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Jean Piaget Quotes
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Jean Piaget Quote: “The current state of knowledge is a moment in history, changing just as rapidly as the state of knowledge in the past has ever changed and, in many instances, more rapidly.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “The child who defines a lie as being a “naughty word” knows perfectly well that lying consists in not speaking the truth. He is not, therefore, mistaking one thing for another, he is simply identifying them one with another by what seems to us a quaint extension of the word “lie”.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Logical positivists have never taken psychology into account in their epistemology, but they affirm that logical beings and mathematical beings are nothing but linguistic structures.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “The child is a realist in every domain of thought, and it is therefore natural that in the moral sphere he should lay more stress on the external, tangible element than on the hidden motive.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “The more the schemata are differentiated, the smaller the gap between the new and the familiar becomes, so that novelty, instead of constituting an annoyance avoided by the subject, becomes a problem and invites searching.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Knowledge is not predetermined by heredity; it is not predetermined in the things around us – in knowing things around him the subject always adds to them.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “But if all behaviour, without exception, thus implies an energetics or an “economy”, forming its affective aspect, the interaction with the environment which it instigates likewise requires a form or structure to determine the various possible circuits between subject and object.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Children should be able to do their own experimenting and their own research. Teachers, of course, can guide them by providing appropriate materials, but the essential thing is that in order for a child to understand something, he must construct it himself, he must re-invent it. Every time we teach a child something, we keep him from inventing it himself. On the other hand that which we allow him to discover by himself will remain with him visibly for the rest of his life.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Nel, after throwing a stone onto a sloping bank watching the stone rolling said, ‘Look at the stone. It’s afraid of the grass.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “We shall adopt an analogous formula, with the reservation that feelings and cognitive configurations do not depend solely on the existing “field,” but also on the whole previous history of the acting subject.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “But these structures, forming different levels, are to be regarded as succeeding one another according to a law of development, such that each one brings about a more inclusive and stable equilibrium for the processes that emerge from the preceding level.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Every structure is to be thought of as a particular form of equilibrium, more or less stable within its restricted field and losing its stability on reaching the limits of the field.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “We shall simply say then that every action involves an energetic or affective aspect and a structural or cognitive aspect, which, in fact, unites the different points of view already mentioned.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “A fact is first an answer to a question. If Sartre had consulted psychologists before judging them in the light of his own genius, he would have learned that they do not wait on the accident but begin by setting themselves problems.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Every response, whether it be an act directed towards the outside world or an act internalized as thought, takes the form of an adaptation or, better, of a re-adaptation.”
Jean Piaget Quote: “Piaget’s work shows that our concepts of logic, space, time, number, quantity, etc., are not given readymade as Kant thought, but undergo a process of development.”
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