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Joan Didion Quotes
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Joan Didion Quote: “Part of it is simply what looks right to the eye, sounds right to the ear. I am at home in the West. The hills of the coastal ranges look “right” to me, the particular flat expanse of the Central Valley comforts my eye. The place names have the ring of real places to me. I can pronounce the names of the rivers, and recognize the common trees and snakes. I am easy here in a way that I am not easy in other places.”
Joan Didion Quote: “As it happens I am comfortable with the Michael Laskis of this world, with those who live outside rather than in, those in whom the sense of dread is so acute that they turn to extreme and doomed commitments; I know something about dread myself, and appreciate the elaborate systems with which some people manage to fill the void, appreciate all the opiates of the people, whether they are as accessible as alcohol and heroin and promiscuity or as hard to come by as faith in God or History.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Maria did not particularly believe in rewards, only in punishments, swift and personal.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Webley Edwards was on the radio, they remember that, and what he said that morning again and again was “This is an air raid, take cover, this is the real McCoy.” That is not a remarkable thing to say, but it is a remarkable thing to have in one’s memory.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Mourning, the act of dealing with grief, required attention. Until now there had been every urgent reason to obliterate any attention that might otherwise have been paid, banish the thought, bring fresh adrenaline to bear on the crisis of the day.”
Joan Didion Quote: “We increasingly justify such heightened involvement with our children as essential to their survival. We keep them on speed dial. We watch them on Skype. We track their movements. We expect every call to be answered, every changed plan reported. We fantasize unprecedented new dangers in their every unsupervised encounter. We mention terrorism, we share anxious admonitions: “It’s different now.” “It’s not the way it was.” “You can’t let them do what we did.”
Joan Didion Quote: “I am easy here in a way that I am not easy in other places.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Yet I had always at some level apprehended, because I was born fearful, that some events in life would remain beyond my ability to control or manage them. Some events would just happen.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Given that grief remained the most general of afflictions its literature seemed remarkably spare.”
Joan Didion Quote: “At a point during the summer it occurred to me that I had no letters from John, not one. We had only rarely been far or long apart.”
Joan Didion Quote: “To be a white middle-class child in a small southern town must be on certain levels the most golden way for a child to live in the United States.”
Joan Didion Quote: “To do without self-respect, on the other hand, is to be an unwilling audience of one to an interminable home movie that documents one’s failings, both real and imagined, with fresh footage spliced in for each screening.”
Joan Didion Quote: “All one’s actual apprehension of what it is like to be a woman, the irreconcilable difference of it – that sense of living one’s deepest life underwater, that dark involvement with blood and birth and death – could now be declared in valid, unnecessary, one never felt it at all.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Grammar is a piano I play by ear, since I seem to have been out of school the year the rules were mentioned.”
Joan Didion Quote: “When I began writing these pages I believed their subject to be children, the ones we have and the ones we wish we had, the ways in which we depend on our children to depend on us, the ways in which we encourage them to remain children, the ways in which they remain more unknown to us than they do to their more casual acquaintances; the ways in which we remain equally opaque to them.”
Joan Didion Quote: “I myself have always found that if I examine something, it’s less scary. I grew up in the West, and we always had this theory that if you saw – if you kept the snake in you eye line, the snake wasn’t going to bite you. And that’s kind of way I feel about confronting pain. I want to know where it is.”
Joan Didion Quote: “All I know about grammar is its infinite power.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Had he not warned me when I forgot my own notebook that the ability to make a note when something came to mind was the difference between being able to write and not being able to write?”
Joan Didion Quote: “If the dead were truly to come back, what would they come back knowing? Could we face them? We who allowed them to die?”
Joan Didion Quote: “Later those few minutes in the plaza in Oxnard would come back to Maria and she would replay them, change the scenario. It ended that way badly, or well, depending on what you wanted.”
Joan Didion Quote: “Was anyone ever so young? I am here to tell you that someone was.”
Joan Didion Quote: “So now the girl whose life is a crystal teardrop has her own place, a place where the sun shines and the ambiguities can be set aside a little while longer, a place where everyone can be warm and loving and share confidences.”
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