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Top 70 Jay Maisel Quotes (2023 Update)
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Jay Maisel Quote: “Gesture will survive whatever kind of light you have. Gesture can triumph over anything because of its narrative content.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Never say you’re going back – SHOOT IT NOW!”
Jay Maisel Quote: “When you shoot, that is opportunity number one to make a statement. When you edit, you have opportunity number two to make your statement. It could be an affirmation of your first choice or could go off in another direction.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “The composition is already there, you just need to crop it.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “It’s not just when you shoot, or what you shot, or where you shoot, it’s the combination of the three.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “The awareness of the quality of space in out photos is akin to our awareness of the very air in our photos, the atmosphere that pervades every square inch of our image and yet is often invisible to the photographer.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Every picture should have a place you can go, a home, a climax.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Had I not been told to look, I would have quite, ignorant of what was really there, because I had ‘made plans’ and was wearing visual and emotional blinders that limited my perceptions and my vision.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You sort of have to be always aware, even when you’re not thinking of shooting. That’s when the best stuff happens.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “The problem suggests the solution.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “All these factors are only valuable if you’re curious. But in any case, the more knowledge you have, the more things are open and available to you.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Never put lettering in your photos unless you want it read.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You have to learn not only from your failures. You must also learn from your successes.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “If you don’t have a camera, the best thing you can do is describe how great it looked.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Allow yourself to lose your way.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “I’ve always felt that photographers who say, “They used the wrong picture,” have only themselves to blame. They gave them the “wrong” picture. I didn’t worry because I only gave them pictures that worked. It’s my obligation to take out all the “wrong” pictures.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Try to go out empty and let your images fill you up.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “I don’t see light as something that falls, but as a positive force.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You will, in time, see and show others not just the superficial, but the details, the meanings, and the implications of all that you look at...”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You have to let the past successes go, or you’ll never be able to see anew.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You cannot accurately remember color...”
Jay Maisel Quote: “The pictures are everywhere. If you’re open, they will find you.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Color really doesn’t have interaction if it’s full of colors. It’s the interaction or relationship among or between colors that makes a color image. This usually happens with a few colors, not a glut of them.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Each picture you take has power as long as it brings experience to the person who’s looking at it.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “When we are given gifts, we must be quick and able to accept them.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “You have to have a lot of ‘overage’ so that your failures aren’t the only thing you come home with. You’ve got to have a lot of things that were magnificent failures, but you want some magnificent successes.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “Forget what it was. Look at what it is.”
Jay Maisel Quote: “I try not to tell students where to shoot, when to shoot, or what to shoot. I feel finding the picture is the most important part of being a photographer. The actual shooting is of lesser importance.”
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