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Jay McInerney Quotes
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Jay McInerney Quote: “Sometimes I think everything I touch turns into a Page Six item.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “Growing up meant admitting you couldn’t have everything.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “The most interesting things that happen in my books are usually the things that arise spontaneously, the things that surprise me.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “I don’t think I’ve left a trail of weeping women in my wake. I mean, the number of serious relationships I’ve had has not been into double digits.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “I like the fact that I’m living in the world rather than in a university.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “Love is recreational, it needs not be aspirational.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “Great minds sink alike, right?”
Jay McInerney Quote: “From the window, Luke looked out over the water towers of Fifth Avenue to the park, studying the senescence of the daylight, which seemed almost viscous, ready to coagulate – trying to register that perfect moment of transition from day to evening, that instant when the light, in dying, was most nearly itself.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “She said that certain facts are accessible only from one point of view – the point of view of the creature who experiences them. You think she meant that the only shoes we can ever wear are our own. Meg can’t imagine what it’s like for you to be you, she can only imagine herself being you.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “There she is, as eligible a candidate as you’re likely to find this late in the game. The sexual equivalent of fast food.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “The candor was infectious. It spread back to the beginning of your life. You tried to tell her, as well as you could, what it was like being you. You described the feeling you’d always had of being misplaced, of always standing to one side of yourself, of watching yourself in the world even as you were being in the world, and wondering if this was how everyone felt. That you always believed that other people had a clearer idea of what they were doing, and didn’t worry quite so much about why.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “There is a type of writer that can happily bury themselves in the country and dig very deep, but I’m not like that.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “I’m a romantic; you have to be to marry four times.”
Jay McInerney Quote: “The level of the room keeps changing. All of the surfaces swell and recede with oceanic rhytm. You are not quite all right. You are somewhat wrong.”
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