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Top 60 John Lasseter Quotes (2024 Update)
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John Lasseter Quote: “I do what I do because of Walt Disney – his films and his theme park and his characters and his joy in entertaining.”
John Lasseter Quote: “In dire economic times, movies are relatively inexpensive entertainment for the whole family.”
John Lasseter Quote: “I always felt a little bit like a little kid that’s never grown up in the world of adults.”
John Lasseter Quote: “I think that the entertainment industry and the entertainment press tends to focus on opening weekend box office as a measure of the success of a film and I think the true success is out there in people’s homes and how much they absolutely love these characters.”
John Lasseter Quote: “Animation is the only thing I ever wanted to do in my whole life. I have no desire for live-action or anything else.”
John Lasseter Quote: “I always loved the idea of a spy movie and part of it came from my personal love of spy movies. It started when I was growing up as a little kid in the 60s.”
John Lasseter Quote: “At Pixar, after every movie we have postmortum meetings where we discuss what worked and what didn’t work.”
John Lasseter Quote: “My father pulled into Pearl Harbor four days after the bombing, and he said, everything was still burning. He said they never told the public how bad it was. It was really bad.”
John Lasseter Quote: “When I look at the success I have, it’s because of my creative thinking skills.”
John Lasseter Quote: “Every technology that comes into filmmaking is first a gimmick. Think about sound with ‘The Jazz Singer’ or the first colour or surround sound – it takes a while for filmmakers to understand how to use it.”
John Lasseter Quote: “Directing is one of my favourite things to do because I love telling stories and I love working with the individual artists and it’s something that I really missed.”
John Lasseter Quote: “Walt Disney had always tried to get more dimension in his animation and when I saw these tapes, I thought, This is it! This is what Walt was waiting for! But when I looked around, nobody at the studio at the time was even halfway interested in it.”
John Lasseter Quote: “Disney Infinity gives you the ability to be creative in a way that nobody’s ever seen before.”
John Lasseter Quote: “One of the things about animation is it’s so expensive to do the animation, that you can’t produce coverage. You only have one chance to make every shot.”
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