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Jane Austen Quote: “Nobody, who has not been in the interior of a family, can say what the difficulties of any individual of that family may be.”
Jane Austen Quote: “To look almost pretty is an acquisition of higher delight to a girl who has been looking plain for the first fifteen years of her life than a beauty from her cradle can ever receive.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Men of sense, whatever you may choose to say, do not want silly wives.”
Jane Austen Quote: “One man’s style must not be the rule of another’s.”
Jane Austen Quote: “If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I do not think it worth while to wait for enjoyment until there is some real opportunity for it.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I am no indiscriminate novel reader. The mere trash of the common circulating library I hold in the highest contempt.”
Jane Austen Quote: “If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.”
Jane Austen Quote: “There is not the hundredth part of the wine consumed in this kingdom that there ought to be. Our foggy climate wants help.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Respect for right conduct is felt by every body.”
Jane Austen Quote: “But if I were you, I would stand by the nephew. He has more to give.”
Jane Austen Quote: “That is what I like; that is what a young man ought to be. Whatever be his pursuits, his eagerness in them should know no moderation, and leave him no sense of fatigue.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I have changed my mind, and changed the trimmings of my cap this morning; they are now such as you suggested.”
Jane Austen Quote: “She was nothing more than a mere good-tempered, civil and obliging Young Woman; as such we could scarcely dislike her – she was only an Object of Contempt.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Oh! Single, my dear, to be sure! A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year. What a fine thing for our girls!”
Jane Austen Quote: “And to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.”
Jane Austen Quote: “The indirect boast; for you are really proud of your defects in writing, because you consider them as proceeding from a rapidity of thought and carelessness of execution, which, if not estimable, you think at least highly interesting. The power of doing anything with quickness is always prized much by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance.”
Jane Austen Quote: “A single woman with a narrow income must be a ridiculous, disagreeable old maid, the proper sport of boys and girls, but a single woman of fortune is always respectable, and may be as sensible and pleasant as anybody else.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Pray, pray be composed, and do not betray what you feel to every body present.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Nothing amuses me more than the easy manner with which everybody settles the abundance of those who have a great deal less than themselves.”
Jane Austen Quote: “She will never submit to any thing requiring industry and patience, and a subjection of the fancy to the understanding.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I consider a country-dance as an emblem of marriage. Fidelity and complaisance are the principle duties of both; and those men who do not choose to dance or to marry them selves, have no business with the partners or wives of the neighbors.”
Jane Austen Quote: “What do you know of my heart? What do you know of anything but your own suffering?”
Jane Austen Quote: “Unjust I may have been, weak and resentful I have been, but never inconstant.”
Jane Austen Quote: “When money is once parted with, it can never return.”
Jane Austen Quote: “As a brother, a landlord, a master, she considered how many people’s happiness were in his guardianship! – How much of pleasure or pain it was in his power to bestow! – How much of good or evil must be done by him!”
Jane Austen Quote: “She knew that what Marianne and her mother conjectured one moment, they believed the next: that with them, to wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I am afraid that the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety.”
Jane Austen Quote: “You have delighted us long enough.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Give me but a little cheerful company, let me only have the company of the people I love, let me only be where I like and with whom I like, and the devil may take the rest, say I.”
Jane Austen Quote: “She is probably by this time as tired of me, as I am of her; but as she is too Polite and I am too civil to say so, our letters are still as frequent and affectionate as ever, and our Attachment as firm and sincere as when it first commenced.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I do regard her as one who is too modest for the world in general to be aware of half her accomplishments, and too highly accomplished for modesty to be natural of any other woman.”
Jane Austen Quote: “If the heroine of one novel be not patronized by the heroine of another, from whom can she expect protection and regard?”
Jane Austen Quote: “I have not wanted syllables where actions have spoken so plainly.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Arguments are too much like disputes.”
Jane Austen Quote: “How can you contrive to write so even?”
Jane Austen Quote: “It would be mortifying to the feelings of many ladies, could they be made to understand how little the heart of a man is affected by what is costly or new in their attire.”
Jane Austen Quote: “We met Dr. Hall in such deep mourning that either his mother, his wife, or himself must be dead.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Such squeamish youths as cannot bear to be connected with a little absurdity are not worth a regret.”
Jane Austen Quote: “The power of doing any thing with quickness is always much prized by the possessor, and often without any attention to the imperfection of the performance. – Mr Darcy.”
Jane Austen Quote: “And if I had not a letter to write myself, I might sit by you and admire the evenness of your writing, as another young lady once did. But I have an aunt too, who must not be longer neglected.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Mrs. Jennings was a widow, with an ample jointure. She had only two daughters, both of whom she had lived to see respectably married, and she had now therefore nothing to do but to marry all the rest of the world.”
Jane Austen Quote: “To be claimed as a good, though in an improper style, is at least better than being rejected as no good at all.”
Jane Austen Quote: “But your mind is warped by an innate principle of general integrity, and, therefore, not accessible to the cool reasonings of family partiality, or a desire of revenge.”
Jane Austen Quote: “Every young lady may feel for my heroine in this critical moment, for every young lady has at some time or other known the same agitation.”
Jane Austen Quote: “He had an affectionate heart. He must love somebody.”
Jane Austen Quote: “There is nothing like employment, active indispensable employment, for relieving sorrow. Employment, even melancholy, may dispel melancholy.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I am certainly the most fortunate creature ever existed!”
Jane Austen Quote: “A Woman never looks better than on horseback.”
Jane Austen Quote: “I have no pretensions whatever to that kind of elegance which consists in tormenting a respectable man.”
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