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James Hollis Quote: “David McKay, 1900. Wolfe, Thomas. Look Homeward, Angel. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1929. Yeats, William Butler. A Vision.”
James Hollis Quote: “The thing about all complexes, splinter personalities, and fractal assignments is that they have no imagination. The can only replay the old events, scripts, and moribund outcome of their origin. But we do have an imagination, the power to image something new, or at least alternative. 117.”
James Hollis Quote: “If you want to cure a neurosis, you have to risk something.”2.”
James Hollis Quote: “I contradict myself? So, I contradict myself! I am infinite. I contain multitudes.”
James Hollis Quote: “Later – much later, if at all – we reluctantly come to recognize that those choices we made were reflective of our character, our limited field of vision, and our presumption that we knew enough to know enough.”
James Hollis Quote: “And how meaningful Beckett’s admonition is to me today: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. Rilke’s paradoxical words also draw me onward still toward the unlived life that haunts all of us. Our task, he writes, is to be ‘continuously defeated by ever-larger things.’ 145.”
James Hollis Quote: “What we have become is typically an assemblage of defense mechanisms and anxiety-management systems generated by the adaptive needs that our fate-fueled biographies bring to us.”
James Hollis Quote: “We have an entire culture of addictive treatment plans, of sensate distraction, and of jejune impatience that is driven by the preference of security through unconsciousness as an antidote to growth.”
James Hollis Quote: “Man has only his two feet to stand on, his own human trinity to see him through: Reason, Courage, and Grace. And the first plus the second equals the third.”
James Hollis Quote: “The immature psyche needs confirmation to be secure, a cloning of interests and sensibilities, and there is no surer path to staying immature and undeveloped than seeking agreement in all things.”
James Hollis Quote: “Go into the fear, deal with it, lest you live a fugitive life.”
James Hollis Quote: “Where am I asking others to take responsibility for my life? Let’s face it – we would all love to be taken care of. We all are recovering children who project the dynamics of intrapsychic parent onto an institution, an ideology... Growing up is ever more difficult because it requires letting go of old expectations of rescue and redemption. We are it; this is it; this is as good as it gets, and we better deal with it.”
James Hollis Quote: “Was a particular person a “saint” because she sacrificed her own journey in service to others; was her life as lived in fact her authentic journey, or was she driven by complexes so powerful as to render her incapable of choosing anything else?”
James Hollis Quote: “Going through means that we have to experience what we not wish to experience, for to flee it is even worse. 131.”
James Hollis Quote: “As Jung pointed out, our ancestors believed in gods; we believe in vitamins – both invisible.”
James Hollis Quote: “An analytic colleague, Alden Josey, once employed the telling metaphor that secretly “we wish to colonize the other,” and like most imperial powers, we are flush with rationalizations to justify our agendas of self-interest.”
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