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John Donne Quote: “Yet nothing can to nothing fall, Nor any place be empty quite; Therefore I think my breast hath all Those pieces still, though they be not unite; And now, as broken glasses show A hundred lesser faces, so My rags of heart can like, wish, and adore, But after one such love, can love no more.”
John Donne Quote: “It is too little to call man a little world; Except God, man is a diminutive to nothing.”
John Donne Quote: “In best understandings, sin began, Angels sinned first, then Devils, and then Man.”
John Donne Quote: “Nature hath no goal though she hath law.”
John Donne Quote: “Since you would save none of me, I bury some of you.”
John Donne Quote: “Chastity is not chastity in an old man, but a disability to be unchaste.”
John Donne Quote: “Verse hath a middle nature: heaven keeps souls, The grave keeps bodies, verse the fame enrols.”
John Donne Quote: “There is in every miracle a silent chiding of the world, and a tacit reprehension of them who require, or who need miracles.”
John Donne Quote: “But he who loveliness within Hath found, all outward loathes, For he who color loves, and skin, Loves but their oldest clothes.”
John Donne Quote: “And what is so intricate, so entangling as death? Who ever got out of a winding sheet?”
John Donne Quote: “Thy face is mine eye, and mine is thine.”
John Donne Quote: “If I lose at play, I blaspheme; if my fellow loses, he blasphemes. So, God is always the loser.”
John Donne Quote: “Lust-bred diseases rot thee.”
John Donne Quote: “Sleep is pain’s easiest salve.”
John Donne Quote: “Who knows his virtues name or place, hath none.”
John Donne Quote: “As soon as there was two there was pride.”
John Donne Quote: “Twice or thrice had I loved thee before I knew thy face or name, so in a voice, so in a shapeless flame, angels affect us oft, and worshiped be.”
John Donne Quote: “Between cowardice and despair, valour is gendred.”
John Donne Quote: “I am the dust and the ashes of the temple of the Holy Ghost, and what marble is so precious? But I am more than dust and ashes: I am my best part, I am my soul.”
John Donne Quote: “How imperfect is all our knowledge!”
John Donne Quote: “That thou remember them, some claim as debt; I think it mercy, if thou wilt forget.”
John Donne Quote: “And dare love that, and say so too, And forget the He and She.”
John Donne Quote: “Doth not a man die even in his birth? The breaking of prison is death, and what is our birth, but a breaking of prison?”
John Donne Quote: “True joy is the earnest which we have of heaven, it is the treasure of the soul, and therefore should be laid in a safe place, and nothing in this world is safe to place it in.”
John Donne Quote: “The distance from nothing to a little, is ten thousand times more, than from it to the highest degree in this life.”
John Donne Quote: “True and false fears let us refrain, Let us love nobly, and live, and add again Years and years unto years, till we attain To write threescore ; this is the second of our reign.”
John Donne Quote: “If every gnat that flies were an archangel, all that could but tell me that there is a God; and the poorest worm that creeps tells me that.”
John Donne Quote: “The world is a great volume, and man the index of that book; even in the body of man, you may turn to the whole world.”
John Donne Quote: “Thou, sun, art half as happy as we.”
John Donne Quote: “Men have conceived a twofold use of sleep; it is a refreshing of the body in this life, and a preparing of the soul for the next.”
John Donne Quote: “Without outward declarations, who can conclude an inward love?”
John Donne Quote: “My world’s both parts, and ’o! Both parts must die.”
John Donne Quote: “Of all the commentaries on the Scriptures, good examples are the best.”
John Donne Quote: “Oft from new truths, and new phrase, new doubts grow, As strange attire aliens the men we know.”
John Donne Quote: “I throw myself down in my chamber, and I call and invite God and his angels thither...”
John Donne Quote: “I joy, that in these straits I see my west;.”
John Donne Quote: “Between these two, the denying of sins, which we have done, and the bragging of sins, which we have not done, what a space, what a compass is there, for millions of millions of sins!”
John Donne Quote: “Christ beats his drum, but he does not press men; Christ is served with voluntaries.”
John Donne Quote: “That which attempts to elevate the ugly to the level of beauty becomes neither; but an obscenity.”
John Donne Quote: “All whom war, dearth, age, agues, tyrannies, Despair, law, chance, hath slain.”
John Donne Quote: “The Psalms foretell what I, what any shall do and suffer and say.”
John Donne Quote: “Great sins are great possessions; but levities and vanities possess us too; and men had rather part with Christ than with any possession.”
John Donne Quote: “Old grandsires talk of yesterday with sorrow, And for our children we reserve tomorrow.”
John Donne Quote: “Our faults are not seen, But past us; neither felt, but only in The punishment.”
John Donne Quote: “Satan hates me, yet is loth to lose me.”
John Donne Quote: “Can there be worse sickness, than to know that we are never well, nor can be so?”
John Donne Quote: “Enjoyment always has a spoiling, otherwise it cannot be so.”
John Donne Quote: “I think it mercy if Thou wilt forget.”
John Donne Quote: “Contemplative and bookish men must of necessity be more quarrelsome than others, because neither do they contend about matters of fact nor can they determine their controversies by any certain witnesses or judges.”
John Donne Quote: “O miserable condition of man, which is not imprinted by God, who, as he is immortal himself, had put a coal, a beam of immortality into us, which we might have blown into a flame, but blew it by our first sin; we beggared ourselves by hearkening after falses riches, and infatuated ourselves by hearkening after false knowledge.”
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