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Top 120 Jim Harrison Quotes (2023 Update)
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Jim Harrison Quote: “It seemed altogether right to him that they would drive through the small village of Paradise. It would be hard to find someone less demanding of life than Brown Dog and his current position was beyond his most strenuous ambitions.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Your kids inevitably want to move where they had their vacations when they were younger.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I hope to define my life, whatever is left, by migrations, south and north with the birds and far from the metallic fever of clocks, the self staring at the clock saying, “I must do this.” I can’t tell the time on the tongue of the river in the cool morning air, the smell of the ferment of greenery, the dust off the canyon’s rock walls, the swallows swooping above the scent of raw water.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Animals spend a lot of time being still so when we do they lose their logical mistrust of us.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “All artists as a type seem to suffer a great deal, but then so do miners.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “We think of life as solid and are haunted when time tells us it is a fluid. Old Heraclitus couldn’t have stepped in the same river once, let alone twice.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Imagine if Congress were actually knowledgeable of American history.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “My advice is, do not try to inhabit another’s soul. You have your own.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I find it impossible not to believe that there’s something in Irish blood that favors their power with words.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “A mood can be a mud puddle to be jumped over.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “The only advice I can give to aspiring writers is don’t do it unless you’re willing to give your whole life to it. Red wine and garlic also helps.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I enjoy about 1 out of 100 movies, it’s about the same proportion to books published that I care to read.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Everybody has a gun in their car in Detroit.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Fifty years ago I learned to jump off the calendar but I kept getting drawn back on for reasons of greed and my imperishable stupidity.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I do have trouble with titles.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “We survive by learning from pain.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I thought, frankly, that it would be more pleasant to write a memoir than it was.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Some of our strangest actions are also our most deeply characteristic: secret desires remain weak fantasies unless they pervade a will strong enough to carry them out.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I used to get criticized for putting food in novels.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Short things are short all over and long things are long all over.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “You don’t have to become what you already are, which is a relief.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Yeah, but now suddenly – you know, universities are notoriously market oriented, too.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “I bought a ticket with the last of my money at the bus station, telling the agent that there certainly seemed to be a long, long road winding to the land of my dreams.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “Pancakes with a slice of ham on top and three eggs on the slice of ham.”
Jim Harrison Quote: “There is a spine of goofiness in America that has never been deterred by literacy.”
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