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John F. Kennedy Quote: “I am the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris, and I have enjoyed it.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Politics is like football; if you see daylight, go through the hole.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “There is danger that totalitarian governments, not subject to vigorous popular debate, will underestimate the will and unity of democratic societies where vital interests are concerned.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “We will not prematurely or unnecessarily risk the costs of a worldwide nuclear war in which even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth – but neither shall we shrink from that risk any time it must be faced.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Any system of government will work when everything is going well. It’s the system that functions in the pinches that survive.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Persons are judged to be great because of the positive qualities they possess, not because of the absence of faults.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Democracy is the superior form of government, because it is based on a respect for man as a reasonable being.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I look forward to an America which will not be afraid of grace and beauty.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America, there are no white or colored signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “While we cannot guarantee that we shall one day be first, we can guarantee that any failure to make this effort will make us last.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “An economy hampered by restrictive tax rates will never produce enough jobs or enough profits.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “It’s only when they join together in a forward movement that this country moves ahead...”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I am sorry to say that there is too much point to the wisecrack that life is extinct on other planets because their scientists were more advanced than ours.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I am the one person who can truthfully say, I got my job through the New York Times.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The guiding principle of this Nation has been, is now, and ever shall be IN GOD WE TRUST.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The leadership of the American Legion has not had a constructive thought for the benefit of this country since 1918.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “If there is one path above all others to war, it is the path of weakness and disunity.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “And only the very courageous will be able to keep alive the spirit of individualism and dissent which gave birth to this nation, nourished it as an infant, and carried it through its severest tests upon the attainment of its maturity.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Now we have a problem in making our power credible, and Vietnam is the place.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “We have become more and more not a nation of athletes but a nation of spectators.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the nation’s greatness, but the men who question power make a contribution just as indispensable.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I’m 43 years old and I’m the healthiest candidate for the Presidency of the United States. You’ve travelled with me enough to know that I’m not going to die in office.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The processes of growth are gradual, bearing fruit in a decade, not a day.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “To sound the alarm is not to panic but to seek action from an aroused public.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “There are only two realities in life: death and laughter. We can do nothing to change the former, so we might as well do all we can to save the latter.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Khrushchev reminds me of the tiger hunter who has picked a place on the wall to hang the tiger’s skin long before he has caught the tiger. This tiger has other ideas.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I am grateful to those Members of Congress who worked so diligently to guide the Equal Pay Act through. It is a first step. It affirms our determination that when women enter the labor force they will find equality in their pay envelopes.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Mr. Nixon has, in the last seven days, called me an economic ignoramus, a Pied Piper, and all the rest. I’ve just confined myself to calling him a Republican. But he says that is getting low.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “For a subject worked and reworked so often in novels, motion pictures, and television, American Indians remain probably the least understood and most misunderstood Americans of us all.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The credit of success is claimed by all, while a disaster is attributed to one alone.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Genuine peace must be the product of many nations, the sum of many acts. It must be dynamic, not static, changing to meet the challenge of each new generation. For peace is a process-a way of solving problems.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “What church I go to on Sunday, what dogma of the Catholic Church I believe in, is my business; and whatever faith any other American has is his business.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “But however close we sometimes seem to that dark and final abyss, let no man of peace and freedom despair. For he does not stand alone.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Now let me make it clear that I believe there can only be one defense policy for the United States and that is summed up in the word ‘first.’ I do not mean first, but. I do not mean first, when. I do not mean first, if. I mean first -period.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Just as I went into politics because Joe died, if anything happened to me tomorrow, my brother Bobby would run for my seat in the Senate. And if Bobby died, Teddy would take over for him.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “You’re in there with me. Personally.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “A police state finds that it cannot command the grain to grow.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The world was not meant to be a prison in which man awaits his execution.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The mere absence of war is not peace.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Whatever the political affiliation of our next President, whatever his views may be on all the issues and problems that rush in upon us, he must above all be the chief executive in every sense of the word.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Arms alone are not enough to keep the peace. It must be kept by men.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “The margin is narrow, but the responsibility is clear.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Richard Cromwell was not fit to wear the mantle of his uncle.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “Our children and grandchildren are not merely statistics towards which we can be indifferent.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I love her deeply and have done everything for her. I’ve no feeling of letting her down because I’ve put her foremost in everything.”
John F. Kennedy Quote: “I hear it said that West Berlin is militarily untenable – and so was Bastogne, and so, in fact, was Stalingrad. Any danger spot is tenable if men – brave men – will make it so.”
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