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John Newton Quote: “We are engaged in a good cause, fight under a good Captain, the victory is sure beforehand, and the prize is a crown – a crown of eternal life.”
John Newton Quote: “A bowler can make or break a chap.”
John Newton Quote: “So dress and conduct yourself so that people who have been in your company will not recall what you had on.”
John Newton Quote: “As to myself, if I were not a Calvinist, I think I should have no more hope of success in preaching to men, than to horses or cows.”
John Newton Quote: “The art of spreading rumors may be compared to the art of pin-making. There is usually some truth, which I call the wire; as this passes from hand to hand, one gives it a polish, another a point, others make and put on the head, and at last the pin is completed.”
John Newton Quote: “This is faith: a renouncing of everything we are apt to call our own and relying wholly upon the blood, righteousness and intercession of Jesus.”
John Newton Quote: “The unchangeableness of the Lord’s love, and the riches of his mercy, are likewise more illustrated by the multiplied pardons He bestows upon his people – than if they needed no forgiveness at all.”
John Newton Quote: “A secret dependence upon our prayers, tears, resolutions, repentance and endeavors, prevents us from looking solely and simply to the Savior, so as to ground our whole hope for acceptance upon his obedience unto death, and his whole mediation.”
John Newton Quote: “So long as men are compassionate to such a degree that they cannot hear a fly struggling in a spider’s web without emotion it can never be reasonably maintained that it is their natural impulse to wound and kill the dumb animals, or to butcher one another in what is called the field of honour.”
John Newton Quote: “The midsummer sun shines but dim, The fields strive in vain to look gay; But when I am happy in Him December’s as pleasant as May.”
John Newton Quote: “Though the island of Great Britain exhibits but a small spot upon the map of the globe, it makes a splendid appearance in the history of mankind, and for a long space has been signally under the protection of God and a seat of peace, liberty and truth.”
John Newton Quote: “Thus the Lord, by pain, sickness, and disappointments, by breaking our cisterns and withering our gourds – weakens our attachment to this world, and makes the thought of leaving it, more easy and more desirable.”
John Newton Quote: “Let me endeavor to lead you out of yourself: let me invite you to look unto Jesus.”
John Newton Quote: “The Christian must know that the season, measure, and continuance of his sufferings are appointed by Infinite Wisdom, and designed to work for his everlasting good; and that grace and strength shall be afforded him according to his need.”
John Newton Quote: “I endeavored to renounce society, that I might avoid temptation. But it was a poor religion; so far as it prevailed, only tended to make me gloomy, stupid, unsociable, and useless.”
John Newton Quote: “We learn to tread more warily, to trust less to our own strength, to have lower thoughts of ourselves, and higher thoughts of Him; in which two last particulars I apprehend what the Scripture means by a growth of grace does properly consist. Both are increasing in the lively Christian: – -every day shows him more of his own heart, and more of the power, sufficiency, compassion, and grace of his adorable Redeemer; but neither will be complete till we get to Heaven. I.”
John Newton Quote: “Of all people who engage in controversy, we, who are called Calvinists, are most expressly bound by our own principles to the exercise of gentleness and moderation.”
John Newton Quote: “It is indeed natural to us to wish and to plan, and it is merciful in the Lord to disappoint our plans, and to cross our wishes. For we cannot be safe, much less happy, but in proportion as we are weaned from our own wills, and made simply desirous of being directed by his guidance.”
John Newton Quote: “Many are convinced, who are not truly enlightened; are afraid of the consequences of sin, though they never saw its evil; have a seeming desire of salvation, which is not founded upon a truly spiritual discovery of their own wretchedness, and the excellency of Jesus.”
John Newton Quote: “May the cheering contemplation of the glorious hope set before us – support and animate us to improve our short interval on earth, and fill us with a holy ambition of shining as lights in this evil world, to the praise and glory of His grace – who has called us out of darkness, into His glorious light!”
John Newton Quote: “However, let us give ourselves to the study of the word, and to prayer; and may the great Teacher make every scriptural truth food to our souls. I desire to grow in knowledge, but I want nothing which bears that name that has not a direct tendency to make sin more hateful, Jesus more precious to my soul; and at the same time to animate me to a diligent use of every appointed means, and an unreserved regard to every branch of duty.”
John Newton Quote: “I wish you may profit by my experience. Alas, how much time have I lost and wasted, which, had I been wise – I would have devoted to reading and studying the Bible! But my evil heart obstructs the dictates of my judgment, I often feel a reluctance to read this book of books, and a disposition to hew out broken cisterns which afford me no water, while the fountain of living waters are close within my reach!”
John Newton Quote: “Experience is the Lord’s school, and they who are taught by Him usually learn by the mistakes they make that in themselves they have no wisdom; and by their slips and falls, that they have no strength.”
John Newton Quote: “To embrace what are called the Calvinistic doctrines was an infallible token of a humble mind.”
John Newton Quote: “It is a great thing to die; and, when flesh and a heart fail, to have God for the strength of our hearts, and our portion forever. I know whom I have believed, and he is able to keep that which I have committed against that great day. Hence forth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the lord, the righteous judge, shall give me that day.”
John Newton Quote: “We judge things by their present appearances, but the Lord sees them in their consequences.”
John Newton Quote: “But that we are so totally depraved, is a truth which no one ever truly learned by being only told it.”
John Newton Quote: “But though my disease is grievous, it is not desperate; I have a gracious and infallible Physician. I shall not die – but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”
John Newton Quote: “From the time we know the Lord, and are bound to him by the cords of love and gratitude – the two chief points we should have in our view, I apprehend, are, to maintain communion with him in our own souls, and to glorify him in the sight of men.”
John Newton Quote: “To be humble, and like a little child, afraid of taking a step alone, and so conscious of snares and dangers around us as to cry to Him continually to hold us up that we may be safe, is the sure, the infallible, the only secret of walking closely with Him.”
John Newton Quote: “We have sometimes escaped from grave dangers not by any wisdom or foresight of our own, but by the intervention of unforeseen circumstances. So both the revelation of Scripture and our own individual experiences confirm the wisdom and good providence of God. He watches over His people from the earliest moment of their lives. He overrules and guards them through all their blind wanderings and leads them in a way that they know not.”
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