brow furrowing down in both angst and wonder. Everywhere we looked, we saw the people trying to dream themselves out. As though there was someplace other than this place. As though there was another Brooklyn.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “There was a time when I believed there was loss that could not be defined, that language had not caught up to death’s enormity.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Fifteen. Sixteen was probably something, but fifteen – fifteen was a place between here and nowhere.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Some days I just think the whole world and life and everything is stupid. And that’s ’cause I be missing you.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I know now that what is tragic isn’t the moment. It is the memory.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Y’all know how much I love you? “Infinity and back again,” I say the way I’ve said it a million times. And then, daddy says to me, “go on and add a little bit more to that.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “In your life, if you’re lucky enough, you are born during a moment in time when the world is ready for the change you’re bringing.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “My sister’s clear soft voice opens up the world to me. I lean in so hungry for it.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “First they brought us here. Then we worked for free. Then it was 1863, and we were supposed to be free but we weren’t. And that’s why people are so mad.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Seems like every time life starts straightening itself out, something’s gotta go and happen.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I love that people think the world is even halfway ready for what we about to bring.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I’m not afraid of silence. You know, I’m not afraid to sit in a room and have the conversation drop into silence. I think that’s a very southern thing.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Age will do that to you. Soon as something starts coming to your mind, it snatches it back. Makes you forget the stuff you want to remember. Brings back the memories you’re busy trying to forget.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “That’s what makes best friends. It’s not whether or not you live on the same block or go to the same school, but how you feel about each other in your hearts.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Ms. Johnson says each day holds its own memory – its own moments that we can write about later. She says we should always look for the moments and some of them might be perfect, filled with light and hope and laughter. Moments that stay with us forever and ever.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “And it’s not even strange that it feels the way it’s always felt like the place we belong to. Like home.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “But we do not know yet who we are fighting and what we are fighting for.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “You the first in your tribe to go to college? Iris shook her head. It was a question about class. She knew that now. It was the what-are-you question. The where and what and who do you come from.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I was eleven, the idea of two identical digits in my age still new and spectacular and heartbreaking. The girls must have felt this. They must have known. Where had ten, nine, eight, and seven gone?”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Some evenings I don’t know where the old pains end and the new ones begin. Feels like the older you get the more they run into one long, deep aching.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “When boys called our names, we said ‘Don’t even say my name. Don’t even put it in your mouth.’ When they said, ‘You ugly anyway,’ we knew they were lying. When they hollered, ‘Conceited!’ we said, ‘No- convinced!’ We watched them dip-walk away, too young to know how to respond. The four of us together wasn’t something they understood. They understood girls alone, folding their arms across their breasts, praying for invisibility.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Probably still believed that if you wished hard enough you could make the impossible happen.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I didn’t just appear one day. I didn’t just wake up and know how to write my name. I keep writing, knowing now that I was a long time coming.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “When you’re 15, pain skips over reason, aims right for the marrow.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Stories can be windows, but also mirrors.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “But I don’t want to read faster or older or any way else that might make the story disappear too quickly from where it’s settling inside my brain, slowly becoming a part of me. A story I will remember long after I’ve read it for the second, third, tenth, hundredth time.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Kids are something. All they can see is the beauty in a moment.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Imagine, my brother signed. Imagine if somebody built a bridge right outside our window and we could just walk across the highway and be on the other side.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “They had always been soft-spoken. Because they had always been afraid.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “But she didn’t believe in God. Or Jesus. Or Satan. Or prayer. I believe in words, she said. I believe in numbers and all the history I understand. I believe in things I can see. When he was a little boy she used to hug him and say, And man-oh-man how I believe in you, Aubrey. My love. My light. My life.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Sometimes it seems as though not a moment has moved, but then you look up and you’re already old or you already have a household of kids or you look down and see your feet are miles and miles away from the rest of you – and you realize you’ve grown up.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Something about memory. It takes you back to where you were and lets you just be there for a time.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Who hasn’t walked through a life of small tragedies?”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “I held on to my mama’s Spelman College sweater. Wore it the first day I got there myself and still have it now. Held on to my own daddy’s stethoscope until I pulled it out of its black leather case one winter and saw the rubber had melted into sticky pieces of nothing and the silver disk was flaked with rust. Seems all I had from them was the memories of fire and smoke.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “It seemed like someone was always leaving someone, like that’s the way the world worked – people were born and people died, people left and people came. It was like the world was saying you can’t have everything you want at the same time.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Some people don’t believe that you can meet a person and know that’s the person for you for the rest of your life. I’m not going to try to argue with them on that. I know what I know.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “You got something you love, little man? Then you good. You love food? You cook. You love clothes? You design. You love the wind and water? You sail.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Guess that’s where the tears came from, knowing that there’s so much in this great big world that you don’t have a single ounce of control over. Guess the sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll have one less heartbreak in your life.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “When I used to dream about that somebody they never had a face. It was more like a feeling.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Nothing is like a quarter-mile sprint. All muscle and breath and power. And then it’s over and you got a thing behind you – another race you can clock among your races.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Everything and everyone seemed like it was part of a long-ago time – when I was young and free and living.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “When we asked, What do you love? Sylvia looked around her perfectly pink room and said, I’m not the boss of me. How the hell would I even know.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “We knew Down South. Everyone had one. Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.”
Jacqueline Woodson Quote: “Maybe this was love – wanting someone with all the senses.”
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