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John Milton Quote: “Forget thyself to marble.”
John Milton Quote: “And fast by, hanging in a golden chain, This pendent world, in bigness as a star Of smallest magnitude, close by the moon.”
John Milton Quote: “If this fail, The pillar’d firmament is rottenness, And earth’s base built on stubble.”
John Milton Quote: “Spirits when they please Can either sex assume, or both.”
John Milton Quote: “And on the Tree of Life, The middle tree and highest there that grew, Sat like a cormorant.”
John Milton Quote: “That virtue therefore which is but a youngling in the contemplation of evil, and knows not the utmost that vice promises to her followers, and rejects it, is but a blank virtue, not a pure; her whiteness is but an excremental whiteness.”
John Milton Quote: “He who would not be frustrate of his hope to write well hereafter in laudable things ought himself to be a true poem.”
John Milton Quote: “Heaven open’d wide Her ever during gates, harmonious sound, On golden hinges moving.”
John Milton Quote: “Above the smoke and stir of this dim spot Which men call earth.”
John Milton Quote: “To many a youth and many a maid, dancing in the chequer’d shade.”
John Milton Quote: “Hide me from day’s garish eye, While the bee with honied thigh, That at her flowery work doth sing, And the waters murmuring With such consort as they keep, Entice the dewy-feathered sleep.”
John Milton Quote: “This is the month, and this the happy morn, wherein the Son of heaven’s eternal King, of wedded Maid and Virgin Mother born, our great redemption from above did bring.”
John Milton Quote: “Which, if not victory, is yet revenge.”
John Milton Quote: “Ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize.”
John Milton Quote: “Infinity is a dark illimitable ocean, without bound.”
John Milton Quote: “So hand in hand they passed, the loveliest pair that ever since in love’s embraces met – Adam, the goodliest man of men since born his sons; the fairest of her daughters Eve.”
John Milton Quote: “And the jocund rebecks sound To many a youth, and many a maid, Dancing in the checkered shade. And young and old come forth to play On a sunshine holiday.”
John Milton Quote: “And storied windows richly dight, Casting a dim religious light.”
John Milton Quote: “Laws can discover sin, but not remove it.”
John Milton Quote: “A death-like sleep, A gentle wafting to immortal life.”
John Milton Quote: “The first and wisest of them all professed To know this only, that he nothing knew.”
John Milton Quote: “Virtue could see to do what Virtue would by her own radiant light, though sun and moon where in the flat sea sunk.”
John Milton Quote: “As therefore the state of man now is, what wisdom can there be to choose, what continence to forbear, without the knowledge of good and evil?”
John Milton Quote: “Let not England forget her precedence of teaching nations how to live.”
John Milton Quote: “The earth, though in comparison of heaven so small, nor glistering, may of solid good contain more plenty than the sun, that barren shines.”
John Milton Quote: “O nightingale, that on yon bloomy spray Warblest at eve, when all the woods are still; Thou with fresh hope the lover’s heart dost fill While the jolly hours lead on propitious May.”
John Milton Quote: “Let us no more contend, nor blame each other, blamed enough elsewhere, but strive, In offices of love, how we may lighten each other’s burden.”
John Milton Quote: “Or if Virtue feeble were, Heav’n itself would stoop to her.”
John Milton Quote: “Yet much remains To conquer still; peace hath her victories No less renowned then war, new foes arise Threatening to bind our souls with secular chains: Help us to save free conscience from the paw Of hireling wolves whose gospel is their maw.”
John Milton Quote: “Sable-vested Night, eldest of things.”
John Milton Quote: “Nations grow corrupt, love bondage more than liberty; bondage with ease than strenuous liberty.”
John Milton Quote: “Fairest of stars, last in the train of night, If better thou belong not to the dawn.”
John Milton Quote: “On the tawny sands and shelves trip the pert fairies and the dapper elves.”
John Milton Quote: “Extol not riches then, the toil of fools, The wise man’s cumbrance, if not snare, more apt To slacken virtue, and abate her edge, Than prompt her to do aught may merit praise.”
John Milton Quote: “So little knows Any, but God alone, but perverts best things To worst abuse, or to their meanest use.”
John Milton Quote: “Our two first parents, yet the only two Of mankind, in the happy garden placed, Reaping immortal fruits of joy and love, Uninterrupted joy, unrivalled love In blissful solitude.”
John Milton Quote: “He that has light within his own clear breast May sit in the centre, and enjoy bright day: But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts Benighted walks under the mid-day sun; Himself his own dungeon.”
John Milton Quote: “The Tempter ere th’ Accuser of man-kind, To wreck on innocent frail man his loss Of that first Battel, and his flight to Hell: Yet.”
John Milton Quote: “Sweet bird, that shun the noise of folly, most musical, most melancholy!”
John Milton Quote: “O Conscience, into what abyss of fears And horrors hast thou driven me, out of which I find no way, from deep to deeper plunged.”
John Milton Quote: “And if by prayer Incessant I could hope to change the will Of Him who all things can, I would not cease To weary Him with my assiduous cries.”
John Milton Quote: “A limbo large and broad, since call’d The Paradise of Fools to few unknown.”
John Milton Quote: “O madness to think use of strongest wines And strongest drinks our chief support of health, When God with these forbidden made choice to rear His mighty champion, strong above compare, Whose drink was only from the liquid brook.”
John Milton Quote: “With cowslips wan that hang the pensive head, And every flower that sad embroidery wears.”
John Milton Quote: “That power Which erring men call Chance.”
John Milton Quote: “No war or battle sound Was heard the world around.”
John Milton Quote: “Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise.”
John Milton Quote: “Assuredly we bring not innocence not the world, we bring impurity much rather: that which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary.”
John Milton Quote: “I hate when vice can bolt her arguments, And virtue has no tongue to check her pride.”
John Milton Quote: “And live like Nature’s bastards, not her sons.”
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